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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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27 ◇Glass Shattering◇

Lu Xing had just finished changing.

With a deadpan expression he was about to head back to where Mr. Wu was...

Suddenly, Xiaolang came charging in, Lu Xing who was completely absorbed in his thoughts didn't take note of him at first...

"Bro!?" Xiaolang was quite suddenly directly in front of him.

Even then it took a moment for Lu Xing to snap out of his brooding.

"What's the matter?" Lu Xing asked, he wasn't looking at Xiaolang as he spoke though, instead grabbing a sharp kunai.

"Wait what are you..?" Xiaolang instantly moved away scared before he watched Lu Xing swiftly grabbed a fistful of his now somewhat lenthened hair.

Then he cut...and he continued to cut.

All that could be heard was the sound of Lu Xing quite attentively cutting away at his hair till it was back to its original length.

"How can you manage to do that?" Xiaolang finally asked surprised, the cut was just right, it was not bad nor amateurish.

And he had done it without a mirror.

"Practice." Lu Xing said, the cut off hair falling to the floor, not a spec of it falling on his clothes.

'Seriously...this guy...' Xiaolang thought with a blank look.

"You need something?" Lu Xing finally reminding Xiaolang of his earlier question.

"My eyes?!" Xiaolang exclaimed pointing at them as he went up closer to Lu Xing.

Lu Xing was caught off guard, he found himself staring into eyes he was all to familiar too.

'Yiran...' Lu Xing briefly thought of the name, his heart thumping hard before he leaned forward and hugged Xiaolang.

Suddenly, the sadness buried deep in his heart all came out in a torrent of sobs. How lonely he had been back then...watching everyone he had ever come to care for die before him. The aching pain of holding the dead cold body of a young girl he had helped mature in a world of such cruelties...

It was all of this and more that had almost broken his will to live.

Xiaolang was stunned in place by the sudden hug for a minute before he wrapped his arms around the young man, and quite awkwardly patted his back.

To say the least, he was completely confused.

"Forgive me...forgive me..." Lu Xing mumbled through his tears.

His hands gripping the back of Xiaolang's jacket.

"Its...okay-" Xiaolang was trying to soothe him when he felt Lu Xing lean his face down to the top of his head and kiss his hair softly.

Xiaolang was suddenly totally stupified.

"I hate to interrupt this romantic scene of yours...but we should really start heading up." Mr. Wu said as he leaned into the doorframe, his eyes covered behind his shades.

"WAIT! IT ISN'T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!" Xiaolang quite abruptly shouted pushing against the rock solid Lu Xing.

His shout snapped Lu Xing out of his sadness, and his quick thinking caused him to snuggle Xiaolang's head into his shoulder.

"We'll be right out." Lu Xing said, sending a glare in Mr. Wu's direction.

"I see why you keep the brat around now..." Mr. Wu mumbled with a half smirk, "fine, but make it quick." Mr. Wu then turned and left.

'Good...I almost forgot myself for a moment there...' Lu Xing thought, he glanced down at the struggling red faced teen, 'Just like his sister then...'

'An Evolutionary.'

"Listen to me." Lu Xing leaned to Xiaolang's ear and whispered, Xiaolang's ears reddened, "We can't let Mr. Wu find out about your eyes, or he'll kill you."

Suddenly a chill ran down Xiaolang's back as he recalled the incident earlier.

"Sorry about this situation," Lu Xing said, "but for now, you need to relax. Close your eyes."

Xiaolang wanted to protest.

"Trust me." Lu Xing's breath tickled Xiaolang's ear.

'How can I relax with you hugging me?!' Xiaolang thought, as he grumbled out, "Fine, but let go of me."

Lu Xing instantly let go and Xiaolang could barely stay on his feet.

"Close your eyes." Lu Xing ordered, his right hand suddenly covering Xiaolang's eyes.

"Okay okay..." Xiaolang huffed as he shut his eyes feeling Lu Xing's hand remaining in place.

"Good, no matter what," Lu Xing stated, "don't open them."

The flames came to life and Lu Xing reversed time upon Xiaolang's eyes.

Xiaolang could see blue hues from behind his eyelids, the temptation to open his eyes was there, but he couldn't bring himself to disobey Lu Xing.

'His eyes changed so soon...and he's not someone of that prior time...' Lu Xing was pondering, 'Even for Yiran, it took her a week after the Apocalypse to awaken into an Evolutionary...could Xiaolang be stronger than Yiran.'

He killed his flames, and removed his hand, "Done, you can open your eyes now."

Xiaolang eyes fluttered open.

They had stopped glowing.

Lu Xing went to a sink nearby and pointed at a mirror before turning a faucet on and washing his face.

Xiaolang walked over to stand in front of the mirror...

"Their normal..." Xiaolang stared but his blue eyes didn't glow again, "How-"

"Don't." Lu Xing sharply glared at him, "Remember what I said."

Xiaolang shivered, 'Would that lunatic outside seriously kill me?'

Then he remembered that 'guy's' remark.

He cringed away from Lu Xing, "You...re...not gay right?"

Lu Xing was drying his face with a towel when he looked up, his brow lifted in a questioning manner before also recalling Mr. Wu's earlier remark.

His expression became deadpanned before saying, "would you like to know?"

Xiaolang was caught off guard by his reaction, 'Is he gay then?'

He recalled his sister's comics involving gay guy's or something... 'She called it BL...could he really be one of those guys...'

Lu Xing thought it through, then he sighed looking at the kid in front of him.

"I don't think that matters kid." Lu Xing explained, his eyes turning to the mirror as he recalled all those he had loved but never held, "Love is love, regardless of gender or sexuality, as long as there is love...I personally don't care for such trivial matters."

"Oh." Xiaolang let out feeling confused, 'So he's bi?'

"As long as its not a forced love or a material love, and as long as it doesn't become a twisted love...then I guess I'd be okay in taking such a love under consideration." Lu Xing said, a sad smile appearing on his face before disappearing as he turned towards Xiaolang, his smile now flirtatious, "Why? Would you like to confess to me? I don't have any experience with men, but all the ladies I've laid with have said I'm quite the gentle lover."

Xiaolang instantly paled, and scurried out of the room.

Inside, Lu Xing turned back towards the mirror before punching it, the glass shattering.


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