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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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19 ◇The Crazy One◇

Lu Xing had walked around and seen nothing else out of the norm. Having reached the barn once again, he went to the carcass. Kneeling down, he lit a flame, and dug into the things head...

After a few seconds, he found what he was searching for.

'This thing really surprised me. Not all animals had turned into Mutants after all...just as not all humans turned into Mutants,' Lu Xing mused, 'Only a small percentage became mutants.'

And all mutants came with cores.

Lu Xing took a look at the golden colored core...it was larger than the Ghoul core he had. It was actually the size of a goose egg, which was more than he could've hoped for. Studying the Mutant Cat, he could see it had grown from being a stray cat into a mutation the size of a puma...the thick glossy pelt and sharp claws...

Most noticeable...had to be the spikes running along the jawline, and the tiny horns located an inch above the ears.

'A level 2 Mutant Cat.' Lu Xing thought feeling more unsettled.

He knew the mutations had been occurring over time, but even so...he hadn't realized how quickly it had actually happened.

"It can't be helped." Lu Xing said feeling sorry for the creature.

It had once been a normal everyday stray...

Lu Xing used his flame on the carcass, and within minutes the thing was nothing more than ash. The flame had singed nothing else... Even Lu Xing didn't quite grasp how the logic behind his flame worked, only that it could burn up whatever he wielded it to burn alone. He believed the ability derived more from a mental mutation than a physical mutation...


'I should give up trying to make sense of this ability.' Lu Xing thought with a sigh. 'Luckily this big guy hadn't had the chance to develop his abilities...otherwise I would've been forced to use alot more than just a gun against it.'

He stared briefly at the golden core before pocketing it into a side pocket.

The truth was...after discovering that there was a possibility of others having arrived here to a similar situation as him, had him on edge. This has begun making him hesitant in showing off his abilities. With his weak constitution, Lu Xing feared he'd quickly become prey to a reincarnated Evolutionary...most had been at high levels by the time he had perished...

And this...he could not allow.

"I'll get stronger..." Lu Xing muttered out as his expression darkened, "Then I'll..."

A smirk appeared on his face as he stood, and turned...

By the time he had left the barn, his expression was once again collected.

'That crazy one...' His thoughts turning to another issue he would probably have to deal with sooner or later, 'Chu Hau.'


The Chu Hau of whom Lu Xing was thinking about, was actually walking down a busy street while humming out a rather soothing tune.

She kept on looking up at the sky, her violet eyes sparked with an interest that made little sense to most bystanders. When she passed by people, they would instantly stare as though their eyes couldn't help but be drawn to her. Even other women couldn't stop from looking at her...

The charisma this Chu Hau carried was high.

Suddenly she gave a rather seductive smile to a woman walking by. The woman was stunned, it was as though an enchantment had been cast over her. Though not far from the truth...

'This one will do.' Chu Hau thought, as her hunger began gnawing at her insides.

"Do you have some free time...m'lady?" Chu Hau asked, her tone low and melodious.

The woman nodded still stunned, Chu Hau held out a delicate hand. Her palm facing upward in the manner of an invitation... The woman rather hesitantly placed her hand upon the outstretched hand.

Chu Hau's red lips curved into a smirk.

'Seems I've found lunch.' Chu Hau thought, as she pulled the woman along acting much like a lover.

Even though it should've been a very odd sight, people instantly seemed to forget ever seeing her...or the woman she had picked up.

Only a foggy haze remained.

Chu Hau had finally reached an empty alley, pulling her lunch along, she reached the darkest part.

Suddenly she slammed the woman against the wall and rather hungrily captured her lips...

The woman seemed to have fallen into a deep trance as she didn't struggle once...even as her breathing became ragged. Her skin paled, and her eyes clouded...soon enough her limbs limped and Chu Hau alone was holding the woman up. It wasn't until the woman breathed her last breath that Chu Hau threw the dead body away.

'Ah...how delicious.' Chu Hau thought licking her lips as she wished it could've lasted longer.

"Should I eat the rest of her..?" Chu Hau mused as she glanced at the corpse, "Since reaching level 8, I haven't found any need to devour mortal flesh...hmmm...what a troublesome question."

Crouching down next to the corpse, Chu Hau lifted the head, the dead woman's lips were once again brought to her lips...except this time she widened her mouth which showed a set of sharp canine like teeth...and followed by taking a large bite out of it.

Blood dripped onto the ground, as a slurping sound could be heard.

As though having tasted a great delicacy, Chu Hau moaned her delight.

'I missed this taste...if only they could've understood this...' Chu Hau thought as she raised the head and took a few more delightful bites. 'Well... M'lord will understand.'

Content with her conclusion, she continued chewing and slurping until none of the dead woman's face was left.

"Ah. That was simply divine." Chu Hau said feeling her dark chi fully replenished. "Now to search for the others."

Her thoughts suddenly jumped to her fellow ghoul from last night.

The last message she had received from the small fry had been nothing more than a name...

'Lu Xing...' Chu Hau thought rather amused, 'He's also returned...oh good! I've got a good show to watch this time as well.'

Using her dark chi, which looked like swirling dark particles, she cleaned away the blood, and began walking away.

Swaying as she walked she once again began humming a tune.

'Once I find you little lamb...I'll find my beautiful tiger.' Chu Hau thought as she smiled knowingly, her eyes a contradiction to all her actions...

They showed deep sadness.


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