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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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44 ◇Taming Of Plants◇

The roads were rather desolate since the Apocalypse had commenced at such hours. Thankfully, that had made traveling so much easier, and now they were close to arriving at Qigong Gates. Lu Xing hadn't given himself a moment's chance to wonder if everyone back at the warehouse had survived the turning...

But now he did wonder.

Waving to the truck behind him, he drove the motorcycle up ahead, having told Wu Xinyi earlier that he would go up and check out the conditions first.

'To many variables.' Lu Xing thought feeling uncomfortable at the thought that everyone could've long since died.

With a heavy heart, he glanced up at the sky. His eyes were already adjusted against the glare of the red moon overhanging the sky. No this moon was no ordinary eclipse...

This moon was red thanks to its red spores, these spores had laid dormant up in the moon for many a millennium. The spores would take only thirty days to reach all of earth...but no, the spores weren't only on the moon... In fact the moon was simply the first physical change that could now be seen by the human eye.

"Shit." Lu Xing cursed when he saw the fences surrounding the parking lot and warehouse...

The outside was obstructed by an abundance of greenery... Evolutionary plants.

He saw movements in the underbush, he knew exactly what it was. The plants outside had evolved to a certain extreme... Some had grown bigger, others had grown more abundant,  but almost all of them had become meat eating machines. Willing to eat almost anything containing flesh and meat.

Going up to the gates,  Lu Xing saw that it was blocked by more of the undergrowth.

He parked the motorcycle and walked up to the gate. A vicious look entered his eyes as he lit his hand with a flame, then threw the flame at the meat eating plants. With a command of his mind, the flame easily avoided melting or burning the gate down,  but the plants quickly caught on fire.

The fire consumed them quickly before the plants could screech out in pain.

'My abilities are expanding...I can feel it becoming rather easier too manipulate.' Lu Xing thought offhandedly...his mind actually wishing to return to the main question going round and round in his head.

'Where are the others?' the question persisted, as did, 'Was I too late?'

Shaking his head to rid himself of those unwanted thoughts.

The flames had nearly taken out all of the plants obstructing the gate...finally the last plant was incinerated, Lu Xing closed his fist and the flame died away.

Seeing the inside of the complex, the parking lot was nearly as he had left it. Only dirt covered paths and cracks on the ground would more than likely have evolved plants.  The evolved plants right now could be easily dealt with by fire, and had great memorization skills...

Lu Xing opened the gate and walked inside,  there were still plants on either side of the gate, and these very same plants trembled.

They were intelligent enough now to know fear.

"After this group on the truck has entered, you will devour anything that attempts to enter, unless they are living humans." Lu Xing said, he knew that all plants communicated with one another and that there was always higher level plant that could understand human language like a dictionary. "When I am not present, hide this pathway I've burnt your comrades for...and I promise I won't burn any of you again."

Lu Xing smiled evilly at the plants which were shivering now all around him.

Satisfied, he returned outside to await the others.

The fear had been instilled by his actions, the plants would think twice about disobeying him. In his prior life no one had ever actually kept the evolved plants around as security... But he had witnessed an incident where fear had once made a whole group of plants act out of character...similar to what he had done.

Right now the plants were almost like children,  weak, and easily frightened. As long as they could still feed, they would remain docile and obedient. This was what he was counting on when he had chosen this place as his base.

He sighed, how could he have been out so long? Not to mention without proper food or water...he should've been very weak... Instead he felt much stronger than even when he had first arrived here.

He could thank the cores he had managed to absorb for that.

The truck drove on through with him directing them inside. Then he got on the motorcycle and brought back inside as the vines behind him with trembling actions shut the gate behind him. Inside the parking lot they all parked in front of the first warehouse, only three other vehicles in sight.

One was Lu Xing's own car.

The other two were the Wang Family van, and Liu Zhuo's limo.

'At least it seems they should all be here...Peng Xiong should've taken his trailer truck over to the Warehouse designated for the livestock.' Lu Xing mused.

He went over and told everyone to remain in the truck until he could confirm the status of the entire place.

"It'll be safer for the children." Lu Xing muttered under his breath as he went up to the main door of the warehouse.

Wu Xinyi silently agreed under his breath before taking out a cigarette as he discreetly surveyed the area.

'Time of truth.' Lu Xing sighed as he unlocked the door and then proceeded to open it.


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