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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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12 ◇ Unshakable Memories ◇

After Yue and Lu Xing had brought in the boxes. Lu Xing had gotten to work on making breakfast while Yue was left to explore the place. Very quick to explore, Yue was in and out of the kitchen...

She wore the expression of someone wanting to ask something very badly but being too afraid to ask.

It was her 7th time popping into the doorway when Lu Xing sighed and turned around.

"You want to ask?" Lu Xing asked knowing exactly what was eating away at the girl's thoughts.

Yue froze at the doorway like a deer in headlights before hesitating as she walked backwards then hid behind the dividing wall with only her head popping out.

"Big...Brother? Ho..w...?" Yue stammered out feeling confused as to how she should word her question.

"You'll understand the concept later on, right now its a bit tough to explain..." Lu Xing said as he checked on the burger patties lying on the grill, "It is a unique power that will appear in varying forms inside of certain groups of individuals...sorta like superpowers. Or something like that."

Lu Xing frowned, even he thought that explanation was rather lame.

Suddenly he found Yue standing right next to him with doe like eyes of sheer admiration.

"If brother Yun doesn't marry you...you can marry me Big Brother! I'll never make you angry, you'll know happiness with me!" Yue stated, her pose that of a prince charming...

A vain in Lu Xing's forehead popped out.

"Don't make me place you outside with those idiots." Lu Xing warned her.

Yue's eyes widened and then she shook her head fervently.

No, she did not want to end up like her big brother, and the mean man outside...stuff looking...like statues.

"They'll be fine by the time breakfast is done..." Lu Xing said as he got out plates and utensils.

All of which had been provided by Liu Zhuo.

'They were asking for it.' Lu Xing thought slightly miffed at their behavior. 'I wonder if that is how most people their age act... I can't recall acting like that myself...'

It has been more than thirteen years since Lu Xing had experienced it all...in reality, it was a 32 year old in a 19 year olds body. This thought made him wonder if dating anyone his bodies age would label him a cradle robber... The thought made him begin to wonder if he should swear off dating altogether in this lifetime.

"Maybe I should become a grand sorcerer?" Lu Xing said jokingly towards Yue.

"?" Yue tilted her head in a questioning manner.

'To young, I forgot...' Lu Xing thought missing the older Yue he had grown so use to.

"Dingahdingding..." the timer went off, Lu Xing put a stop to it, then grabbed a plate and began moving the patties off the grill.

"You want toasted buns?" Lu Xing asked glancing at Yue.

Yue nodded her head fervently.

"Alright," Lu Xing said as he grabbed some buns from earlier that he had spread butter on.

Then placed them on the grill.

"Go place everything on the table, please." Lu Xing said as he gestured at the plate with the patties, and another plate cut up lettuce and tomato.

"Ok." Yue agreed instantly and went to grab the plates...

"One at a-" Lu Xing was about to say when the loud sound of something hitting the floor and breaking could be heard.

He turned to look and saw a tearful Yue staring at the floor, her cheeks slightly red from shame.

On the floor laid a broken plate with scattered patties.

Lu Xing sighed, he removed the toasted buns off the grill and then went over to her. He patted her head and told it was ok... Then proceeded to use his powers...

In slow motion almost, the plate came together and the broken patties pieces came together then went back on top of the plate which in turn returned to the countertop.

Yue eyes slowly went from tearful to thrilled.

"That is so cool!" Yue exclaimed.

"Yeah...I guess so." Lu Xing said remembering a sudden terrible memory from his prior life...

<The flower vase fell to the floor breaking...>

<"Damn you! You b*stard! Why?! Why didn't you save them?!" Wang Yue snarled out, the anger in her eyes haunting, "I know you can bring them back! Do it! Bring my family back! Bring my big brother back!">

<Suddenly she was on the floor her trembling hands reaching for the Lu Xing before her. Blood pooling on the floor from where her knees met glass. The anger in her eyes were obstructed by tears, the vulnerability in her actions gripped Lu Xing's heart.>

<"I can't bring...the already deceased back." Lu Xing said, his eyes red from having cried since the incident.>

<"Lies! Lies! Lies!" Wang Yue snarled as her nails dug into his hands. "Reverse it! Give Yun back to me!">

<"If I did...it wouldn't be Yun anymore." Lu Xing said rather harsh in his tone, "It would be an empty shell without a soul...my powers can only affect physical objects, it can't be done.">

<With that said, Lu Xing used his powers to return the vase to its complete form, and then went on to return Wang Yue's knees to a time before getting hurt...>

<Seeing how long it took Lu Xing to use his powers on her knees, Wang Yue...>

<Get out! Get out! I don't ever want to see you ever again!" Wang Yue snarled out as she grabbed the vase and threw it at him, Lu Xing allowed it to hit him but caught it with his powers.>

<Lu Xing placed it down and left, his heart heavy... As he exited the room, he heard the glass vase hit the door behind him. Once he was a good eight feet away, Lu Xing, a grown man of 28 yrs old, began to weep.>

<"Why am I so weak?! What is the point to these stupid powers?! Why...?" Lu Xing yelled out to the heavens...his sorrow so great that at that moment he wished nothing more than for an end to this pain in his chest.>

Lu Xing suddenly clutched his chest at the painful ache that suddenly came to be.

"Big Brother?" Yue asked seeing the handsome Big Brother suddenly clutch his chest as though in terrible agony.

For a second, Lu Xing's glassy like gaze met Yue...it was frightening in such a way that she grabbed Lu Xing's hand...


Her nails dug into the flesh of his hands...and the physical pain brought Lu Xing back from the brink of...

Lu Xing couldn't beginning to explain.

"I...am fine now..." Lu Xing said in a shaky voice, his smiled halfheartedly as he attempted to sooth Yue's fear.

Even she didn't quite understand her instinct like fear, all she knew is that if she hadn't done something then maybe...

Something terrible would've happened to this Big Brother.

'That feeling...was as though I'd been quite literally reliving that awful memory...almost as though...' Lu Xing trialed off in thoughts only he could understand.

"Go grab your brother Yun, and Liu Zhuo. Breakfast is ready." Lu Xing said realizing that his powers were going to release the two anytime now.

Yue nodded and ran.

'Something is very wrong with me.' Lu Xing said rubbing his chest, as the emotions within him were in turmoil.

Lu Xing had already had an inkling that something was wrong from the moment he got here...it almost felt as though...


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