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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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26 ◇Shocking Details◇

"Let him go." Lu Xing flatly ordered, his eyes dead serious.

Mr. Wu instantly freed Xiaolang...more like shoved him aside.

"Drop the dagger." Lu Xing said, his gun not moving an inch.

Mr. Wu gave a grim smile, and dropped it.

"There...mind taking the gun off my head?" Mr. Wu asked, his eyes hidden by his tinted glasses.

Lu Xing nodded before grabbing Xiaolang and yanking him to his side, away from the teacher.

"He's crazy." Xiaolang said rubbing the back of his head, "My head is throbbing now, please beat him up for me Brother Gao."

To Lu Xing, the kid felt like an abused puppy gone to whine to his owner...

The thought caused Lu Xing to stand stupified, 'Could stupidity be contagious?' Lu Xing thought mentally facepalming himself.

"Tell me...Why did you attack the boy?" Lu Xing asked, he felt a headache about to come.

"You're like me?!" Mr. Wu suddenly exclaimed, his mood actually brightening up.

Lu Xing was taken back until the man removed his glasses...

The Lu Xing met a pair of golden eyes staring right back at him.

"I understand now." Lu Xing said withdrawing his gun, "But the kid doesn't know anything."

He emphasized the word 'anything'.

"I can see that now." Mr. Wu said feeling regretful, "But I couldn't be sure...if he was an enemy...actually I can't really be sure if you're an enemy....but finally meeting someone else..."

Mr. Wu suddenly shook with a mixture of bottled up emotions, he teared up but quickly wiped them away.

'I'm a grown man and yet...here I am about to have a break down...' Mr. Wu thought, before suddenly asking, "are you going to kill me?"

Lu Xing felt shaken as well, but his emotions were less...jumbled.

"No," He said before insuring that Xiaolang was behind him, and wouldn't see it.

Lu Xing turned to look at the teacher, after a blink of his eyes, his eyes had turned a golden hue as well.

Mr. Wu was left reeling at the knowledge, Lu Xing closed his eyes and concentrated on the technique, so that after opening them, they were normal brown eyes.

Shocked, Mr. Wu was left stupified.

"I am also like you." Lu Xing emphasized the 'you' in his sentence before glancing at Xiaolang, "Go use the restroom before we head up."

Mr. Wu quickly placed his glasses back on realizing Xiaolang hadn't caught on to their difference.

Xiaolang wanted to protest but Lu Xing's sharp gaze stopped him from voicing them.

"Where is it then?" Xiaolang asked, then sighed.

'Fine, I guess it can't be helped,' He headed in the direction that Mr. Wu pointed in.

"He really doesn't know anything..." Mr. Wu mused, "How can you be taking along such...baggage?"

Suddenly Lu Xing was reminded of what most people had done...back in the days of the Apocalypse.

Clenching his teeth, he placed the gun away.

The look in his eyes when he finally looked up at Mr. Wu, it was such a dark look that it caused a shiver of fear within Wu Xinyi.

"Is that why, you're here playing teacher?" Lu Xing said, his anger leaking into his words, "Did you at least get your family and love ones to safety?"

Mr. Wu felt the words stab an old wound.

"It's not like I didn't try..." Mr. Wu sighed before puffing out some smoke, "When did you appear here?"

Lu Xing was surprised, his anger somewhat dissipated.

"I came back about three weeks ago..." Lu Xing said.

"I've been here since about seven years ago." Mr. Wu said, his eyes behind the glasses dull, "Surprisingly, you're the first I've personally met that's like me since then."

"Then..?" Lu Xing was beyond shocked.

"I tried...to convince my family..and friends." Mr. Wu explained, "After some time, I was able to convince myself that it was all just a bad dream..."

"Except there was a lot of deja vu moments since...and then...there's your eyes." Lu Xing finished for him.

"Yeah." Done with his cigarette, Mr. Wu crushed it under his foot, "Then my eyes finally became this way...three days ago."

Lu Xing could barely believe this.

"That doesn't make any sense." Lu Xing said, his heart perturbed by the knowledge, "Anything out of the norm since?"

"I've kept track of anything major since..." Thinking it through, "perhaps you haven't heard yet," Mr. Wu looked at Lu Xing, "...but Z City has been undergoing construction work since about thirteen years ago, it has a wall surrounding the majority of all its prefectures."

This stunned Lu Xing.

"This means..." He let out.

"Yeah." Mr. Wu said, "That means someone higher up in the military is like us."

Lu Xing's hair dripped water down his chest, the coolness finally reminding him of his predicament.

Lu Xing turned, "I need to get changed."

His face partly turned, and his semi-wet hair gave him the allure of a celestial being.

This made Mr. Wu look away, he finished his cigarette, and crushed it under his foot.

"How is it that you've been here a short while...but I can feel your strength...your level isn't low..." Mr. Wu said, "You...who are you?"

"Me? I'm a nobody." Lu Xing said, a smile playing on his lips, "Just someone trying to survive and keep my love ones safe."

'Only with power can I protect all that is dear to me.' Lu Xing thought walking away. 'I must get stronger.'


In the restroom, Xiaolang was freaking out.

"My eyes! What the hell is wrong with them!" His blue eyes were glowing.

He would've never noticed them had he not wondered around blindly searching for the light switch. Right when he was about to bring out his cell, a light reflected from the mirror caught his attention. Thus after turning on the light, he kept on staring at his eyes in the mirror.

"This is so weird..." Xiaolang said staring at them.

They were still blue...but they were just...glowing.

'Maybe he knows what's going on...' Xiaolang pondered, "Oh well."

Leaving it at that thought, he went to take care of business.


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