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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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17 ◇ Peng Farm ◇

On the Peng family farm, Peng twins, Yiran and Xiaolang were in the middle of a heated battle...

Against a rooster.

"Damn bloody thing." Xiaolang let out rather winded, as he planted himself on the ground tired, "One of these days, I'll make a nice chicken roast out of him."

He glared at the rooster chasing his sister who was holding one of the hen's.

"We only need to cage the darn thing," Yiran stated to her brother.

"What are you kids doing now?" Peng Xiong asked his kids from the doorway of his house.

He'd had just finished packing some things away for their trip out of own. All he needed now was for Mr. Lu to call him. The trust he was placing on someone he hardly knew was surprising to say the least.

Peng Xiong sighed.

"We're putting the hen's and rooster up in the cage old man." Xiaolang said glancing his father, "It won't be long before the hours pass by and the blood moon shows."

"Son...maybe you should forget all about that nonsense." Peng Xiong said, he was embarrassed that his own 16 year old kids believed in some crazy man's rants.

"But papa...we've got most of the livestock caged up already." Yiran said as she got to the hen cage seating on the truck's bed, and placed the last hen in, "All that's left is this fella."

Yiran pointed at the rooster, it had flapped up to get a few pecks at her, but she had swiftly evaded.

"You both are already 16...and still lose against a rooster." Peng Xiong laughed as he strolled over to his daughter, and the rooster turned to challenge him.

The showdown was over before it had even started. One quick squat and a swipe of his strong hands...and the rooster was being held upside down by it feet. It flapped around helpless.

Xiaolang sighed feeling aggrieved as he thought, 'What was the point of getting all scratched up?'

"Hmph...show off." Yiran huffed out with a pout.

"Ok fella. In ya go." Peng Xiong said placing the rooster in the cage with the flock.

"Do you really believe this...Mr. Lu fellow will show?" Xiaolang asked having deep mistrust, "He did bail on us last time."

"I got a call from that Mr. Liu fellow early this morning..." Peng Xiong said with a hand at his chin, "He certainly said that Mr. Lu was more than likely on his way. The man also apologized, saying that Mr. Lu was upset with how he had treated us."

"Sounds like this Mr. Lu...might actually be a really good person." Yiran said with a light smile, "He bought alot and is even paying more than the average cost for it. We should give him a chance Xi."

Her brother grumbled looking away unhappily when suddenly a vehicle came into the farms view.

"Seems like your Mr. Lu is here..." Xiaolang said in a dark mood as he went to the trailer truck to do a last check on inventory.

The car parked along the grassy lawn near the family's blue truck. Peng Xiong and Yiran stood by as they watched a darkly claded figure step out from the vehicle. The young man had the appearance of someone just out of boyhood, his features handsomely sculpted a charismatic bad boy image.

'If I were like the brainless girls back in school...I'd be swooning by now.' Yiran thought, her heart skiping a beat or two when the man turned to look at her.

His lips turned upward into a light smile, his attentive brown eyes caused a fluttering sensation in her stomach.

"Hello, I do apologize for how my friend treated you during the time I found myself bedridden." Lu Xing instantly started off, his eyes flickering towards Peng Xiong, his smile turning apologetic.

"Ah-You were ill!?" Peng Xiong said surprised as he appraised the young man before him.

'Now that he mentions it, the boy looks rather pale...' Peng Xiong thought feeling a kick to his consciousness.

"I should be the one to apologize, I had no idea you were bedridden. Please come inside and rest a bit." Peng Xiong said realizing why the man from the call earlier this morning had sounded terrible.

'Poor guy's probably worried sick over this fellow here.' Peng Xiong thought.

"I'll take you up on that offer. I apologize for the inconvenience." Lu Xing said his hand awkwardly at the back of his head.

"Yiran, get some tea started for our guest." Peng Xiong said turning to see his daughter practically drooling at the young man's handsome appearance.

She snapped too.

"Y...es! Of course. Ah-" Yiran started saying, but with an embarrassed look chose to flee by running into the house.

Peng Xiong coughed an awkward dad cough as he looked at his guest.

"Young girls...these days." Peng Xiong said as he took a look at Lu Xing and blushed.

'He is quite handsome for a man,' Peng Xiong thought rather distractedly, 'if I had been a woman...even I'd admit that my reaction would be much like Yiran'er.'

"I see." Lu Xing answered, he gave a chuckle as he looked towards the house.

'I'm glad I've made it.' Lu Xing thought.

"Alright, please follow me inside," Peng Xiong said gesturing towards his house. "It's not much but I do hope you can enjoy our hospitality."

'He's a good man...Peng Xiong...' Lu Xing thought as he followed the fellow. 'That's why he died.'

His mood darkened.

'If I ever get the chance to meet those bast*rds...I'll...' Lu Xing thought as he gave a dangerous smile.

Good people didn't last long during the Apocalypse.

'Good thing...I'm not a good person.' Lu Xing thought, as he made plans to return at a later time, 'It'll be while still before those people show up here.'

"So I see the broods of chickens and quails are all on the truck. How are we getting the coop over to my place?" Lu Xing said trying to make small talk as they entered.

"Oh. That...well, my son will be taking the trailer truck along as well. He's a good driver, been driving since he was twelve. Farm hand, my boy." Peng Xiong quickly explained when he saw Lu Xing glance around with an odd expression.

'When he's not getting done in by a rooster.' Peng Xiong thought shaking his head.

"I'll trust your word. No worries." Lu Xing said as they entered the parlour.

"Glad to hear that, please have a seat, make yourself at home." Peng Xiong said, "I'll be going to fetch my stu-my son."

"Ok." Lu Xing said, he had only ever known of Peng Xiong through Yiran...

Now, having met him, he realized the man was an honest carefree fellow who lived modestly within his means.

So the fellow left, and a few minutes later, the familiar voice of a young boy's came from the back entrance.


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