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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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25 ◇Unexpected Surprises◇

Lu Xing had finally found the school, it had just taken him longer to find a place far enough from the overhanging buildings...

Then using shadowstep, he had piggybacked Xiaolang to the school. For this, Xiaolang was still ignoring him when they had reached the glass doors. Thinking that he would have to break in, Lu Xing had been mentally preparing himself for different sort of scenarios...

This to say the least, was not what he had expected.

"So, what are you kids doing here so late?" the man with an unlit cigarette in mouth had instantly asked upon letting them in.

Inwardly, Lu Xing frowned at being called a 'kid', but understood that just for this time, his youthful appearance would be of help.

Meanwhile, Mr. Wu had been silently studying the boys.

'Their not wearing school uniforms...and one of them looks like he recently got into a scuffle...' Mr. Wu instantly concluded that the kids weren't students from this school. 'Should I kick them out..?'

Xiaolang stayed behind Lu Xing as he tried to minimize his presence...he felt awkward just randomly entering a random school as it was.

"I came to hand Tu Yan his...money." Lu Xing said with a smile, "Auntie was worried that Yan Yan wouldn't be able to buy breakfast without it, so we came to drop it off. After all, we were just on our way back from club activities ourselves, and being Yan Yan's older cousin..."

Mr. Wu who had thought these two were here to cause mischief, instantly reconsidered. Tu Yan was a respectable student of the school, and it was well known by the teachers that the boy's family called him 'Yan Yan'. Still, some doubts lingered...

"Okay...ah..." Lu Xing looked down at his hands and wrist, and saw the filthy stuff caking his skin in places, "sorry to ask this, but could I use the restroom teacher..?"

He had just remembered how dirty he had been left after the cleansing.

"The name is Wu Xinyi." Mr. Wu said sighing, he took a look at the kid, his hand on his head, "Would you like to use the shower room in the boys locker room..the gym isn't far off, and I've got time to kill."

Mr. Wu outwardly gave off the feeling of one pitying the boy's dirty state, but in reality...

'I don't really want to deal with Ms. Bitch upstairs just yet.' Mr. Wu thought, 'Why'd she have to be the school nurse?'

"Thanks, I'll take you up on that," Lu Xing said, inwardly shocked at how easy this teacher was to fool, 'The education system is lacking...'

If Mr. Wu knew what Lu Xing was thinking, he'd sarcastically agree with him on that.

Xiaolang acted like a mute as they followed behind the teacher.

"I believe I told you my name...now how about telling me yours?" Mr Wu said nonchalantly, as he led them into the gym.

"Names Xi-" Xiaolang suddenly started answering instinctively before getting elbowed by Lu Xing who pretended to cough in order to hide Xiaolang's yelp of pain.

"I'm Tu Gao, and he's Tu Shi, my younger brother." Lu Xing said, naming them after Tu Yan's actual cousins.

Lu Xing could feel Xiaolang glaring at him, inwardly he call him an 'Idiot'.

Xiaolang rubbed his ribs as he inwardly called himself an 'idiot', yet still glared at Lu Xing, 'Who would want to be your brother?!'

Mr. Wu nodded, he did recall once overhearing Tu Yan speak about a game his cousin Gao had lent him.

Relieved that the boy's seemed genuine, he took the boy's into the locker room.

Once there, Lu Xing was instantly handed over some spare clean towels the gym teacher kept on hand, and directed Lu Xing to the shower room. After Lu Xing had left their sight, Mr. Wu took a seat on a bench and finally lit his cigarette. Meanwhile Xiaolang had gawked at this with a gaping expression, 'Do teachers seriously do this when their students aren't around?'

"Kid, when you've lived through what I have..." Mr. Wu suddenly started after catching the kid's expression, "You'd give zero fucks too."

His eyes hidden behind the tinted glasses, but his facial expression seemed grim as he said the last part, he puffed out some smoke.

"What do you mean mister?" Xiaolang asked confused, somehow this teacher's tone was...disconcerting.

"Hahaha...look at me," Mr. Wu suddenly laughed out, "look at what I'm saying...ah..." He slapped his left hand against his leg, "Forget it kid, you're probably pretty lucky tho...to wind up here at least."

Inhaled his cigarette, before switching to puffing.

"Teach? You actually don't look so good..." Xiaolang finally commented after observing the teacher, "Could it be...your talking about the Apocalypse?"

Mr. Wu's eyes widened behind his glasses, "How do you know about that?" He jumped up, his hands grabbing onto Xiaolang's shirt and pressing him against the lockers...a dagger held to the boy's neck.

The sudden assault had caused Xiaolang to painfully hit his head against those very same lockers.

"Well you know, the stuff that Silver Fox said on the tele..." Xiaolang went into explaining, he pursed his lips as he inwardly shouted, 'Brother Xing?! I could really use your help! This teacher is insane!'

"Oh..." Mr. Wu studied the boy closely.

Xiaolang could feel himself sweat under the teacher's intense scrutiny.

"You know something more though?" Mr. Wu said as he noticed the boy glancing toward the shower room, "No...maybe not you...could it be..."

Suddenly the cool steel tip of a gun could be felt right up against Mr. Wu's head.

Lu Xing who had taken less than 6 minutes to shower, had been drying himself when he had heard the sudden impact of Xiaolang hitting up against the lockers.

Barely keeping his towel around his waist, Lu Xing had grabbed his gun. Then he had shadowstepped to the left side of Mr. Wu with the gun pressed right against the man's skull. On the off chance the guy thought he could kill Xiaolang before Lu Xing could shoot, Lu Xing was bluntly stating...

So...you slash, I shoot.

This was Lu Xing's statement.


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