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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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42 ◇Seeking Your Downfall◇

The people from group A had had the least amount of adults, and Kuan Mo had hoped even the malicious grownups could find it in their hearts to pity a boy...

He had been wrong.

'He probably did know.' Lu Xing thought about how the man had been picking up people's thoughts... 'Being a man with such principles...it must've hit him hard.'

Lu Xing turned away and began to walk off in the direction of the baby depo.

"Wait?! You haven't answered us?" Linalee exclaimed, "Where are you going?!"

Suddenly a piercing cold look turned onto the surrounding people before his gaze softened upon landing on her.

Linalee shivered at the quick change in his eyes.

"Don't worry about the boy, he's probably safer away from people like these." Lu Xing remarked with a gesture at the grownups, "As for where I'm heading to...now that shouldn't concern you."

He then turned to continue his stroll but paused to say one final piece of advice, "If I were you, I'd be more worried about getting to Z City, that's your best bet of survival...but if you feel like waiting for the majority of zombies to get in here before doing so...then good luck."

'I have enough responsibilities right now.' Lu Xing thought as he continued to walk, no one else saying a word.

Linalee seemed to want to say something but even she felt that this man was on a totally different level.

Finally Lu Xing reached his destination, and after insuring no one had followed him... He went in and walked the aisles, all the while discreetly tucking away the stuff he deemed essential for babies... Which was almost everything, including a few toys and teddies.

'Babies..huh?' Lu Xing thought, his thoughts turning to the kid down on the first floor, 'Kids too...'

He knew the amount of space in his earring was about the same as a 6 ft by 6 ft bedroom...probably enough for some kid clothes.

Looking at the cribs, he took two, and a few moses baskets. Some chest carriers, and diaper bags. The baby tub seemed essential, he got as many of the cloth diapers as he could and a few packs of disposable diapers... Wet wipes, baby food, and dry formula, baby bottles...

After grabbing almost everything, Lu Xing turned to leave, a single diaper bag slung onto his shoulder, in it the essentials he would need instantly for the baby.

'It would be to weird if I leave with nothing.' Lu Xing figured as he glanced at the store, making sure he had left just enough behind so no questions would arise.

He began to walk to the nearest kids clothing store, and repeated the same process. Then followed up by going to the nearest adults clothing store... And lastly, he avoided the group from earlier and went back downstairs.

He shadowstepped the remainder of the walk to the Coffee Shop, once there, he paused and got a few snacks for the road.

Even so, his ears were straining to listen in to his surrounding... The snarls and grunts from outside the mall's walls began to sound closer. Lu Xing walked to the walk in pantry and retrieved the boy. The boy was just as he had left him. He hadn't taken long enough for his time pause to have worn off.

He debated whether to take the boy as he is, or give the boy the chance to make that choice.

'I'm no kidnapper.' Lu Xing inwardly thought as he snapped his right hand before the boy's face.

The flame jumped out of the boy and onto Lu Xing's fingers, then was put out.

The kid was still in shock, but now he also seemed dazed as Lu Xing this time around shook him. Finally some self awareness entered those gloomy brown eyes. Lu Xing sighed in relief.

"Kid, you ok." Lu Xing placed his hand on the kid's forehead, checking his temperature.

More tears formed, as the kid threw himself onto Lu Xing. The kid was seeking comfort in this odd but kind stranger. Instinctively, the child had seemingly decided that Lu Xing wasn't a threat.

Lu Xing hugged the child and reassuringly patted the kid's head.

"Your ok now..I won't let anything bad happen to you." Lu Xing murmured feeling his choice in saving this kid...at the very least wasn't a bad one, "We can't stay here though...do you want to leave this place with me?"

The boy nodded and Lu Xing's heart warmed.

Then glass shattered nearby, and Lu Xing murmured into the kid's ear something..right before the kid nodded again. This time, Lu Xing had the kid let him go before having the kid grab hold onto his back. Then Lu Xing walked out of the pantry right on time to see a small horde of zombies run inside and past the Coffee Shop like rabid animals.

'Ferals.' Lu Xing thought grimly, 'They've caught the scent of the group above.'

Single minded creatures, Ferals. Sometimes hunting in groups but mostly looking for a quick meal. They were nasty zombies to deal with...

'Screw this.' Lu Xing thought moving towards the exit, 'Not my prpblem anymore.'

He disliked the group above, those people lacking even the basic of principles..but he did hope that at least Linalee and her few friends would survive the oncoming horde.

They did leave the building, but not before Lu Xing managed to hear the screams that surfaced from the mall.


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