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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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21 ◇Damn Cat◇

"You're kidding?!" Xiaolang exclaimed, he glanced at the rearview mirror.

All he saw was Lu Xing begin to run forward, towards the trailer. O_o

"Tsk." Lu Xing gritted his teeth, as his left leg hesitated at the jump...

That small bit of hesitation costed him getting a good enough footing when he actually made the jump and reached the front of the trailer. Using his flame, he created himself a pocket in the metal, then using half crimping, he began to climb to the top of the trailer truck... Only to instantly come face to face with the snarling level 6.

'Great...' Lu Xing thought as he dodged the oncoming claw strike.

A loud resounding 'CLANG' could be heard from where the claw struck metal...the damage was no less than if a small meteor had struck.(-_-|||)

'I never signed up for this.' Lu Xing thought staring at the dent left behind by the swipe, 'How am I suppose to wrestle this thing off the trailer? If only...'

Suddenly an idea hit him.

'If I could get to the trunk of my car...' Lu Xing calculated the distance from the trailer front he was at the very back where his car was. 'I might make it...if I could only get my bearings together.'

By bearings, he meant his trauma from the prior life he had lived. His left leg had been a prosthetic leg after 'that' incident. So his movements and actions had changed...to the point his mind now was making him hesitate every time his left leg was involved.

Even though nothing had yet to happen to his leg now.

The big mutant cat was hanging on to the trailer by digging its claws into the metal, yet it hadn't quite gained the confidence to give Lu Xing another swipe.

At heart it was still a cat.

'Better now than never.' Lu Xing still holding on with one hand kicked his foot against the front glass panel, which gave him the momentum for a backflip.

"Damn this kid! Is he trying to get himself killed?!" Peng Xiong exclaimed as the kick startled Yiran into grabbing her dad's arm.

They had been staring at the lower half of Lu Xing's body dangling from god knows where on the roof of the trailer truck. The big mutants attack earlier had caught them off guard, not to mention Peng Xiong wasn't all to happy with the dent he had glanced. He knew Lu Xing was trying to keep them safe...

'Still...my trailer...' Peng Xiong's heart wept.

As for Lu Xing, he had managed a backflip that had placed him barely inches away from having become kitty kibble.

'Now the hard part.' Lu Xing thought from his half kneeling posture, as he began to half stand, then ran, his hand ready to dig into the trailer at any point to catch him from sliding off.

Behind him, he could hear the 'clack' sound from the mutant cat's claws digging in and out of metal.

'Almost there...' Lu Xing thought as he clicked the remote in his pocket, thus popping the trunk open.

He jumped.

"GRRRRAAAWR!" The loud guttural sound breezed past Lu Xing who was barely able to dodge the sharp teeth that flew past him.

The thing had chosen to pounce but failed...

'I got lucky.' Lu Xing hit the roof of his car, the rooftop basket quickly becoming his best support.

The mutant cat had fallen onto the pavement, stunned for a brief moment, but it instantly found its footing and began to swiftly run after the vehicle. Lu Xing scrambled to the end of his car, awkwardly opened the trunk wide, and jumped onto it. The darn cat was a few inches from pouncing onto the trunk...

'Oh no you don't.' Lu Xing thought with a smirk, he had found it.

Metal bat in hand, Lu Xing instantaneously covered it in his flames and swung it just as the thing was going to reach him...

"CLAAANGG!" Rang out, then a hard, "FA-THUD!" came from about ten feet to the left of Lu Xing.

Lu Xing turned, jumped holding the bat, as he grabbed hold of the trunk lid, and slammed it down using his weight before kicking off and rolling to the ground.

"Agh..." Lu Xing let out wincing as he held his backside.

'Brilliant move...simply smart Lu Xing.' He scolded himself, as he watched the vehicles continue driving like he gad instructed. 'At least now I won't have to hold back.'

"Got to handle this thing quickly before it runs off." Lu Xing said, as he's train of vision followed the area of its fall.

"Meoraewr..." The sound was almost like a big cat had caught a nasty cold.

'As if it'd be that easy.' Lu Xing thought darkly.

He picked himself up and off the ground, then held the bat at a ready, "Here kitty kitty..."

Lu Xing used shadowstep to arrive near the mutant cat and saw something he very much wished wasn't what he knew it was...

"The damn thing is playing with me!" Lu Xing spit out feeling a sense of irrational anger, 'Who's bright idea was it to hit the thing?!'

'Right...that would be me.' Lu Xing felt regret well up.

Hitting a higher level animal into pure rage...and not insta killing it...was pure suicide.

Lu Xing had forgotten this.

Now he was looking at an empty outer bony armor...no mutant cat.

'Its getting smarter,' Lu Xing thought as he recalled what shedding an armor signified...

Fast regenerative system, and...

Its mutant abilities had been unlocked.

'Lovely.' Lu Xing thought feeling a strong foreboding from this discovery.

Suddenly Lu Xing moved to the right using shadowstep.

"TUFF! TUFF! TUFF!" the sound of three small objects hitting the ground could be heard.

Lu Xing glanced and instantly found himself more unhappy with the situation.

'So all I get is flames that can barely touch a level 6 Mutant...' He thought grimly, 'but the damn cat gets ice manipulation.'

Three kunia sized icicles were embedded into the ground where Lu Xing had been not a moment earlier.

A level 4 fire ability vs a level 6 ice ability...

Fair right?

'Fair my ass?!' Lu Xing scolded using shadowstep to continuously move from any possible attack. 'I need a new plan...'


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