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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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32 ◇An Irrational Scene◇

"I know their over there!" An older blonde haired man, leading the group to the school Buses Lot, exclaimed.

The man held a rifle in his hands, behind him were about 27 survivors that he and a few others had rounded up.

"Chief? I just got word from Claudius. He's spotted a bunch of kids on the high school rooftop." This time a younger brown haired man came up behind the leader, a walkie in his hand.

"I see, we'll have to save them after retrieving a bus." The Chief only briefly pondered it before saying, "Transportation is our primary objective. Anything about the Lot?"

"Oh!? Right sir!" The young man called into the walkie then awaited a response...

[Claudius reporting! Lot is clear! Save for-You won't believe it sir!?! Some fellow just took down a dawg-using flames! This is unreal!]

The line cut out.

"Claudius isn't one to exaggerate...in a serious situation at least. What do we do sir?" The young man asked, his brown eyes attentive, as he awaited orders.

"I'm curious about this fellow..." The Chief said, "Let's go and see what we'll find. Have the men surround the women, children, and elderly, protect them till we get onto a bus."

"You hear the Chief! Everyone in formation!" The young man rallied the rest rest up in the manner their leader had ordered.

"I'm getting to old for this." The Chief stated as he shot off a round off his rifle, the bullet hitting its target right through the forehead, "Zombies, more like abominations."


Lu Xing was covered in the blood of the third dog he had used his kunai knives on. The second having been killed by Lu Xing placing his right hand to its face and causing his flame to engulf its head. He could've used time pause at any point but...

The cost of energy would've been grave in such an uncertain situation as what he was in now.

'No telling how often I'll have to use it.' Lu Xing thought staring at his hand, it had begun boiling over in angry red bumps, 'Healing it will cost me...but it'll avoid misunderstandings.'

His flames began to reverse the damage...healing it in a form.

"Stop right there." A older man's voice ordered.

Lu Xing stopped his progress, he looked up to see a man decked out in military wear. His sharp blue eyes glaring at Lu Xing's right hand. Slowly, Lu Xing closed his fist, and the flames dissipated.

"Boy...who are you?" The man asked in a commanding manner.

Clenching his teeth, Lu Xing held back from spitting in the man's face...

'I guess old grudges can't be laid to rest.' Lu Xing held back from outright glaring at the man before him, instead he smiled, "Names Lu Xing."

The man frowned, he kept on looking back at the boy's right hand, "Is tha-"

"Chief!" A young man appeared behind the man, "We found the keys to the buses, the men are going through and looking for buses."

"Alri-" The Chief started but got cut off once again.

"Take this one." Lu Xing said gesturing at the bus to his left, "Has a full tank, you might need to check the logs on the other one's...it would suck to get stuck out in the middle of the road."

Suddenly Lu Xing had appeared right next to the younger man. Keys dangling before the man's startled face. The Chief barely had any time to lift a finger as Lu Xing grabbed his subordinates hand and placed the keys in it...

Then he was gone.

"Ch..ief...?" Hao Guanyu stuttered out as he stared at the keys in his hand.

Chief Tian frowned even more...

The boy's smile was imprinted into his mind.

'That boy...' Chief Tian mused, then snapped, "Contact Claudius, warn him about this man, and get the buses ready subordinate Hao."


Unbeknownst to Chief Tian...

Claudius was being held at gun point.

"Ah...can't we talk this over?" Claudius asked, sweat gathering at his brow, his hands lifted away from his sniper.

Behind him stood Lu Xing.

Smiling, Lu Xing darkened gaze flickered from the blond hair to the half tilted head with blue eyes.

"Claudius...Wolfram?" Lu Xing asked, "An American?"

"Oh...how do you know that?" Claudius sharp glare belied his easy going voice.

"You'll be killed if you stay near the man..." Lu Xing informed him, "Tian Qigang. Or rather... he'll kill you himself."

"I don't see why he would do that?" Claudius said, his eyes flashing with distrust, "You're the one holding a gun to my head. What your saying is irrational."

Lu Xing's eyes widened, he looked at the gun in his hands.

His head throbbed.

"I...I don't know what came over me?" Lu Xing muttered out, his mind felt muddled.

He didn't dare remove the gun, Lu Xing had first hand experience of Claudius's combat expertise.

"Claudius..." Lu Xing started, his eyes flashing a golden hue, "You don't know anything...at least...not now...but you...no... everyone else too..."

Claudius didn't feel any threat from the boy and turned...

And found himself staring into a deep sadness...and was stunned by the golden cat like eyes staring at him.

"What are you?" Claudius asked.

"More like...we are the same." Lu Xing said, his head throbbing, "The real nightmare starts in three months. By then it may be too late..."

Lu Xing withdrew his gun before Claudius could even blink. His free hand at his right lower earring, he took it off, the red gem gleaming... Easily enough he grabbed Claudius's left hand, pricking it...

Claudius was caught off guard, he flinched. Trying to tug it back, a red flame like symbol appeared on his hand. Shocked he stared at it then at Lu Xing, his immaturity showing as curiosity took over.

"What is this?! What did you do to me?" Claudius asked pointing to his hand.

Instead of answering him, Lu Xing said, "This is now yours..." showing Claudius the earring, as he plopped down in front of him.

Claudius took it before even considering it further, he stared at it as though to decipher its secrets.

Sighing, Lu Xing facepalmed himself, 'You don't change much old friend.'

"You've played app games, maybe even read some novels or comics...but this earring is what's known as a temporal space." Lu Xing explained pointing to it.

Sitting down with Claudius like this...Lu Xing was reminded of a prior time...except it was Claudius who had saved him.

'This time, I'll repay my debt.' Lu Xing vowed.


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