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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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5 ◇ Broadcasting ◇

Lu Xing had finished dressing into the hanfu, he was also wearing a long silver haired wig. The mask was the final touch. He felt strangely familiar with it despite having never worn it himself in the prior life.

Wang Yun had been setting up the darkroom during the time Lu Xing had gone to get changed. When Wang Yun caught sight of Lu Xing, he had a stunned look on his face that quickly became bashfulness. Lu Xing was to busy looking at the setup to notice the young man's blushing face.

Lu Xing nodded his appreciation, the small studio which had been bare, had a dark backdrop, the middle had a floor chair and table. A fan with a dragon and tiger upon it laid on the table...only those lords of the underworld would recognize the fan for what it was. It was the Wang Family Crest, a well known and respected and feared symbol within the underworld.

Lu Xing took a seat, cross legged, upon that floor chair and picked up the fan.

"Well how do I look?" Lu Xing asked as he looked at Wang Yun who had the cam up and the the laptop ready.

"You...look...good..." Wang Yun said feeling clumsy.

What Lu Xing didn't know... Was that he looked exactly like a beautiful fairy from the Wuxia novels that Wang Yun loved reading. Embarrassingly enough, the young master, was an avid romantic.

"Good," Lu Xing gave a clueless smile before taking a deep breath and turning serious, "I'm ready."

"Remember, I can only get you less than 10 min on the broadcast, no more than that. Also, closing the fan means your done and I'll pull the plug." Wang Yun reminded him, then he got the setup going, "You'll be on in three...two...one...zero."

With the fan wide open before him, he started, "You may call me, Silver Fox. I am here today to give all you mere mortals advice that may save you...and information that may alarm you. First off, this one's advice is that all you watching should go stock up on food and weapons. Go to Cities with military bases, grow your own crops and vegetation, and keep livestock, chickens, turkeys, and quails preferably. Those Cities without military power will probably fall overnight...for on the 23rd...our world will change. An Apocalyptic event that will take the lives of many will strike this country, zombies, and monsters, use whatever words suit. Some things are real in this world, but whether or not you will believe this shall be up to you."

Lu Xing closed his eyes briefly, then he spoke, "A warning to future survivors... Beware the days of the Blood Moon ahead of us. Those that eat the flesh of mortals aren't just zombies, they'll take on the appearance of man. So remember this, for those who eat mortal flesh, death is swift, and death is unavoidable."

"Survive future comrades, my best wishes to you all." Lu Xing ended it by shutting the fan in his hand.

Wang Yun hurriedly shut off the broadcasting signal.

Old Wang had stood behind him watching the foxy young man portrayal of aristocratic charisma. He too was processing the young man's speech... The entire deal had sounded much too outrageous!

Lu Xing had stepped away from the cam's view, the mask pulled up... He'd been sweating buckets, speaking into a cam, who wouldn't be a little nervous when broadcast nationwide?! After a few minutes of calming down, he turned to find Old Wang merely a few inches away.

He instantly knew what was going on in Old Wang's head. Lu Xing pulled out a small booklet he'd actually written on during his taxi ride earlier. In it were written the steps for Cultivation of the Evolutionary Form, all of which could only be applied after the 23rd.

"This is all you'll need Elder Wang," Lu Xing was about to place the book in Old Wang's hands, "This must never be found to be in your position, many will kill to possess this book."

Old Wang was staring at it as though he were a child staring at candy.

"What is it grandfather?" Wang Yun asked coming over.

"You should leave before the 23rd, Elder Wang." Lu Xing ignored Wang Yun and handed the book over while stating it. "You might not believe it, but many things will change after the 23rd."

Old Wang flipped through page by page, Lu Xing had managed to write down the key notes to Cultivating one's Evolutionary powers. Lu Xing had even written down the Five Elements, and how one would discover their Element if they had one. Though if one didn't have an Element, it didn't mean they weren't special, there was a page that explained that as well.

During the first five months of the Apocalypse, many discovered that their Chi had evolved. While a few others Chi had mutated, these people were referred to as Mutants. Unlike the Evolutionary who were considered the next step toward Evolution, Mutants were stronger in different aspects. An Evolutionary could only control one of these five elements, fire, wood, water, earth, and metal... Where as Mutants could control certain attributes of any combination of these elements and more.

Some could even control time, read minds, or had foresight.

Yet Mutants were in fact far fewer and weaker than the Evolutionary. An Evolutionary could evolve with the help of cores found in zombies, ghouls, mutant animals, and mutant humans. Mutants on the other hand would take time to level up, meditation, and certain herbs would help for a few levels...afterwards, only crystal shards had been proven to help Mutants.

One could only imagine the terrible outcome of their differing growths...

Lu Xing frowned feeling the unwanted memories of those times resurfacing.

"I see! Hmmm..." Old Wang murmured to himself feeling excited with the book, the old man finally looked up, "Yun'er please gather all the weapons this young man wants."

Old Wang handed over the list as he happily went to his study, excited to read everything the book had to offer. It left Wang Yun feeling shocked at how easily swayed his grandfather was. He grandfather was a frugal man when it came to bartering.

"Well then... I'll go get changed." Lu Xing said feeling awkward.

He'd finally met his old friend, but now they had nothing in common...

"I'll go grab these Brother...?" Wang Yun suddenly realized he'd yet to learn the young man's name.

Lu Xing suddenly smiled, 'Maybe we don't share any common ground now, but many friendships start with these unexpected introductions.'

"My name is Lu Xing, it's an honor to meet Elder Wang's grandson. Wang Yun right?" Lu Xing asked with a dazzling smile.

His hand was held up for a a handshake.

"Y...es! I'm Wang Yun." Wang Yun said as he closed his hands around Lu Xing single hand...

Suddenly he felt his gesture was too intimate and blushed. The hand in his hands felt soft and delicate for being a man's hand. He let go of the hand and placed a hand on the back of his head in an awkward gesture.

"I'll be going to get your things ready." Wang Yun said as he quickly left, his face bright red.

Lu Xing was left looking at him with a puzzled look. The Wang Yun that he had known was certainly no schoolboy...yet this sort of Wang Yun wasn't bad. Suddenly Lu Xing was really praying that he was wrong...that the Apocalypse won't ever happen in this world...

But a feeling in him was telling him that his prayers would be left unheard.

'Is this punishment for escaping from that Angel?' Lu Xing wondered as he went the changing room, the hanfu was disconcerting, since it had belonged to that man.


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