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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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4 ◇ The Plans ◇

3 hrs later, Lu Xing was walking out of a ChinaAuto Shop, he'd just spent 250,800 yuan on a Nissan X-Trail vehicle. And was now having it custom fitted with a grille(both front and back), windows covered with aluminum mesh, the roof will have a custom fitted metal cargo basket. All it costed him was 3,293.37 yuan, this had him feeling good.

This left him 92, 972 yuan.

Just enough for him to go buy the necessary supplies, though there were a few thing he'd have to barter for... Anything else, he'll simply have to loot after the Apocalypse commences. He grabbed a taxi, and headed to the downtown district for what he wanted.

1 hr later and he was leaving a tattoo parlour. He'd gotten two earpiercings, next was the weapons shop one block away. Lu Xing was feeling much more like himself as he continued down the sidewalk.

Humming a tune only he knew, he secretly placed his hand against his right ear. With the small flame, he quickened the healing process... This little trick was something he'd been the only one to know about in his prior life. Otherwise Baili probably wouldn't have been so quick to abandon him...

Lu Xing frowned thinking back to that time.

His right hand no longer had a flame, and his ear was fully healed. He fiddled with the piercings thinking of the future... This time everything will definitely be different.

He finally reached his destination, the shop was an old chinese herbal shop...but in reality it was a weapon smuggling shop. Before coming here, Lu Xing had stopped at a clothing shop and gotten fitted in an all black outfit, with the outfit he managed to look like a wealthy young master. His hair was combed back, all this together made him seem like a completely different person from his college student life.

He radiated confidence, and exuded the epitome of charisma. Flashing a smile at the old man with closed eyes who sat behind the counter, he pretended to browse for a bit... After finding the dried sage, he took a leaf and went to the counter.

With that one walk around he had just insured that the place was vacant save for them two.

"The sun is hidden behind clouds, and the moon comes down behind the mountain peaks, so the gods smile upon the dragons." Lu Xing said as he placed the sage leaf on the counter, "And sages sing to their mountain peaks."

The old man finally sightly opened his eyes, he then said, "Ah and young dragons meet."

Lu Xing bowed to old man Wang, the mastermind behind this weapons shop.

"Elder Wang, this one has need of your assistance." Lu Xing said in a polite tone.

"What may this Elder do for you youngster?" Old Wang asked, his white bushy brow lifting in a questioning manner, "Or rather...what might this youngster have to trade?"

Lu Xing in his prior life was saved by old man Wang's grandson, but had failed to save the Wang Family from being exterminated...thanks to those b*stards.

Just thinking of that incident caused him to fill with rage...but he had long since learnt the art of self control. This time, he would be of help... But he would need their help as well.

"I will need these weapons..." Lu Xing pulled out a list from his pocket, "In return for these, I will give you knowledge that you do not have."

The old man began to look disinterested until Lu Xing showed his hands, and then lit the blue flames. Old Wang eyes widened as far as they could possibly widened... Lu Xing used the flame on the dried up sage leaf....

Right before the old man's eyes the leaf became a vibrant fresh sage leaf.

"This...how...?" Old Wang shakenly mumbled as his trembling old hands grasped the leaf.

"As I've said before...this trade will most certainly interest you." Lu Xing stated. "I would also like help with something else, but only Wang Yun can help me."

"Yes...of course." Old Wang got up with such youthful energy as he quickly went the store front and closed up shop, then his attention onto Lu Xing.

"Very well then. Please follow me young man." Old Wang said as he finally reined himself in, though inwardly he was shaking with curiosity.

'Hoho...what power this youngster has! I must learn this sacred art!' The old man was chuckling now.

Lu Xing smiled, 'The old man is exactly as Wang Yun had said he was. A pity he had perish long before I had met Brother Yun.'

The old man led him to the back of the shop, then he led him to a door that led to the basement. The basement was actually the main shop, all sorts of exotic herbs and weapons were there...at the counter was a young man about Lu Xing's age. The young man saw them and his face broke into the friendliest smile Lu Xing had seen in the longest time.

The Wang Yun that Lu Xing had known had rarely smiled. That Wang Yun had been hardened from living through six years of the Apocalypse prior to meeting Lu Xing. In this timeline, they were actually meeting very much ahead of schedule. Suddenly Lu Xing could feel himself wanting to reminisce those old times... But thanks to his new actions, the timeline would certainly alter.

Making prior experiences nonexistent.

"Yun this young man here needs your help he says." Old Wang said as he fiddled with his beard.

"How can I help you Bro?" Wang Yun said in a polite manner, but he failed as his eagerness clearly leaked out through his dark gray hope filled eyes.

He'd clearly been very bored today.

Lu Xing smiled, "I need your hacking skills my good friend. More specifically, I need to broadcast something nationwide. Can you do this?"

Wang Yun own eyes widened, he then started laughing.

"If this is all, then yes, I can do this." Wang Yun suddenly glanced at his grandfather, "Granfather, may we use the darkroom?"

"Hoho...of course." Old Wang said as he chuckled.

Lu Xing from the corner of his eye caught something. He glanced at it until he finally went to get a closer look. 'It is the red fox mask and silvery white hanfu. To think this is where it originally came from.' Lu Xing thought feeling mixed emotions over this knowledge.

"Elder Wang, allow me to borrow this for the broadcast." Lu Xing said, "If there is a wig...then..."


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