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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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34 ◇Disgruntled Actions◇

Lu Xing had pocketed the Eternal Pearl, and finished up reversing the damage on his hand. Not wishing to alarm Xiaolang with the disgusting chicken carcasses, he cleared out the cage of mummified carcasses. Disgusted by the weird squirming roots wrapping the inside of the flesh like worms pressing against film...

'I hate coming up close to this...Seedlings.' Lu Xing thought as he flung them out, away from the truck.

At some point, from the carcasses, the Seedlings would evolve...up until they've eaten their fill and become high level Green Queen's with territories of their own.

Lu Xing considered burning the cirpses at first...

"As if I should waste my time. Damn things spread like weeds." Lu Xing grumbled out darkly.

Closing up the cage, Lu Xing gave one last thoughtful look at the surviving chickens and rooster...seems as though the surviving flock could be of the Mutant kind.

'This could turn out this could be a rather profitable gain...' Lu Xing mused as he went on to the drivers side.

Getting in, he got the keys out that Xiaolang had handed over, and started it up.

As he got back onto the roads, the debris of dead greenery fell off, crumbling to the hard pavement.

Lu Xing drove on the still intact roads he had noted down as he had shadowstepped on the rooftops. Avoiding zombie infested areas while running down a few straggling zombies here and there. Soon after about seven minutes, he arrived at the front of the school building, zombies beginning to wander near...

Pratically hearing the busses rumbling near, Lu Xing walked out of the truck.

Giving a quick glance at the surrounding, Lu Xing realized that it would be stupid to leave the truck on and unattended...no matter how quick his shadowstep skill was.

"Wu Xinyi. Can you jump down from the roof with Xiaolang?" Lu Xing said loudly but not loud enough for anyone other than Mr. Wu to hear him, he hesitated on adding the word children to his question, undecided about adding the burden...


Mr. Wu was decidedly irked as he played babysitter with Xiaolang having taken his cigarettes on the pretext of the infant being present...

He had his eyes closed but was in fact listening in to everything happening below. Xiaolang was keeping Xiulan and the baby entertained with a game of peekaboo. All the other students were huddled together talking about what could've happened, and their plans...

Only Wen ZhenKang had actually seated himself closer to Mr. Wu's small group.

Ms. Song still attached to him like an octopus to a stick.

"Yes." Mr. Wu answered opening his eyes, "Xiaolang. We need to leave."

Xiaolang stopped playing and looked at Mr. Wu, question practically floating around his head.

"Lu Xing is down below waiting for us." Mr. Wu whispered leaning near to Xiaolang's ear, "Hand the kids over to the students, and come along."

Mr. Wu could only suspect that this was Lu Xing's final decision having given very little information.

Xiaolang was confused, and distrust began to gather within him.

"Give the kid a sign that your waiting for us." Mr. Wu stated looking towards the balcony.

Mr. Wu could hear Lu Xing curse out, then he mentioned a name that gripped at his heart with sheer fear.

"No time then." Mr. Wu stated grabbing Xiaolang, his arm awkwardly avoiding the baby strapped to the boy, then grabbed the little girl...

Both of whom began to struggle, though Xiaolang less due to the baby on his chest.

Striding over to the railing.

"Calm it. And look." Mr. Wu said nodding downward.

Xiaolang and Xiulan stilled.

Down below was Lu Xing waving up at them.

"Good? Then hold on." Mr. Wu ordered getting ready to jump.

"Wait!" Wen ZhenKang exclaimed, he threw off Ms. Song harshly, "I want to go with you."

"No! Wait!" Ms. Song scrambled to grab him but failed...

He quickly went over to Mr. Wu at the railing, and jumped.

All this before Mr. Wu could stop the fool.

"Shit." Mr. Wu let out as he jumped, fully prepared for the brat to go splat below.

Meanwhile, Lu Xing had listened, and then watched the exact moment when Wen ZhenKang jumped.

Unlike Mr. Wu, Lu Xing actually gave a slight knowing smile before taking action.

Up above, Ms. Song laid over the railing crying, and screaming nonsense. And the students were gathering at the railing in disbelief. Only Tu Yan having the nerve to curse at the sight of Lu Xing below.

The students on the rooftop paled at the sight of scattered corpses...and ruin before them.

Just as the boy was ten feet from the ground, Lu Xing threw out the largest flame he could muster, and within the time it took to hit...

Wen ZhenKang was barely three feet from the ground, and froze.

The blue flame continously flickering between ground and boy.


"Damn." Mr. Wu landed, kids unharmed, his control over the speed less skilled than Lu Xing's...

He whistled at the sight he found before him.

Then glanced at Lu Xing who gestured for him to get into the truck.

With the kids rather disoriented, and Xiaolang worrying over the infant...Mr. Wu managed get them into the truck, as he glanced at Lu Xing who was had picked up Wen ZhenKang like a sack of potatoes from mid air.

His flames extinguished, the boy still in a paused state, Lu Xing threw him into the bed of the truck.

Then climbed up onto the bed himself.

"Go." Lu Xing gave out as he took his gun and reloaded it, then fired out at the stray zombies as the truck took off, "Head for the nearest Eastern exit."

He took the chance to glance up at the school's rooftop, there he saw Tu Yan at the railing, such a rage written all over him.

Lu Xing gave him a taunting smirk.

He turned in the direction of the open window, "Good call on the kids."

"Save it." Mr. Wu snapped, as he strained to hear the direction of vehicles, his main focus on avoiding Chief Tian.

"Still...Thanks." Lu Xing said closing his eyes as he tried to put away the guilt.

"We're...only human." Mr. Wu said softly, he too felt the twinge of guilt.

And with that...they left behind District Si.


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