Reborn In central city
3 it“s all about ben
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Reborn In central city
Author :allen2flash
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3 it“s all about ben

Ben is your regular old man leading a normal life except his only son and daughter in law died leaving behind a granddaughter. Ben overcome with grief when he he first heard about his sons death, but he overcame the grief for his granddaughter. Life was pretty normal for ben, but it all changed when his grandchild began having hallucinations and some other mental problems. At first ben thought it to be a childs imaginary friend, but as later the years go by the problems began to escalate and her hallucinations and some weird ranting made ben worried and he began to see a good psychiatrist for her and finally she joined a mental institution at the age 15. But after 2 years, she seemed to be more alienated from this world and paints weird pictures the whole day. This made me worried and believe me I have tried all the ways but it is of no use at all. After a year she decided to move out, to live on her own, but I couldn't stop her from that decision. Everything seems to be fine after she moved on and she made her livelihood through painting and she looked happy as well also. This peace went on for a year.

But it all changed one day, it was a regular day for me and I just came home at pretty late night after hanging with my buddies, and was just about to lie down, is when I got a call, I was surprised at first because I generally don't get call's at this time. I picked up the call only to hear screams on the other side of the phone "gramps help me somebody is trying kill me , hurry up"

"zed is that you what happen......" just before I could finish my sentence a loud scream sounded and there was no response on the other side. Ben immediately panicked and rushed to her home in car, by the time he reached her home he found the paintings lying all around and the furniture out of place and a few broken porcelain cups.

Ben panicked immediately and started searching for her every place, and he decided to call the police.

It has been 5 days since his granddauhter disappeared, her well being unknown, he also consulted many private detectives but to no vail. He visited every P.I in central city.

On the 9th day after his granddaughter 's disappearance he came to a lonely alley and stood infront of a small shop/ building with the name plate broken a bit. At this point of time he lost all his hope, but still decided to enter.

After entering he saw a young man not more than 20 years and his expectations are half dead, but he still told his purpose of visit and repeated the same line for 9 days

"my granddaughter is missing please help me"

The young man introduced himself as chris rogers and asked him to sit first whie giving him a glass of water.

Chris asked " whats your name mr.."

" I am ben martin" replied ben

"so mr ben let me know all the details first "

Then ben started recollecting all the events of that day and the info about his granddaughter

After listening to the whole story chris asked " have you tried contacting the police "

" yes I contacted the police and every single P.I in this city but nothing was found about my granddaughter, and for the whole 9 days nothing was achieved"

Chris " what did the cops and other p.i's say"

Ben looked a bit troubled and hesitated a bit before saying " every body says that she didn't exist at all"


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