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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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43 ◇EXTRA 1.1◇

Lu Xing arrived to the agreed spot...riding a motorcycle no less.

The kid had his arms around Lu Xing's waist, and wore a helmet Lu Xing had confiscated from who knows were...after he had picked up an abandoned motorcycle with the keys still in it.

"He's back!" Little Xiulan exclaimed as she clamored off the truck, Xiaolang right behind her with a naked baby in arm.

"Bro you're back!" Xiaolang's began to sniffle with teary eyes, as he embarrassingly rubbed at them with his free arm.

Wen ZhenKang was chilling on the bed of the truck, his eyes darkened as he watched Lu Xing come to a halt before the truck. Mr. Wu was glaring at Lu Xing from were he leaned outside the truck, never having gone back into the truck after taking Xiulan out to potty. His glare turned into disbelief as he saw a kid dismount the motorcycle behind Lu Xing.

"Here's the diapers." Lu Xing said holding out the diaper bag for Xiaolang.

Xiaolang took the bag, and quickly turned to get the baby boy changed.

'I hate to ask how he got the baby cleaned up...' Lu Xing thought uncomfortably before noticing Wu Xinyi's angry expression.

'Great.' Lu Xing thought, before turning towards the boy and nudging him, "So introduce yourself kid."

It was deathly silent for a full minute as Lu Xing considered whether he would survive Wu Xinyi's death glare.

"Names...Sun...Rong." the kid finally mumbled out.

Lu Xing sighed relieved before patting the kid's head.

"You'll be fine kid." Lu Xing said, as he turned to look at Xiulan who seemed openly curious anout the new kid, her sparkling eyes seemed to confirm it, "This is Yang Xiulan, the baby is her brother, Yang Cai," He motioned toward the truck, "The boy taking care of the baby is Peng Xiaolang."

Lu Xing gave the man glowering at him a halfhearted smile before outright pointing at him, "The scary man there is Wu Xinyi, I promise he's not that bad."

Rong shivered as he glanced at all the unfamiliar people only to look into the scary man's face...then he unconsciously hid behind Lu Xing.

'Somehow this brats reaction pisses me off...' Wu Xinyi gritted his teeth as he continued to glower at the two people before him.

"And that's Wen ZhenKang." Lu Xing wrapped up as he turned to look at the man up on the truck, "You seem upset?"

"Who wouldn't be upset at such an underhanded move." Wen ZhenKang bluntly stated, his gaze sharp as he seemed to silently reproach Lu Xing's use of his powers.

"I do admit...I could've taken it back at any point, but it had seemed convenient at that time..." Lu Xing trailed off sweating as Wen ZhenKang's eyes flashed with disgust.

"Done!" Xiaolang exclaimed as he held up a grumpy faced infant that seemed on the verge of crying.

The baby clothes were a perfect fit despite it being Lu Xing's first time choosing it out.

"There's a baby bottle warmer, and the baby bottle and formula in the bag as well." Lu Xing helpless finished saying as the baby began to cry...

Wu Xinyi and Wen ZhenKang seemed on the verge of childishly placing their hands upon their ears. Little Xiulan went to try and help Xiaolang calm her baby brother. Sun Rong seemed out of his comfort zone as he watched from behind Lu Xing.

Feeling confused useless, Lu Xing quietly walked over to the motorcycle's trunk, and pulled out a plastic bag full of snacks, and water bottles...

Then proceeded to fling it towards Wu Xinyi.

Almost instantly it landed in that man's arms, frowning, Wu Xinyi opened the bag and found snacks...

And a pack of cigarettes.

Suddenly his mood wasn't so bad.

"Thanks." Rather grumpily he nodded at Lu Xing before simply grabbing the pack.

'At least I can buy him out with these,' Lu Xing thought as he recalled the amount of cigarette packs he had stored away in the earring.

Wu Xinyi handed the bag to Wen ZhenKang, who took one glance at it and picked out the jerky pack, and a water bottle.

"Ssshh..shh..shh..." Xiaolang hushed as he rocked the baby, that was drinking its first milk bottle, to sleep.

Lu Xing finally realized that he had just brought upon himself the most laboring type of work that he could've possibly gotten into...

Two children...one baby...

Facepalming himself, he looked up to see Wu Xinyi's smirking face.

"Your on potty duty." Wu Xinyi said smirking darkly.

'How bad can it be..?' Lu Xing thought, as he motioned for Rong'er to get onto the truck.


Several potty breaks later...

Lu Xing driving on the motorcycle alongside the truck, as he had kept watch for anything that could attack them. He had also been the one in charge of taking the children on potty breaks, which he now realizes hadn't been as easy as he'd thought. Though now, after such a seemingly unnecessary amount of drama, Lu Xing could finally see the Qigong Warehouse.

Now...they would finally reach there new home.


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