Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
20 ◇Misfortunate Encounter◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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20 ◇Misfortunate Encounter◇

Meanwhile, back at the Peng Farm, Lu Xing had already returned to the house and gotten the Peng's safely to their vehicles from there.

"So Xiaolang is going to drive the truck with his sister in the passenger seat?" Lu Xing wanted to confirm Peng Xiong's plans, "And you'll drive the trailer behing them?"

"Yes, that should be the safest way for my kids." Peng Xiong said, his daughter holding tightly onto his left arm.

"So I'll be leading.." Lu Xing mused. "But it seems that your daughter doesn't wish to do so..." he gave the other two vehicles a glance, "Can your truck or trailer tow? Or rather do you have a j hook?"

Peng Xiong nodded.

"Then, we'll hook up my car to your trailer, that way your girl can go with you." Lu Xing gave Yiran a soothing smile, "I'll go with your boy to help navigate..." He explained, "And defend if need be."

So for the next half hour they got his car hooked up and ready for the tow.

Lu Xing took out two weapons out of the trunk of his car...closing the trunk he walked over to Peng Xiong who was getting his daughter into the passenger seat.

"Here." Lu Xing stated as he held out the two z-hunter machetes, "I don't know how well you can handle a gun...but for now this should be enough."

As Peng Xiong took the machetes with a grateful word of thanks, his son, Xiaolang was staring holes into Lu Xing's back.

"I'll be riding along with you, so there won't be any need for you to arm yourself." Lu Xing muttered out as he turned and passed by Xiaolang, a hand patting the boy's shoulder briefly.

Xiaolang wanted to argue, but lost his motivation when he saw Lu Xing take the passenger side of the truck.

Sighing, Xiaolang also returned to the truck, and climbed onto the driver's side.

With this attitude... Lu Xing worried that the ride to the Warehouse would end up becoming an awkward one filled with silence.

Then about thirtysomething minutes into the drive, Xiaolang couldn't take it any longer.

"So...mutant cats...does that mean zombies really will show up?" Xiaolang asked, he was driving but the boy like interest shone through.

Lu Xing had been directing him when he needed to, but since they had the gps up and working, he really hadn't said much...

He sighed, "I'm afraid so."

"That's so cool!" Xiaolang exclaimed slapping the dashboard in his excitement, "Then are you some sort of military soldier or secret agent?! How do you know all of this?!"

'Kids huh..? One minute their grumpy like a spoiled thing their all excited to talk to you...' Lu Xing thought, a sweatdrop visible.

"That's on a need to know basis kid." Lu Xing said with a half smile as he continued watching out the window.

Xiaolang pouted.

"You came really prepared, and even knew what that thing my dad fought was..." Xiaolang muttered out.

Lu Xing was about to say something when he spotted something from the corner of his eye...

It was moving so quickly that if Lu Xing hadn't trained himself to pay attention to the smallest details, he wouldn't have noticed till it had started its attack.

"Call your sister." Lu Xing said rolling down the window, "Tell them not to panic, they've got something attached to the trailer."

Xiaolang had grabbed his cell and started dialing when he saw Lu Xing climb out the window...

And onto the roof of the truck.

"No way." Xiaolang let out as he glanced at the rearview mirror to see Lu Xing roll down to the bed of the truck. "Cool."

"Hey~" The voice answered the call, "What's going on?"

It brought Xiaolang back to the matter at hand.

Meanwhile, after startling the poor chickens by hitting the cage during his roll, Lu Xing had stood up gaining his balance in a quick fluid movement...his gun cocked up as he attempted to aim at the creature.

"I'm guessing you're mama cat?" Lu Xing said dryly, though he had wished his guess hadn't been to accurate...because the thing standing in front of him was slightly bigger and fiercer looking than the mutant cat he had killed back in the barn.

The worst part, it was a level 6 Mutant cat. So no, it didn't have a glossy coat, nor was it sporting small spikes like the other one. This one was a fully grown mutant cat, and by the look of its angrily pissed off had probably been related to the other one in some form or way.

The thing wasn't staying still as it's head cocked from side to side as though analyzing the human in front of it.

'My gun is no good against this smartass.' Lu Xing guessed seeing as its only vulnerable part was the eyes...

Eyes which were being swiftly moved from side to side before Lu Xing could properly aim. Cursing his rotten luck, Lu Xing similarly analyzed his opponent. The mutant cat was the size of a tiger, its pelt had mutated into waxy looking coat, the worst sort to deal with...

'That's not even the problem...' Lu Xing thought, 'The bony armor its got covering from the head to its chest will be the bigger problem.'

That's right. A level 6 Mutant animal normally came with bigger problems similar to this, the spikes growing from the other mutant cat would've turned into an almost impenetrable armor grown of strongly melded layers of bones. All of which protects the two vital parts, the head and the chest...

A gun would be no use against it.

The Mutant cat was staring at Lu Xing, its golden eyes followed Lu Xing, and Lu Xing not once took his eyes off it.

"Damn." Lu Xing cursed, then backed away into the rear glass of the truck, after tapping on the sliding small window, Xiaolang finally opened it. "Listen, you and your old man had better stick to the route and get to that warehouse. Don't you even consider stopping."

"What are you going to do?!" Xiaolang asked glancing at the rearview mirror hoping to see the thing Lu Xing was talking about.

"The gun is useless to me right I'm gonna probably wrestle a cat." Lu Xing said with a half smile before


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