Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
8 ◇ Recollection Of Sacrifice ◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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8 ◇ Recollection Of Sacrifice ◇

'Peng Yiran...' Lu Xing thought as he recalled the sorry stated she'd been in...that day.

<The girl was covered in filth...her filth. Her eyes were glazed over as though she wasn't seeing anything yet everything. Looking at her face, dried tears had left streak marks down the dirt on her face.>

<Just by looking at her...Lu Xing knew she'd seen...if not all of it, then a good majority of what had happened to her family.>

<It had taken time to get her out of the crawl space... The few woman in the group had helped clean her up. Then the hopeless days of trying to get her to speak... Nights of muffling screams and cries. Finally after week's of traveling and detours, a light of life began to gleam in the young girl's eyes.>

<Lu Xing had found a dog and brought it back in secret. He'd handed over to her, and unlike the 16 yr old girl she was, she began giggling when the dog began licking her. That had been the first time Lu Xing could see a glimmer of hope among the bloodstained world they'd come to know.>

"Sir, we're here," the taxi driver said as he stopped the vehicle, "You sure this is the place?"

They were outside an abandoned warehouse.

The place had a large sign in it saying Qigong Warehouse.

"No, this is right. Here. Thanks for the lift buddy." Lu Xing said as he exited and handed the driver his fare.

Man shook his head and drove off the moment the door closed. Lu Xing entered through the unchained gate, parked outside the warehouse parking lot was his recently purchased car. Tomorrow the weapon shipment would arrive in the afternoon...then in about two weeks the chickens and quails along with the other supplies.

Lu Xing went to the front door of the Warehouse and melted the locks. The inside was just as abandoned as it was on the outside. In his prior life, places like these abandoned warehouses with fenced in outer perimeters had become hot-spots for small survivor groups.

Especially with the very little greenery growing within the vicinity...

Having entered, he turned around and using a flame, he reversed time on the lock which repaired it. The evidence of his break in gone, he locked the door and began to walk around. Since he had ventured into this very same warehouse once during his prior life, he knew quite a bit about the place. As he walked around, he spread his blue flames, testing the limits to his old powers...

Lu Xing's felt that his powers were different since being reborn.

'I can now spread the flame about three feet in size, and control it from a six foot radius.' He thought as the flames helped clean up the area by burning the dust and reversing the time of the many items scattered about, 'In my prior life, I'd only managed to spread the flame to about less than a foot, and couldn't entirely control it once it went about three feet away from me...'

He thought back to the Angel like being he had met before coming here... In his prior life he'd been considered a lower class combatant despite having the flame ability. This was all because he could never level up beyond the 3rd level, and his control had been crap. Perhaps when he had interfered with transference of whatever that thing was planning...maybe he had taken back some of its powers. It was farfetched but Lu Xing couldn't think of anything else that could make sense to him when it came to the sudden boost to his powers.

But it could also be due to his abilities being from mutation and not evolutionary...

Back then...the differences between the two had caused division. Especially when it was discovered that Mutants carried cores, a necessary object for the Evolutionary to level up. Place that sort of hungry greed against the slow leveling that Mutants endure...and suddenly Mutants are deemed as prey.

'Humans...are just as monstrous as zombies.' Lu Xing thought, his fists suddenly clenching.

The flames ceased with the action of his hands.

Lu Xing was suddenly feeling a wave of nausea and dizziness hit him.

Pale, he shakily sat down.

'Not good enough.' He thought darkly, 'This time around I'll get strong that no one I care about will ever have to be sacrificed ever again.'

Especially not for his sake.

Being a Mutant had been his curse and burden, sure it could heal any wound by reversing time and returning it to its original state...but the chance of having it discovered by anyone else would become a cause for concern. The cores carried by Mutants were very powerful and useful for the Evolutionary hoping to level up. In a world like that...Lu Xing had sacrificed so many...friends...innocent strangers and acquaintances alike.

And in the end...he to had become someone else's sacrifice.

"Never again." Lu Xing swore.

He rummaged through the bag he was holding and grabbed another steam bun.

Munching on it he took out his iPhone, he had alot of missed calls, and text messages from Liu Zhuo.

"Agh I forgot...I could've just used the phone from the beginning!" Lu Xing said facepalming.

Having come from a world where electronics had been useless for 13 years had made Lu Xing forgetful of their usefulness right now before the 23rd.

He quickly dialed...

"So you finally call me?" Liu Zhuo asked, anger was quietly radiating from the iPhone alone.

"Can I be honest and say...I forgot." Lu Xing said smiling weakly, "I'll tell you where I am...but you have to bring us a car full of food and water to last us at least three weeks."

Liu Zhuo was quiet on the other end, and Lu Xing could practically swear he could feel killing intent.

"Deal." Liu Zhuo agreed, "Send me the coordinates."

" about you gather the food then send me a picture of it...then I'll send you the coordinates." Lu Xing said then added, "Grab a a portable propane stove and grill, along with the supplies they'll need."

On the other end Liu Zhuo was wearing thin on patient but gave a gruff confirmation then hung up before Lu Xing could say anything else.

Within 10 minutes after hanging up, Liu Zhuo sent him an image of a bunch of food being carried into a trailer truck. Lu Xing could only gape at the picture before sending Liu Zhuo the coordinates to Qigong Warehouse.

Then he sent one last thing...

[Can you do me a huge favor...get Qigong Warehouse under your name and get the Electricity and Water up and running? Thanks!]


When Liu Zhuo received the text message, the face he had on frightened the driver who was driving him to the warehouse.

[Done.] Liu Zhuo sent to Lu Xing, who could only vaguely remember how frightening Liu Zhuo was when he was angry.

'But he's rich...' Lu Xing weakly cried alligator tears as he inwardly celebrated his good fortune.

Knowing his friend would get things done, he slowly fell asleep...


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