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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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6 ◇ Swords Better Than? ◇

Lu Xing was now looking over the weapons Wang Yun had presented before him. Each one was unique...for example the hand forged Damascus folded steel red dragon, a beautiful red katana that can be used to slice off several heads at once. In the hands of an Evolutionary, this weapon would be very deadly.

"This one is perfect...hmmm..." Lu Xing eyes caught on another weapon just as deadly.

Two Z-Hunter Machetes, custom fitted for two handed combat, perfect for close combat. Another machete type laid next to these two, this one was a machete saw-back bladed. Then came the three shuriken box sets...

"If you're planning on killing zombies...shouldn't you get more guns?" Wang Yun asked dubiously.

Lu Xing glanced at the guns on the table, all of them were equipped with silencers, even the AK-47. He had only asked for 7 gun types, everything else was ammo. Seeing everything on the table before him...

He then spotted something else in the corner of his eye. What he spotted, was a display case with a high quality dragon tiger broadsword of Dao. It too was a Damascus steel blade, it was a long sturdy looking weapon.

"Remember to keep that beauty at your side once the Apocalypse occurs. I can tell this sword will save your life many times down the road." Lu Xing was saying as he walked closer and placed his hand against the glass. "You should definitely treasure this one, it'll suit you."

Wang Yun had followed closely behind him, and found himself having mixed feelings over how Lu Xing was looking at the sword. The fondness in his eyes made Wang Yun believe that the sword was reminding Lu Xing of a lover. When in fact, Lu Xing was once again reminiscing about the Wang Yun he had known.

As close as brothers, those two had been. Fighting back to back against hordes of zombies... Those had made one heck of a team, an Evolutionary and a Mutant. It would've been a sight for soreeyes...save no one had known that Lu Xing had been a Mutant then, not even Lu Xing himself. Thinking back to it Lu Xing's gaze darkened, then it disappeared.

Just as Wang Yun was about to say something, Lu Xing had turned around with a smile.

"Well then let's pack it all up," Lu Xing said returning to the counter. "As for the question earlier...guns attract too much with the sound they create. That is why less guns is actually safer. Though during the first three months, everyone should probably be using guns... Still...once the zombies begin evolving, guns would more than likely become obsolete in the hands of regular humans."

"Wait! Your saying zombies will evolve?!" Wang Yun exclaimed. "That's insane!"

Lu Xing gave Wang Yun an unfathomable look.

"Their speed will increase, there will be agile types, and there will be strong types. Intelligent types, and frenzy types, all these will have abilities similar to an Evolutionary...and even Mutants." Lu Xing stated, "The intelligent types will even know how to gather other zombies under them, this won't happen until at least 3 months into the Apocalypse though."

Wang Yun felt torn now, he'd done his job, he shouldn't question it. He should just go about his own business as usual, helping his grandfather with the shop and family affairs... But the way this man described everything with such confidence made him want to question further.

This man truly believed an Apocalypse was upon them!

Lu Xing glanced at the watch on his left wrist, and sighed.

"I wish I could explain everything, but sadly, I am tight on time and have many things to get straightened out before the Apocalypse comes." Lu Xing said giving the air of someone with thinning patience when in fact he simply wished to end all these chances of reminiscing over terrible memories.

"Ah...sorry." Wang Yun said blushing, he really was overstepping in a way.

"Insure that this arrives to Qigong Warehouse at 12pm being the latest." Lu Xing stated tapping on the counter as he indicated his purchased goods.

He only picked up a small handgun from the pile, along with the ammo and holster. With rather experienced hands he deftly placed on the holster, and loaded the gun. Then insured that the safety was set, before weighing it with his dominant hand.

Wang Yun really couldn't believe that someone this experienced could be a madman...

"Good fit, I'll be taking this one only, the rest must arrive at that place." Lu Xing said, his blue eyes darkening as he placed the gun into the holster, "After this...please take your grandfather and leave Y City, go to Z City, while there is still time. If ever your Family needs my help, contact me."

Lu Xing took out another piece of paper, on it was his number. He had many debts to pay off from his former life...many that he was planning to pay off however possible during this second chance. Baili and Tu Yan were probably that last two people he had thought closest to him who had still been left alive by the time he had perished, but before them there had been many people who had helped him.

Those people were the reason that in this life, Lu Xing wasn't rushing off to join his mother and sister.

'I'll retrace my old steps and hopefully meet all the people who had helped me before.' Lu Xing thought, 'And I'll definitely kill all those who had wronged me.'

The grudges from another life could not be put to rest so easily. Lu Xing's eyes had a coldness to them that radiated murder. Yet with a blink, the look was instantly replaced by politeness.

Wang Yun felt chilled by the quick changes.

'This is truly a madman.' Wang Yun thought with an inward shudder.

"Well then, I'll take my leave now." Lu Xing said smiling all business like, "Tell Elder Wang that I am deeply satisfied with our transaction."

With that said, Lu Xing left the place, he used shadow step to leave. Which caused a dazed Wang Yun to follow but quickly losing him as he had barely arrived to the storefront when the front door was already gently closing. Just then his grandfather walked out from his study to find his grandson gaping at the door.

"Hmph. Youngsters now a days..." Old Wang muttered as he returned to his study.

'Lu Xing...I wonder why it feels as though you are a ghost?' Wang Yun pondered in his thoughts as he came too, 'I've never seen techniques like those. He is very strong.'

'A pity he is mad...' Wang Yun thought pitying him.

"I hope I can meet you again though..." Wang Yun quietly voiced out his desire.

A small part of him felt intrigued by the man.

Wang Yun then decided to make a few calls before heading back down to the weapons shop. There he packed up Lu Xing's order, and went on to grab a specific sword from its casing... It was the sword Lu Xing had told him to keep on his person.

It was the dragon tiger broadsword of Dao, a special Damascus passed down through generations in his Family.

It wasn't an item that could be sold, it was an item kept in the shop to remind everyone of what the Wang Family signified...

Absolute power, strength, and wisdom...

That is the Wang Family way.


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