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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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30 ◇Children..?!◇

"What are you doing?!" Tu Yan exclaimed, "You should stay put or else..!"

He was left gaping as Lu Xing perfectly leaped towards the railings despite the tremors.

"If you want to stay alive, I suggest you all head towards Mr. Wu," Lu Xing said, "and remain there till we've told you otherwise."

Some of the students hesitated, but the rest instantly crawled towards Mr. Wu, something in Lu Xing's tone of voice prompted them to believe his words.

Even Wen ZhenKang went over, dragging Ms. Song to the group huddled around Mr. Wu.

Mr. Wu's expression was easily readable.

He was very much...


"What do you plan on doing?" Wen ZhenKang asked, he had tried getting Ms. Song to release him, but after failing he just gave up.

"Going to clear us a path," Lu Xing stated, "before things get messier."

His eyes darkened with anticipation, 'They may not hear it, but I can hear the growls of monsters lurking in the dark.'

The dead were rising.


"Mommy..." a little girl sobbed out with her hands muffling her sobs, and fear in her eyes as she cowered before the street.

The shadows of the night hiding her.

There were monsters all around her, some were busy feasting and others were giving chase to survivors.

They were monsters in the little girl's eyes...

But they were actually newly made zombies.

"Hic-mo-hiccup-mommy..." A zombie had finally noticed the child, it turned away from were it had been devouring a woman's remains...

Tears came down the horror stricken child as she saw the face of her mother's on the half devoured corpse.

"Arrarrh..." unintelligible sounds came from the zombie walking towards the child.

'I'm scared...' The thoughts came as she closed her eyes, "Mommy!"


The sudden sound came, her eyes fluttered open...

"Tch." Lu Xing spit onto the ugly zombies face before glancing in the girl's direction.

"Little girl, you're mommy is dead." Lu Xing stated, his eyes cold, "This thing killed her. And ate her. You shouldn't cry anymore, your mother won't come back, only monsters do."

Lu Xing's flames came to life and he instantly set the thing beneath his foot ablaze.

"ARRRARHH-" The zombie cried out before Lu Xing went and smashed its head in.

The blood still splattered, and the girl's haggard face felt wet.

She wiped, and then she saw...


Rather feverently, she wiped at the blood on her face.

"Stop that kid," Lu Xing said, his eyes upon looking at her downtrodden appearance, showed a glimmer of remorse before changing.

She had instantly stopped, Lu Xing then coldly told her, "This is our new reality."

'If I continue babying all these children...they'll never survive in this new world.' Lu Xing thought as he looked around at the mayhem before them.

The zombies right now were actually more than easy to deal with...just that people were to confused to realize it.

'I can't save all these fools.' Lu Xing's mood darkened, 'First...I need to get a vehicle big enough for a group.'

After the flames on the thing died down, Lu Xing walked over to the little girl he had just saved.

He knelt down next to her, "What's your name kid? And your age?"

"I'm Yang Xiulan." She said rubbing away her tears this time, "I'm six."

Lu Xing's heart squeezed with pain.

'I know...I shouldn' t have saved her...surviving this world...I can't carry anymore burdens...' Lu Xing's eyes darkened, then he quickly and expertly turned around, his gun up, and fired.

The zombie that had slowly crept up on them went down with a bullet through its skull.

'I can't face my sister one day with the knowledge that I could save a child but instead had let that child die.' Lu Xing thought, 'It's not who I wish to be.'

'But I'm no hero.' Lu Xing acknowledged as he heard the screams of others suffering worst deaths.

"Arrrooo." The sound came from behind the Xiulan.

Lu Xing's consciousness instantly pricked at him, 'That can't be...'

Xiulan's eyes widened.

Finally taking note of the straps wrapped around Xiulan...Lu Xing spoke, "What's that...on your back?"

"My baby brother..." Xiulan said, her eyes tearing up, "Mommy had me keep little Cai."

Lu Xing almost facepalmed himself.

'This isn't good.' Lu Xing had just realized he had bit off more than he can chew.

A six year old and a...baby!

Might as well start his own daycare!

Sighing, Lu Xing took a look at the thing straddled behind little Xiulan. He saw a baby boy no older than possibly three months, the thing was playing with its spit in an attempt to make bubbles. Its little chubby hands raising up towards Lu Xing upon seeing him.

Feeling a warm feeling within his heart, Lu Xing looked away, 'Darn brat is cute.'

"Help me put on that contraption." Lu Xing said shrugging off his jacket, as he nodded to the straplike device holding the baby.

Xiulan hesitated, but relented after seeing Lu Xing finally smile at her.

The smile was a warm one.


"Is that guy gonna be fine?" Baili asked, finally breaking the silence in the group.

They had all just several minutes ago watched Lu Xing jump down off the railing from their spots, but none had gone to check to see if a corpse now laid below...

"He's not one to easily die." Mr. Wu stated, his third cigarette being discarded over to an empty side.

"How do you know!? He did just jump down from a four storey building!" Tu Yan exclaimed, a part of him hoping the bastard had died, "He's probably dead by now."

"You trying to curse my Bro?!" Xiaolang angrily asked.

Tu Yan ignored him.

Xiaolang was about to get up and tackle the damn bastard.

Mr. Wu instantly petted the boy's head, and his hand tightened around the boy's waist.

"Naughty children get punished." Mr. Wu whispered into Xiaolang's ear, meanwhile his thoughts laid more in line with, 'Get a scratch, and that Lu Xing fellow may in fact kill me.'

Xiaolang reddened, then he angrily whispered, "You pervert!"

'To bad you're his...otherwise you'd totally be my type.' Mr. Wu thought, as he was a man who had experience the Apocalypse once before, his taste weren't straight whatsoever.

And age wasn't a big enough factor to him, he wasn't really that terribly older than Lu Xing after all...

'Lu Xing is good looking but...' Mr. Wu suddenly felt disheartened, 'he's not someone easily messed with.'

Suddenly a figure appeared at the railing...


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