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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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11 ◇ Little Sister ◇

"Omphf!" Lu Xing let out as an agile person jumped out from the vehicle upon him opening the door.

'Caught off guard...how embarrassing.' Lu Xing thought as he found himself sprawled on the floor with an energetic young girl clinging to him.

The young girl sported a pair of familiar looking green eyes. Lu Xing without thinking lifted his hand in an instant and rubbed the girls head rather fondly. This was the sight that Wang Yun and Liu Zhuo walked onto when they reached the rear.

"Yue'er?!" Wang Yun exclaimed feeling embarrassed.

'She must've snuck on when I went to speak with grandfather before coming.' Wang Yun thought facepalming himself.

Meanwhile Wang Yue was dazedly staring at the older boy in front of her. She found herself wanting to keep this new big brother at her side... So she happily allowed him to continue petting her despite the fact that she was already 12 yrs old.

"Haven't you got any shame pipsqueak?" Liu Zhuo said as he suddenly lifted her off of Lu Xing.

Wang Yue shook her head as she attempted to go back into Lu Xing's arms. She liked handsome men, but this man holding her was rather terrifying... And so she would much rather go back to the kind looking brother she'd just met than the one holding her in place.

"Apologies. This is my sister Yue'er...she probably snuck on to the van early before I had left the shop." Wang Yun explained awkwardly as he went over to give Lu Xing a helping hand...

Except that before he could reach out to grasp those hand, Liu Zhuo had also grabbed in the similar manner to how he'd grabbed the little sister. Lu Xing awkwardly laughed as he helped himself up, and tried hard not to imagine Liu Zhuo as an old dog scolding two young pups in his paws... Suddenly the image was to much and Lu Xing covered his face with a hand while trying to muffle his laughter.

He gestured with his free hand and said, "Just place them down Liu Zhuo."

Liu Zhuo glowered at the two being held back by the scuffs of their necks thanks to his hands. Little Yue'er was pouting as she gave Lu Xing her most pitiful puppy dog eyes. Wang Yun was as big as Liu Zhuo and instantly disliked the other for treating him like a child as he shoved the others hand away.

"Yue'er-" Wang Yun was about to ask his sister why she was her when suddenly he realized that she wasn't next to him.

On the other hand, Liu Zhuo was staring in vain at his empty hand.

'One minute I was holding the brat, next thing...' Liu Zhuo was thinking quickly then glanced up to look in Lu Xing's direction...

Lu Xing was listening rather amusingly as the girl whispered words of dislike over Liu Zhuo's bad manners, then continued on as she boasted about her ninja like skills to him.

Watching her act like a child, Lu Xing couldn't picture this young girl becoming the One-Eyed Blood Witch. The women who he had known capable of killing hundreds without so much as a warning. What had made this young girl become such a monster in her own right...

Only the entire extermination of her clan could've caused that.

One of his many biggest regret in his prior life.

Abruptly he gritted his teeth, and carried an expression filled with hatred...

Then it was gone, instantuly replaced by a smile as he patted her head.

Liu Zhuo hadn't been paying attention as he was to busy feeling disconcerted over his defeat at a little girl's hands. And Yue was still chatting happily on her own that she never noticed that change... Except Wang Yun had.

He had just about gone over to grab his little sister to scold her...save he froze the moment he saw that rage filled expression on Lu Xing's face.

It had been fleeting but Wang Yun knew he had seen it, even if for a split second.

Lu Xing suddenly realized Wang Yun was observing him intently, and smiled at the young man.

"Everything alright?" Lu Xing asked, "Are we going to grab the boxes and move them inside now? Or should we continue idling?"

Lu Xing gestured towards the van, doors open, and the boxes just simply sat there...

"Ahh...yeah-I mean yes. Sorry." Wang Yun said feeling odd as he thoughtlessly went and began grabbing boxes to carry inside.

Liu Zhuo instantly snapped out of it and went over to give a helping hand. He froze the moment he saw what the boxes contained... Weapons.

"Are you serious?!" Liu Zhuo exclaimed rather angrily as he turned around to scold Lu Xing.

"Big Brother?" Yue asked pulling on Lu Xing's sleeve, "That mean looking brother over there looks angry?"

"Ah...he's an idiot, don't mind him." Lu Xing said barely sparing a glance in Liu Zhuo's way, "Would like to help this big brother with putting away the weapons in those boxes?"

Yue's green eyes twinkled, most grownups hesitated involving the in shady business... But she was indeed the Wang Family's little princess, she'd been taught her way around weapons, and fighting from the moment she could crawl. Unlike her brother, Yue's favorite pass time wasn't reading wuxia novels or anything so subliminal...

Her hobby was guns.

"Can I?" Yue asked hesitantly as her hands trembled with excitement.

"Yeah, why not. Explore the place while your at it. Treat this place...like a second home if you'd like." Lu Xing said, then suddenly added to everyone's surprise, "The Wang Family is like family too me, I owe them my life."

Wang Yun and Liu Zhuo froze, both for differing reasons, and Yue giggled happily as she said, "Big Brother, I am so glad! I like you alot already! I will ask Grandfather if you can marry into the Family! I, Wang Yue will make you my husband!"

Both boys who were holding boxes, had varying degrees of anger on their faces.

"Who's getting married to who?!" Wang Yun asked hiding his anger behind a scary half-smile.

"Hmmm...does brother Yun want to marry this beautiful Big Brother instead?" Yue asked, a wicked look in her eyes.

Lu Xing sighed, he had known the siblings well enough in his prior life.

Yue had loved teasing her older brother to the verge of causing him to faint from sheer anger. And not to different from now, she had joked about marrying him in much the same way she was doing now... She had also teased her brother, and him, by saying the two would make a lovely husband and wife...

Just remembering that caused Lu Xing to sigh.

"This beautiful Big Brother would make a good wife for big brother Yun." Yue said in a cute manner as she emphasized Lu Xing beauty.

'Who is the wife?!' Lu Xing gloomily thought as suddenly he remembered asking a similar question in the past, to which both brother and sister had looked at him and then looked at one another before completely agreeing on Lu Xing's marital role...

Right now though, Wang Yun was red faced just imagining it...meanwhile the sound of someone's sanity snapping could be heard...

"I'll never allow that." Liu Zhuo said darkly, as his anger had reached a boiling point.

"What does this have to do with you?!" Wang Yun asked as he snapped out of his daydreaming.

Suddenly the two looked like they were going to get into a brawl then and there.

Feeling safer near Lu Xing, Yue clung onto Lu Xing's arm.

On the other hand Lu Xing was feeling confused as too how things turned out this way...

Finally, Lu Xing's own annoyance leaked out after he began to feel hunger pains.

"Can we please get everything inside, and then seat down for breakfast." Lu Xing reprimanded them with a glare. "Act up anymore and I'll throw both of you out."

The two of them looked at Lu Xing, and as though a red arrow were blinking...they saw Yue snuggled up to Lu Xing's arm.

"She started this!" Wang Yun and Liu Zhuo exclaimed at the same time.

Lu Xing's final nerve popped...


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