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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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14 ◇ Choices...? ◇

Liu Zhuo was about to leave the room to gather the necessary details from his men...

"Wait." Lu Xing said, his eyes flashing with realization, "How many of your men are still here?"

Everyone gave Lu Xing odd looks.

"A total of three. My chauffeur, Huizhong Chang, and the two bodyguards, Huan, and Jian, the twins from the Huizhong Clan." Liu Zhuo obligingly answered him, then added, "The Huizhong Clan serves the Liu Clan."

'What sort of Family is yours?!' Lu Xing thought with an expressionless face. -_-

"So then...their families are in Z City?" Lu Xing asked, something was worrying him...

"Huizhong Chang is widowed, he has no children, though the twins are his nephews...but to answer your question..." Liu Zhuo felt bad giving out such information, but if Lu Xing was asking then it was important, "Yes, the remainder of the Huizhong Clan lives within Z City."

"No significant others in the City here?" Lu Xing asked.

"That....I don't know...?" Liu Zhuo said confused, "Why?"

"Give them the chance to make an important choice right now." Lu Xing said firmly with a weary look on his face...as though he were an old man...

"A choice..?" Liu Zhuo questioned.

"Ask them to come here." Lu Xing said gesturing with his hand.

Liu Zhuo wanted to question him on his reasoning...but chose to go out and retrieve his retainers.

While he was gone, Lu Xing looked at Old Wang, Wang Yun, and Yue.

"You all...also have a choice to make." Lu Xing said, he let out a tired sounding sigh, "Head to Z City now via the fastest route available...or go to the shop, grab your things and stay here..."

He trailed off when his head started hurting once again...

'The repercussions of staying here,' Lu Xing thought gritting his teeth against the wave of nausea that also came along with it.

"Bro Xing?!" Wang Yun exclaimed feeling worried, "Grandfather, what is wrong with Bro?"

Old Wang knotted his brows as he attempted to pinpoint the causes.

"Make a choice..please?" Lu Xing said gasping as his head began to cloud up...

<"Tell me why?" a man's voice...>

"I can't..remember...?" Lu Xing whispered, his cheeks suddenly damp.

He wiped at his cheek and realized he was crying soundless tears.

"We'll stay." Wang Yun said instantly as he reached to pull Lu Xing's hand away, the he himself used his hands to gently wipe the tears away.

Old Wang found the scene rather embarrassing and had turned to scold his granddaughter from so much as looking.

'To see such a powerful man cry...it is rather baffling.' Old Wang thought as he gave in to peeking...

Wang Yun's feather like touch had brought Lu Xing back to himself. Gathering his unstable emotions, he slapped Wang Yun's hand away and in a rather frustrated manner began to wipe away the unwarranted tears. His headache and nausea had subsided...

"Does Elder Wang share the same opinion?" Lu Xing asked as he glanced at Old Wang.

Old Wang has only known of this young man recently, and has found that this young man is irrevocably tied in some way or another to the Wang Clan. Old Wang first thought this youngster was a nobody, then went to thinking he was a grandmaster of cultivation... Now he knew that the man was a simple college student who to the supposition of everyone else was actually insane...

'The look in this youngster's eyes...' Old Wang thought, 'Is that of a war veteran who has seen hell and lived through it...only to have a poor constitution afterwards.'

Indeed, the problem Lu Xing himself had now come across...was that his body of now, had yet to build up the proper constitution required for the use of his abilities. Meaning the exertion of using his abilities would cause a backlash until his body could fully build up the proper constitution... And like building a Temple from scratch, Lu Xing would need many resources.

The problem presented was time.

Lu Xing and Old Wang observed one another before...

"Like my grandson said, we'll stay." Old Wang said, then gruffly added, "I can't afford to leave now after pouring in so many wasteful hours of acupuncture and herbal remedies on one such as you without the proper compensations."

Yue who was quietly doing a happy dance in the background, suddenly stopped to facepalmed...her grandfather was at it again.

Lu Xing felt sweatdrops at the sudden fierce intensity given off by the old man.

"I see..." Lu Xing asked rather awkwardly as though he could already tell what the man wished for in exchange for his time...

"Once you are well enough..." Old Wang said his eyes narrowed, "take on Wang Yun and Wang Yue as your disciples."

Everyone else in the room gaped in disbelief at the absurd request.

It was not what Lu Xing had imagined.

"Grandfather...this..." Wang Yun was stammering out as he tried to understand things...

Yue's eyes gleamed as an idea flourished in her mind.

"Master Big Brother..?" Wang Yue came forward and bowed at the foot of the bed.

Caught off guard by the shameless scheming minds of this pair of granfather and granddaughter, Lu Xing felt scammed...

'If I didn't find myself once again in their debt...' Lu Xing sighed.

"Very well, I'll take Wang Yue in as a disciple, but..." Lu Xing said as he hesitated a glanced at the stupefied Wang Yun, "I can only see Wang Yun as a good Big Brother, our ages are such, I am one year younger."

Lu Xing's words snapped Wang Yun out of his dumbfounded state.

"Bro! You are younger than me?!" Wang Yun exclaimed disbelieving.

Lu Xing smiled awkwardly, and inwardly thought, 'I'm actually many years older, but now...'

"I'm actually just a 19 year old." Lu Xing said acting bashful.

Wang Yun gaped.

Even Old Wang and Yue couldn't help but be taken aback.

"Young man...you sure seemed older than your age would imply." Old Wang said with his brows knotted.

"Ah...should I be flattered..?" Lu Xing asked wryly.

Upon discovering their age difference was almost nonexistent, Wang Yun became red faced.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and Liu Zhuo strolled in with three men following behind, as he glanced from Wang Yun's red face to Lu Xing's wry expression...

"Did I miss something?" Liu Zhuo asked.

"Nothing to important." Lu Xing instantly answered, his eyes suddenly darkening...


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