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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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28 ◇Firm Decision◇

His fist bled from the glass sticking to his flesh.

<"Everyone you love. Everything you cherish. I will destroy...until finally...you have no one, and nothing save for me." The chilling man's voice haunted Lu Xing as he ran quickly alongside with his companions support, they ran, his leg barely holding under the pain>

<"You can run! But you can't hide forever!" The voice stated, its laughter that of a mad man.>

<Lu Xing's companion cursed before shoving Lu Xing forward, "Go.">

<The sounds of growling zombie dogs could be heard closing in, Lu Xing tried to stop him, but he had already run towards the sound, "Come back! Don't go! W-">

Lu Xing ended his recollection of those events there, he didn't want to remember anymore of that time...he could almost feel the phantom pain of his left leg.

But he knew his leg was fine.

Unlike then, his leg had yet to meet such a cursed fate.

"Tsk..." Lu Xing scolded himself, "Things will be different this time. I won't make the same mistakes."

'Love..? Who needs such a weak thing.' Lu Xing thought, 'Cherishing and caring for my family and friends is enough. I won't allow the feelings of another lifetime to occur here too. Love be damned.'

He had lied to Xiaolang, even if someone came to him offering their heart...Lu Xing would coldly reject them.

No exceptions.

He used his flames and reverted his hand and the mirror back to its original state, the blood disappeared under blue flames.

Prior to this, he had jokingly mentioned becoming a sorcerer to Yue'er, but a part of him had been serious then... Now he was completely certain, if he could avoid having people fall in love with him, then just maybe their lives would be spared. Even now, he didn't know who the man behind that cold chilling voice was that had haunted him even into this life. But there was no way he would let that man have his way this time. This time he wasn't a slave to fear, and he wasn't someone who would remain a lowly level 4 nobody.

'Everything is different.' Lu Xing thought as he also walked out of the room.


"Tsk." Ms. Song let out, 'Why am I stuck checking up on a bunch of brats..?'

She was just barely reaching her office, 'Be a nurse they said, it'll be easy they said...'

Sighing in irritation, Ms. Song began as she opened the door, "Sorry, that jerk Mr. Wu had me go-"

But as she entered her office, she was met by a sight that displeased her further.

The room was empty of a certain person.

"Damn you!" Ms. Song cursed stomping out of the room.


Quietly, a figure joined the group up on the roof.

Tu Yan noticed it from the corner of his eye, and he turned to Baili.

"Look who's joining us finally." Tu Yan whispered loudly, the sarcasm thick.

The figure ignored him and went over to a solitary astro telescope. After Tu Yan's snide comment, every other club member turned to stare at the newcomer. Despite twelve sets of eyes staring at him, the boy went and set up the telescope so he could watch the blood moon.

"Brother Yan, I need help adjusting the scope." A girl came over and tugged on Tu Yan's shirt.

Baili swallowed her anger, and turned to write down the time and details of the moon onto her workbook.

Tu Yan instantly walked over to help the girl, meanwhile the girl blushed as he complimented her beautiful eyes...as four other girls nearby joined in to get tips...and possibly some compliments as well.

Everyone else ignored the normal flirtatious behavior of Tu Yan, and the shameless girls surrounding him.

Suddenly black specs of ash-like dust floated down from the nightlit sky. It took a while before everyone took notice of the odd phenomenon. Three boys who had made up their own group, were now using the telescope to over look the district sky.

"Let me see." A boy in Baili and Tu Yan's group said, he was Zeng Shuren, Tu Yan's best friend.

Baili stepped aside, and he moved it to focus more closely on the moon.

"This is really weird..." Zeng Shuren said feeling uneasy for some unknown reason.

"So its started." Suddenly Mr. Wu's voice came from the doorway.

"Mr. Wu?! What's going on?!" A student exclaimed.

Two figures followed behind Mr. Wu, and the students were suddenly taken aback.

One looked like the average country bumpkin, meanwhile the other one...

Looked like a hot supermodel that came off the front page to a modeling magazine.

For once all the girls were looking away from Tu Yan, and inside they felt flustered.

Lu Xing who was unaware of their reactions pulled Xiaolang to the side where the least amount of people where and sat down. Xiaolang stood there a moment before also, awkwardly, taking a seat. On the other hand, Mr. Wu who no longer cared for anything, followed their actions and walked over to seat against the wall three feet away from Lu Xing.

He pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

These actions left the students speechless.

"Mr. Wu? What's the meaning of this?! Who are they?" Tu Yan has always acted as the leader, and instantly acted as such.

On top of that, he had been peeved earlier by how the girls had reacted to the new fellow.

"Kid." Mr. Wu turned his eyes too look at Tu Yan.

Despite the teacher wearing shades, Tu Yan could feel his glare.

"Leave him." Lu Xing said, his eyes briefly glancing over Tu Yan as though the boy were nothing in his eyes.

Tu Yan reddened.

"Yan Yan...forget it. Tomorrow you can complain to the principal about him." Baili said trying to soothe Tu Yan's anger.

"Baili is right...anyways...isn't something wrong here!" Zeng Shuren pointed out, "This isn't normal."

"Shuren is right." Another boy from the other group said, and his friend followed, "This is similar to volcanic ash...but that's really not possible."

The students to busy talking amongst themselves none noticed something important...

The ground was slightly vibrating.


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