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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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31 ◇Throw Away Caution◇

Blank faced, Mr. Wu stared at the thing being held under Lu Xing's arm. It was covered by Lu Xing's jacket mostly... But even so, the childish legs sticking out...

'This crazy bastard.' Mr. Wu inwardly thought out as a sane part of him snapped.

"I saved them." Lu Xing stated placing the little girl down, her head now revealed as the hoodie fell back. "You know anything about kids?"

By the way he was looking at Mr. Wu when he had asked, Mr. Wu began to sweat.

"Never had to deal with the little monsters." Mr. Wu said looking away.

"Bro I've babysat for my neighbors a few times." Xiaolang said as he tried not to laugh at Mr. Wu's look of utter discomfort.

"Good. I'll be leaving them to you two then." Lu Xing said holding the little girl once again as he walked over to the.

The group wasn't that closely huddled toward Mr. Wu, who had in turn glared at anyone getting within three feet of his spot. Now the little girl was plopped right in front of Xiaolang. Her eyes reddened from crying, she continued looking at both Xiaolang and Mr. Wu with a dubious look.

"Can't we stay with you Big Brother?" Xiulan asked half turned to tug on his shirt.

Unwrapping her small hands, he shook his head.

Then he began to unstrap the baby carrier.

Suddenly Mr. Wu noticed the actions, dumbfounded, he pointed and began to stammer out, "No...tell me...that isn't...no...no...no. I refuse."

Lu Xing reached behind him and grabbed the carrier still holding a baby...

Then he plopped it into Xiaolang's lap.

Startled, Xiaolang found his hands holding up the baby...and even his heart trembled.

Xiaolang, age sixteen, older twin brother...had a soft spot for cute cuddly things.

"Put that on." Lu Xing instructed gesturing to the baby carrier, "It seems it can be worn on the front, Xiulan here can help."

His gaze turned to look at the petrified Wu Xinyi, and a part if him pitied the man.

Right now, the child and infant were very much well and alive...but...

In the Apocalypse, children and infants had all been killed or turned...or hidden. It had taken close to three years before anyone had seen any children under eight years old. The higher ups in powers had had nurseries, and orphaned children had been kept there...away and hidden until they'd managed to rebuild small communities.

Lu Xing was no stranger to zombie children...or infants.

'By the looks of it,' Lu Xing thought, 'there's probably been a bad encounter with the zombified type.'

"Xiaolang will take care of them." Lu Xing stated looking at Mr. Wu, "You're in charge of protecting them."

Lu Xing looked around at the students huddled around seemingly left speechless by the scene.

"I saw you jump!" Tu Yan exclaimed gesturing wildly towards the railing.

"I also jumped back up...your meaning?" Lu Xing asked as he walked pass him towards the railing again.

"That's inhuman...you should be dead..." Tu Yan held his head as he muttered.

"Inhuman..?" Lu Xing said under his breath, half smiling, he felt like laughing.

Tu Yan...an Evolutionary...calling him inhuman!

"Pppft." Lu Xing let out as he turned to face Tu Yan, Baili directly at his side.

'You...a strong wielder of metal...' Lu Xing thought humorlessly, "tch."

Disdain clearly in his eyes, Lu Xing turned once again and left.

Tu Yan having never seen such disdain directed at himself, looked down at the floor, his hands on his face.

A rage of such unimaginable hatred grew within his very soul.

Baili who was next to him saw the expression on his face and for once...felt that she didn't know this Tu Yan before her.

She shivered out of fear.


'Key's...' Lu Xing had broken into the transport office and was looking for the keys to a school bus.

Burning the lock to the storage box on the wall got him what he needed. Keys.

'Good thing their labeled.' Lu Xing thought, then glanced at the work sheets on the desk, 'Best to get one with a full tank of gas.'

"Bingo." Lu Xing said, then inwardly repeated, '0669...'

By rummaging through the box, he found the keys. Pocketing them, he slightly fiddled with his piercings, then headed outside to search for the bus... The gemstones on his earrings gleaming red under the night sky.

After about two rows, he found it.

'A shuttle bus...compact, but big enough. It'll do.' He sighed, 'It feels like ages since I've driven a bus.'

He went over to pry the bus door open.

"Grrowwwl..garrroorooh....grrrrarh." The sound came from behind Lu Xing who was seemingly preoccupied.

'Zombie mutts...' Lu Xing thought glowering at the three beasts, "Tch. Think you can take me on? Come at me!"

Lu Xing taunted, the beasts being of lower intelligence instantly ran at him. Just as they were getting too him, the blue flames erupted from his right arm. One beast managed to snap its jaws onto that arm. With an uppercut and a sidesweep of his left leg, the other two were thrown to the side.

Snarling and growling, the other two got up and circled him, they eyed him suspiciously, watching to see if he would also burn up like their other companion had.

Turning his eyes onto them, they were a golden blaze of...anticipation.

"Did you enjoy it?" Lu Xing asked the whimpering mutt that was being burnt to cinders, then his gaze turned to the other two, "Want some?"

He shook his arm free of the little beast, it had become nothing more than an empty husk. So that upon hitting the floor it turned to ash. The two other beasts were smart enough to step back, because instinctively they could sense this man was no ordinary man.

Even so...they had a weakness.

Lu Xing shook his arm, and blood flowed down it, dripping onto the pavement.

Snarling, their eyes became fixated on the blood.

Smirking, Lu Xing inwardly mused, 'Good. Almost all zombies cease any rational behaviour at the scent of blood.'

Instantly, having had their caution overwritten, the zombie dogs made their move...

'Doesn't matter how I do it...just that I kill them.' Lu Xing thought, his gaze darkened.


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