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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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38 ◇Tough Spot◇

The zombie grunted as it turned towards the sound of footsteps...then it caught sight of the human.

It wasn't an agile nor fast zombie, but it still held an advantage most zombies didn't...

A long distance advantage, its acid spit.

And it was exactly this, that the thing used on Kuan Mo from its position...

Kuan Mo turned back to catch a glimpse of the thing forcefully making heaving motions as it began to leak acid from its closed mouth.

Having seen the action a few times prior, Kuan Mo hurried and then at the last second jumped into a sliding action. His upper body reaching the chainlike gate the protected the storefront. Kuan Mo quickly pushed up the gate long enough to begin entering it just as...


The sound came right after another.

Until the sizzling sound of nearby objects being melted was the only thing left making any sound.

Gritting his teeth, Kuan Mo had to drag the rest of his lower body inside the gate...

The acid had reached everything from below his knee.

Inwardly he was in such pain, it left him confused...up until he got a good look at his legs...

Tears welled up in his eyes as a feeling of hopelessness appeared within him.

The sight of the acid eating away at his legs... was to much for him to take.

He had reached his limit.

Lying against the glass door, he closed his eyes and seemed to accept his fate.

The pain was indescribable, the acid simply continued to burn through flesh and bone. The appearance wasn't much different from what having a bunch of maggots squirming about in an open wound with bone showing would perhaps look like. This flesh instantly turned a bluish green tint as acid claimed more of it.

The zombie seemed satisfied with the way its prey laid immobile and continued moving upward. Its senses having finally stabilized after its fast leveling frenzy. This creature had come about with an instinctive drive for leveling up from the moment it had zombified.

It contained a hunger like no other.


Lu Xing had arrived at a stairwell that had been corroded by acid. It seemed as though he was purposely searching for something as he scanned the area. His eyes finally landing in the direction of the worst acid markings.

'There.' Lu Xing thought as he walked over, carefully avoiding the acidic substance as he walked to the storefront.

What he saw caused his stomach to turn.

The man lying inside the chainlike gate, had been devoured by the acid up to his upper thighs. His flesh still sizzling from where it was continuously being broken down and consumed. Shockingly, the man, Kuan Mo, still held on, though in such pain...

"It was you." Lu Xing said as he grabbed onto the gate and lifted it up.

The man before him was nonetheless...a Mutant, just like him.

'You are a Class 6,' Lu Xing thought, 'a telepathic brainiac Mutant.'

In his prior life, Mutants were broken up into Classes. Each Class involving a certain ability or other, and each one carrying an affinity of somesort... So many technicalities...

Lu Xing felt a headache as he recalled everything he knew about the Class 6.

He knelt beside the man and held his hand, the coolness of it caused Lu Xing to wonder how long the man would've had if he hadn't arrived when he had. His blue flame out, he began to use it on the man's thighs, and very slowly worked on returning bone and flesh to were it belonged. The man's hand shook, and he began to mutter out in painful gasp unintelligible sounds...

Lu Xing understood the process was painful for a living being, but he couldn't allow the man to perish without at least trying to save him.

Sweating, Lu Xing could feel himself weakening in strength.

The power needed to fully revert time on a big mass of living tissue was more than a mere Level 5 could handle.

'I refuse to let this be my all.' Lu Xing single mindedly exerted himself up till he was able to reach below the kneecaps...

Unfortunately he wasn't simply fighting against time...he was fighting against the acid that was continuously attacking the flesh.

His abilities weren't anywhere near strong enough to completely nullify the acid.

"AAAAAAARRRHHHHHH!" The shrieks and screams came from above.

Suddenly Lu Xing was caught in a tough spot... he had to make a choice.

"Shit." Lu Xing cursed out as he continued to use his flame.

The man began to come around.

"You..?" The man's eyes fluttered open, the confusion in his mismatched eyes caused Lu Xing to give him a slight reassuring smile that was much to strained for it to work, "I...can't hear you..?"

"Can you tell me," Lu Xing gave up his attempt at reassuring the man, and placed all his focus on the job before him, "How many people remain alive on the upper levels, its important."

The terrible screams had yet to subside, and Lu Xing could only imagine how bad it was.

Confused, and in constant pain, Kuan Mo frowned but did as he was asked.

"About thirteen...no...sixteen," Kuan Mo said after listening to the jumbled mess of voices, "there's another incoherent..." Finally his eyes widened, not because of the pain, but rather surprise, "You...how do you..?"

"Surprisingly." Lu Xing said, his voice raspy, as though he were dehydrated, "I know quite a bit."

His complexion pale, Lu Xing's right hand became unsteady over Kuan Mo's feet.

The last bit left to return to its original state.

"Quickly move..." Lu Xing said his head spinning, "away from here."

Then he fainted.


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