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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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10 ◇ A Proper Warehouse ◇

Lu Xing awoke feeling fully rested.

Staring at the glaring light from the glass ceiling, Lu Xing was surprised by how bright it seemed outside, he proceeded to cover his face with the sheets...

"Augh..." Lu Xing groaned.

Then with a start he realized that he wasn't in his car anymore. Looking around, he knew he was in one of the workrooms closest to the main warehouse area. The room had been cleaned, and neatly renovated into looking like a bedroom. He glanced down, and saw that he was sleeping on a king sized bed...and covered in red silk bedding. Quickly glancing under the sheets, he realized he was still wearing his black jeans from yesterday...

Just that his jacket, shirt, socks, boots, and...belt with the holster and gun were gone.

Feeling confused at the sight of his missing shirt and belt...he found that he wasn't alone in the large bed.

Taking a look to see who it was, the confusion on his face got much more noticeable.

'Why is Liu Zhuo sleeping in the same bed as me..? And why is he nearly naked?!' Lu Xing wondered as he carefully got out of bed, 'How long did I sleep for..?'

He found a night stand on the side of the bed, and it were his iPhone, holster, and gun...

On the floor was the rest of his clothes, belt included.

Feeling awkward, Lu Xing placed on his shirt and socks...then tiptoed quietly out of the room...

If it weren't still pre-apocalyptic days...Lu Xing would have used his shadowstep skills to leave in a heartbeat. Tiptoeing out so painstakingly slow was painning him as he feared he'd wake up Liu Zhuo. Once out of the room he closed the door and turned around to look at his surroundings...

He was indeed still in the Qigong Warehouse building...just that the place had been transformed over night.

Liu Zhuo had obviously had his men pull an all nighter to make the place livable. Anything that had remained originally in the Warehouse had been moved elsewhere if it wasn't in some way attached to the cement floor. Like the shelving units along the walls had been cleaned and stocked with long lasting food packages.

Large crates that had been left lying around had been gathered and stacked into a straight line that had formed a square with its height. One end was stacked against a wall which created the illusion of a dividing wall. On one side was a fully furnished living room, and on the other were a bunch bunk-beds all lined up military style.

Lu Xing couldn't help but be speechless...

After composing himself, he looked around but didn't see anyone around. So he began to explore the place. The Warehouse was large and old...it had a few small workrooms, storage closets, and two smaller warehouses attached. Some rooms were open to the sky light since the ceilings were made of glass.

As he took quick glances inside rooms he walked through, he saw that they'd been cleaned up and moved about. One room had even become a study! The furniture was new, the bookshelves were arranged along the walls, and books filled the shelves. Lu Xing made a mental note to comeback and take a closer look later on as he moved on to look at other rooms...

Some were small living rooms, others had become breakrooms of sorts. Some of the smaller rooms had even become spare bedrooms. So far all the storage closet he had come across had a good amount of pantry kept foods, and cleaning supplies...some even had hygiene care products. The restrooms had been cleaned and restocked, toilet seats replaced.

All in all...it seemed as though Liu Zhuo had been busy going far and beyond with what Lu Xing had requested.

Finally he came to the east warehouse...

Upon entering, he found that the warehouse had become a dojo of sorts. Half of it was traditional, the other half looked exactly like a gym. This warehouse had a regular ceiling...

He had started from the main warehouse in the center of the building and gone east to explore. Now he turned around to head west, toward the opposite side. Controling his powers, he went at a normal human pace.

'Let's hope that Liu Zhuo got it!' Lu Xing though as he finally started passing through the main warehouse.

Only the room Liu Zhuo was sleeping in, the main kitchen, and a few more pantries where on this westside of the building...along with the second small warehouse which laid pass all of these rooms.

Finally Lu Xing reached the metal doors to this warehouse and pushed the doors open.

Inside...the place had been transformed into a large indoor greenhouse, which was exactly what it was.

Bags of dirt laid about ready to be potted anytime. A tall drawer organizer sat against a wall, the drawers labeled, as well a filled with seed packs. Lu Xing couldn't help but feel relieved...if he had walked in and the empty planters, and the 30 something empty raised garden beds had been filled and planted...

Then this place would've instantly been discarded.

"Bzzzzzt...bzzzzt..." Lu Xing's iPhone vibrated from inside his pocket.

Pulling it out, he realized it was the agreed time for the weapons shipment.

Turning off the alarm, he headed to the main warehouse where the front door would be...


About 20 minutes earlier, Wang Yun had arrived as agreed with the packages of weapons. He had been stopped at the gate by two men dressed in suits, who then proceeded to call their boss. After 10 minutes of attempting to explain that he was here to make a delivery for his friend, the guards finally allowed him to go through. Finally having passed the gate, he went on to park in front of the warehouse. Taking a look at the old heap before him, Wang Yun couldn't help but wonder what sort of business his new found friend was involved in.

Getting out of his van, Wang Yun was greeted by a rather unfriendly face...

"Master Zhuo?!" Wang Yun spat out with the look of having bitten into sour lemons.

"I could say the same about you...Young Lord Yun." Liu Zhuo said with a look of pure annoyance. "What are you doing here?"

Wang Yun was about to ask the same question...

"Ah! You're here Brother Yun!" Lu Xing exclaimed looking ecstatic as he showed up at the doorway and saw Wang Yun.

Then he saw Liu Zhuo and said, "Oh good! You two have met...Liu Zhuo, this is Brother Yun, a good friend of mine that I've recently had the good fortune of befriending." Lu Xing gestured towards one and the other, "Brother Yun this my university friend and roommate, Liu Zhuo."

Lu Xing didn't seem to notice how the two boy's faces darkened, or perhaps better said, he didn't care.

'I don't know what's wrong with these two but best not to meddle.' Lu Xing thought as he sweated under the twos scowling faces.

Perhaps one day in the distant future, Lu Xing will remember this moment in time and wonder if he had stepped in then...then just maybe...many things could've been different.

But the present Lu Xing has no way of knowing that.

"If you two could help me with lugging these boxes inside, it'll be much appreciated." Lu Xing said as he walked towards the back of the vehicle and proceeded to open it.

Liu Zhuo and Wang Yun silently came to a mutual agreement...though rather grudgingly.

They were just about to go help Lu Xing when suddenly...

"THUD!" A dull yet heavy sound came from van's rear...


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