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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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15 ◇ Dark Roads ◇

The men following behind their Young Master Liu couldn't help but find the Lu Xing's gaze intimidating despite his age. It was the harsh look of a man having come across their unwanted foe... Deep in his eyes was a rage that could barely be disguised.

Yet before anyone could be absolutely sure that what they had seen was rage...Lu Xing fluttered shut then open...revealing nothing but a tranquil calm.

"So these are your men?" Lu Xing asked his brown eyes turning to Liu Zhuo.

"Yes... These men have actually barely ever left my side..." Liu Zhuo said, "I'm lucky enough that they've never followed me around campus."

"I see..." Lu Xing eyes once again landed on the men...then flickered back to Liu Zhuo, "You four must make a choice...leave this place and join your love ones, or stay here?"

Liu Zhuo was taken aback...

"I'll stay here obviously, how can I simply leave you afterall..." Liu Zhuo trialed off.

'You've gone mad.' Liu Zhuo finished in his thoughts.

"Forgive us Young Master Lu...but we of the Huizhong live to serve the Liu Clan wholeheartedly..." Old Chang said as he gave Lu Xing an apologetic bow, his nephews followed his actions.

"As Uncle Chang has said." Huan and Jian said instantly.

While Old Chang was a white haired elderly man with kind dark eyes... His nephews had black hair and dark eyes that still carried a mischievous look in them as the two smiled at Lu Xing. Their almost identical appearances were enough that Lu Xing himself had trouble differentiating the two.

Up till they had all somewhat blended in with the background...never fully catching Lu Xing's attention...

"Then it's settled...I guess," Lu Xing said suddenly giving a genuinely warm smile, "Welcome to the place, make sure your young master gives you proper rooms...and thank you for helping out with the place."

The last remark startled the men, but caused them a sense of gratitude.

'When was the last time we've been thanked for anything?' Jian thought as he studied the young man laying in bed, 'He doesn't seem mad...'

"We will excuse ourselves Young Masters..?" Old Chang said smiling as he glanced between his young master and the tenderhearted lad laying in the bed.

Liu Zhuo gave a curt nod...he was feeling oddly put out of sorts. For the first time, he realized that none of the Liu Clan had once given the Huizhong Clan a choice in their lives. Yet here was Lu Xing...

Lu Xing began to take off the covers this time as everyone was deep in their own thoughts. By the time his feet had touched the floor, Lu Xing's hands carried his signature blue flames. Liu Zhuo and Wang Yun who had experience with the flame...were left debating on their next actions...

"I can only stop you for six hours top...I need you to concentrate on your own things the moment you come too." Lu Xing explained carefully as he openly used a small motion of his hands to warn them off from doing anything funny. "Don't look for me, don't worry about me...just make sure you get back into this house before the Blood Moon rises."

"What do you think you are doing?!" Liu Zhuo angrily asked.

"You need to rest!" Wang Yun exclaimed feeling nervous about being put under Lu Xing's weird powers.

"I need to be somewhere...forget about it." Lu Xing said as he suddenly flung the small flame at Wang Yun followed by Liu Zhuo.

Both were instantly paused in time.

Old Wang whistled.

"I don't wish to do the same to you two." Lu Xing said, he got onto his own feet, "Take care of the place...and when it gets closer to 6pm tomorrow...make sure everyone remains inside their own rooms, with their rooms locked."

Old Wang helped him steady himself as Lu Xing added, looking very serious, "Lockdown the gate, let no one enter the place."

Lu Xing went towards his closet, and took out a black outfit that suited his needs. Plenty of pockets, and dark enough to hide bloodstains on... He glanced at Yue, and motioned for her to leave.

Old Wang was forced to pull his dazed granddaughter out of the room.


Within an hour later, Lu Xing had gotten the information he needed from the Old Chang before putting the old man and the twins into the same paused state as their master. Having outfitted himself with the weapons he wanted to carry, he had gotten into his car and started off on his quest...to find the Qianbei Village. To many variables were in the way of Lu Xing calmly taking his time to launch a rescue.

Something this time around made Lu Xing worry that some sort of shocking event could very well delay his plans...and that he would not put lives at risk for.

Having driven on the fastest routes to get to Qianbei Village, Lu Xing was almost completely avoiding the busy roads.

So these roads were dark and eerie...

'Their only eerie because I keep expecting something to jump out...' Lu Xing thought not a moment to soon when suddenly something ran across the road causing Lu Xing to slam his breaks.

Not in time for his car to avoid the body from getting hit.

"Hell!" Lu Xing cursed as he grabbed a flashlight.

He got out of the car, and cautiously walked towards the figure laying on the road...

Thanks to the light, he could clearly see a person laying on the road. Looking around as he took quick detailed notice of his surroundings... Lu Xing unhurriedly walked towards the person.

The person was still slightly moving...years of survival had built up Lu Xing's gut instincts.

And right now they were warning him.

Taking out his handgun and pointing to at the figure, "Get up. Show your face." Lu Xing ordered.

"Hehe..." eerie laughter ensued as the figure propped itself up, their shoulders shaking.

The hair on Lu Xing's neck stood on ends.

As eerie as the laughter was, it was the sudden violet eyes that peered through the curtain of dark messy hair that gave him a chill.

"You...your...you..." Lu Xing stammered out.

The figure seemed to right every broken bone as it stared at Lu Xing.

"This can't be. You can't be here yet!" Lu Xing finally exclaimed.

The figure ceased it's laughter, it then very deliberately spoke, "It is...also...not what I expected either."

It's voice was undeniably male...yet the chilly broken words caused Lu Xing's stomach to twist into a knot of uneasiness.

"Why..? Is...a no...body like you here." It spitted out hatefully. "You...I remember...she...with you...then..."

Lu Xing lowered the gun...

'The bullets will just go to waste,' Lu Xing thought feeling unsettled, 'as if a bullet could kill this thing.'

"How do you know who I am?" Lu Xing asked, his flames coming to life in his hands.

"You were...careless..." It hissed out.

Lu Xing recounted his steps from the start to now...

Almost instantly he realized where he had slipped up.

"The moment Qigong Warehouse was bought." Lu Xing stated flately, his gaze harsh.

The figure giggled.

"You've been tracking me since I left the warehouse...why?" Lu Xing asked, his flame ready to be thrown.

"You...know...where she is..." It stopped giggling and glared angrily at him.

"Who are you talking about?" Lu Xing asked feeling impatient, he could feel the time ticking by.

"Chu...Hau..." the thing howled out as it finally lunged itself at Lu Xing.


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