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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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24 ◇No. 2 HighSchool◇

An hour or so had passed since Lu Xing hung up on Peng Xiong.

He had since tried soothing Xiaolang's nerves by talking about ability users...or at least tidbits. And so far the kid seemed alright... But once in a while Lu Xing would catch Xiaolang giving him a worrisome look.

Lu Xing felt frustrated.

'With all this talk, I still haven't remembered how we got through the first time around...' Lu Xing attempted to recall it and simply couldn't.

He tried recalling the earliest memory of the 1st blood moon incident.

Instead his head throbbed.

'That's odd.' Lu Xing thought with a frown.

"So mister...I have a theory." Xiaolang suddenly spoke up.

This brought Lu Xing back from his thoughts.

Lu Xing lifted an eyebrow in a questioning manner as he said, "Oh. What's this theory?"

Xiaolang seemed serious as he glanced at Lu Xing, "My theory is...that you're a time traveler that came to this time period in an attempt to change the future...or you're just somone who's able to see the future..." The last part was said so nonchalantly, that Lu Xing almost didn't know how to react.

With one hand, he pinched the bridge of his nose, and gave a sigh. Then he gave his best pitying look at Xiaolang from the corner his eyes. This side glance actually did the trick...

"Tch." Xiaolang let out, a glower on his face, "Then who are you?!"

Lu Xing passed a sign on the road.

[Wlecome to Y City's District Si.]

"Finally." Lu Xing almost sighed in relief, "District Si was the closest on our route."

"Where are we going from here?" Xiaolang asked, his eyes dull.

'This kid is quite a downer...' Lu Xing thought.

Suddenly he had a flashback of a random conversation he had held with Baili...

<"What a coincidence Brother Xing?!" Baili said, her smile widening as she fiddled around with a strand of her red hair, "I heard you were originally studying at Linghai University? That was just three distincts away from our school!">

<"If I remember correctly..." Lu Xing pondered, they were enjoying the brief rest inbetween traveling to bases, "You and Brother Yan were high schoolers then..?">

<"Mmmm...yes, Yan Yan and I were seniors then at Lenghai No. 2 highschool in District Si..." Baili's green eyes seemed distant as she reminisced about the times before the Apocalypse, "Funny enough, we were staying at the school's rooftop overnight. Everyone in the astronomy club was there ready to study the blood moon that night...">

<"I see." Lu Xing said softly, he gently placed his hands on either side of her face, her eyes had misted over with unshed tears that he was now gently wiping away.>

<Baili smiled brightly as she gently laid a hand over Lu Xing's own hand, "Then the earthquakes hit...it all happened so suddenly that by the time they had come to pass...we were all just getting back to our feet...and then we stood there...everything had fallen around us. Our world had crumbled.">

Lu Xing could feel a phantom pain strike his chest...

Even now, remembering her...he had such contradicting emotions.

"We're going to Linghai Highschool." Lu Xing said with a bitter smile.


Linghai Highschool; The hallways were empty and dark...save for the lights flooding from the third floors science lab.

There, the science lab teacher, and astronomy club advisor was finishing up his thesis paper...

'Should I go and check up on the kids..?' Mr. Wu thought as he leaned back into his chair, he stretched out his arms.

He glanced at the clock hanging up above the chalkboard.

It was just a little after 4pm...

"Ah! Mr. Wu?" Suddenly a busty dark haired lady appeared at the doorway, "I wanted to see if you could head down and close the front doors for the night."

Mr. Wu lazily got off his chair, "Of course Ms. Song...it can't be that you forgot to lock up earlier and just now remembered?"

Ms. Song scratched her nose, and looked away, "How could that be?"

"Yeah yeah yeah..." He walked passed her, keys in hand, "Well I can't let a lady go down this late anyway."

She seemed flustered.

He paused just as he began walking down the hall, his head turned slightly to the side, his sharp dark eyes glanced at Ms. Song pointedly, "At least go check on those kids up on the roof before heading back to your office to have fun with your boytoy."

Ms. Song turned red...her hands balled up, "I don't know what your talking about..! You dirty old man! Hmph." She gave him a glare and turned the other way down the hall.

To this, Mr. Wu didn't care, and continued walking off.

'You'll pay for this. Dirty old man, can't even take care of your own appearance...' Ms. Song thought darkly as she went to do as he had said.

This so called dirty old man, was actually a twenty-four year old teacher who hasn't had a decent nights sleep or meal in a long while. Mr. Wu scratched at the stubble growing on his face, his hair falling down in messy waves before his eyes, the rest lazily tied up at the nape if his neck. His tinted round glasses, and dark circles giving off a dark gloomy vibe...

'I guess this is why people think I'm old..?' He thought offhandedly.

Taking the stairs down, he finally reached the main doors after about twenty minutes.

Once there, he checked all six doors, and locked up the two doors that had been forgotten by Ms. Song, thus left unlocked.

"Man this woman..." Mr Wu muttered out, he took out a cig about ready to light it, not caring about school policies...

Suddenly there was a rapping sound at the front entrance.

"Tch...I don't recall any tardy students..." Mr Wu muttered as he looked up and saw two boys outside the doors.

He hurriedly stuffed his lighter back into his pocket and took out the keys.


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