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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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13 ◇ It All Feels Off ◇

As though...this world wasn't his original world, but instead an alternate world .

Lù Xing took a deep breath as the idea took root...

He knew the concept of parallel worlds, he knew quite a bit about quantum theories...

But it was still hard to digest.

He didn't go back in time...he reincarnated into a totally different world that is an exact mirror image to his world.

His memories were still so vividly strong because they had irrevocably occured and cannot be altered. No matter how much he alters in this world... What happened in his prior world was unchangeable. He reasonably came to this conclusion after recalling his prior research on this very subject when he was a college student.

This all explained how Liu Zhuo and Wang Yun had differing personalities from his prior life. Wang Yun's personality could've been altered thanks to the Apocalypse, but Liu Zhuo... He was nothing like the Liu Zhou of his prior life.

The Liu Zhuo he had known was...cold.

Liu Zhuo had been a friend of Lu Xing in the prior life, but had managed to remain somewhat distant. Then the Apocalypse came and Lu Xing had lost all contact with Liu Zhuo who had been at the airport when the Apocalypse had occurred. Even when Lu Xing had made to Z City, he had not found him among the list of survivors who had entered the City.

Lu Xing who had had so many worries and concerns then never once looked for the Liu Zhou of that time...

Suddenly a pair of violet eyes apeared in Lu Xing's mind...almost like a memory that he didn't want to remember.

His head began to throb and he clutched the countertop.

"Seriously...what is wrong with me?" Lu Xing gritted out as he held his head.

Feeling dizzy...Lu Xing heard the footsteps before he heard the voices...

Then he heard nothing...and darkness came over him.


Lu Xing feeling himself waking up, as though from a long nap.

"Ahh...you're awake young man?" Old Wang asked as Lu Xing slowly opened his lightly brown eyes.

His blurry vision cleared, and he found himself in the bed shirtless...

Then he caught sight of a tray with alot of needles...

'Acupuncture...?' Lu Xing thought as he recognized the needle types.

"It seems I have caused quite some worry..?" Lu Xing let out as he propped himself up, "I thank you Elder Wang."

"Tsk...youngster's should know their limit. Being out cold for two in a half weeks is no laughing matter." Old Wang said his thick brow arching up in elderly like fashion of someone who knows best.

Lu Xing froze.

"How long..?" He asked disbelieving his ears...

"Today is the 22nd of May." Old Wang stated with a chuckle, "If it weren't for my treatment's, your slumber may have lasted longer..."

He continued to speak, but Lu Xing had stopped listening. His heart was clenching in a manner that caused him to place a hand over it. Pale faced, Lu Xing couldn't understand why his time to prepare had become so short...

Old Wang had stopped talking when he noticed how pale and weak looking the boy was beginning to appear.

"What time is it?" Lu Xing asked, he voice shaky as his breathing was becoming erratic.

Startled by the boy's reaction, Old Wang answered, "It's 6pm, its evening... Are you feeling alright child? You should lay back down and rest...it seems your body has taken quite the stress lately."

Old Wang leaned over the Lu Xing and gently forced him to lay back down.

Lu Xing allowed it as his mind ran through all the important stuff...suddenly he recalled a very important detail.

He tried getting up, but Old Wang was now more forcefully attempting to hold him down.

"I need to get up Elder Wang!" Lu Xing exclaimed, as he tried to climb out of the bed.

This was the scene Wang Yun walked in on...

With Yue and Liu Zhuo right behind.

"Good, you're here! Speak some sense into him! He wants to get up and plans on walking around as if he hasn't been bedridden for more than two weeks!" Old Wang exclaimed, an angry vein throbbing on his forehead.

"What do you think you are doing?!" Liu Zhuo asked angrily from the moment he entered the door.

"You need to rest up Brother Xing!" Yue exclaimed, she had entered before Liu Zhuo but had been a step behind in understanding the situation, "Don't hurt yourself!"

"What's the matter Bro Xing? If something is worrying you, let this brother here take care of it while you rest up." Wang Yun said upon being the first to reach Lu Xing.

The moment Lu Xing heard Wang Yun's voice, he had felt his body relax. He suddenly realized that he had been the only one to instantly realize the truth of the matter... Lu Xing was worried.

"Brother Yun...tell me...did a farmer come by this past week to sell his brood?" Lu Xing asked feeling hopeful...

"No..." Wang Yun said as he glanced at Liu Zhuo.

It was Liu Zhuo's turn to turn pale.

"I did...meet such a man...." Liu Zhuo explained, "I turned him away and told him to reschedule if what he had said was true."

Lu Xing instantly began trying to get up, but this time it was Wang Yun who was holding him down. Feeling rather ill, Lu Xing could only weakly glare at Liu Zhuo for his stupidity. Never the one to fail people or fall through on bargains, in one fell swoop, Liu Zhuo had managed to cause both.

Lu Xing could barely contain his anger...

"Peng Xiong is a trusted aquientance of mine...and you've caused him such trouble." Lu Xing said through gritted teeth.

Everyone in the room could tell he was angry.

"I can fix this," Liu Zhuo suddenly began in a stone like manner, placing it plainly, he was in shock, "Where should I go to get this settled...and apologize?"

Liu Zhuo was having a difficult time accepting that he would even have to apologize to a common farmer...

Sighing, Lu Xing's anger began to subside.

"It is in Qianbei Village, just Northwest of Y City," Lu Xing said, his mind calculating the shortest route, "the Peng Family live on the very outskirts of it...a three hour drive..."


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