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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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46 ◇Secret Reasons◇

Lu Xing knew he could turn back time for Peng Xiong but he wanted the man to learn a severe lesson...

On top of that, he didn't really have a choice but to conserve his energy. There was another situation that depended of his powers. He didn't wish to wait for Peng Xiong to open his eyes, but rather walked out of the room, and had the man's children enter once again.

"He'll be fine now." Lu Xing said as he motioned for Old Wang to go back inside and check.

"I feel much better knowing you are here young man." Old Wang smiled as he patted Lu Xing on the shoulder and walked back into the room.

Lu Xing turned to the other two silent figures in the hall, "Well then, take me to see the twins."


In front of another room down the hall, the twin, Huizhong Huan was slumped on the ground his eyes devoid of emotions.

As Lu Xing walked behind Liu Zhuo, Wang Yun at his side, his thoughts turned over to another time...another place...

"He's in there." Liu Zhuo said pointing at the door, his expression grim.

"I will need to go inside." Lu Xing said, Wang Yun instantly grabbing his arm, and Liu Zhuo blocking his way.

"No." Liu Zhou stated firmly.

"You can't!" Wang Yun exclaimed at the same time.

Huan barely lifted his head to acknowledge them, and Lu Xing finally noticed the small glimmer of grief in them.

'Is this how it all began..?' Lu Xing wondered before casually tossing Wang Yun and Liu Zhuo to either side of the hallway, and forcefully melting the lock on the door away.

Their concern was appreciated, but unlike before, Lu Xing was now strong enough to deal with most lower class zombies...much less a soon to be zombie.

He entered the room before either man could get to their feet and stop him.

Then he melded the door and frame together...promptly locking them out, and himself inside.

The room was chilly, it had obviously been a storage room, but the group had emptied it out to put the man inside.

"Jian?" Lu Xing asked, his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room as he searched for a lone figure...

Finally he found the huddled figure in a corner far from the door.

It seemed to be shivering.

'If he is in the throes of turning, the fever should already have gotten to a mind numbing point.' Lu Xing thought, he quietly walked towards him, then once before him, he knelt down next to the man.

Being able to see in the dark, Lu Xing could practically see the glazed over look in Jian's eyes.

'There's no reason for me to save you..but if it can help me...then I can attempt that much.' Lu Xing thought, his hand on the man's head, the flames slowly spreading to cover Jian's body.

"If I pull this off...you will owe me." Lu Xing mumbled out, a slight smile on his lips.


Meanwhile elsewhere...

"Tch." Claudius was beginning to feel ticked off.

"So then...that's seriously all that happened?" The Chief's subordinate was continuously questioning him since they began their journey back to base.

"Like I've said," Claudius rolled his eyes, "The guy just zapped himself in front of me and you know the rest. It was otherwise a rather humiliating situation..nothing more. Just some nutjob with superpowers being a freak."

Hao Guanyu seemed to doubt him, but finished writing it up in his notebook. Claudius couldn't help but take a swig of his whisky flask, the man named Lu Xing still fresh on his mind... And that conversation...

Even now it somwhat alluded him.

'I didn't understand a darn thing.' Claudius thought...then took out a folded up picture from an inner pocket in his jacket.

"Who's this? Your girlfriend?" Another subordinate in the back seat, on the same Humvee as them, looked over, then couldn't help but admire the woman on the picture with a low whistle, "She's gorgeous!"

Jessie Archer, the driver of their vehicle, ended up frowning when she glanced sideways at it.

Claudius eyes darkened recalling a sad memory, "She's someone I knew back in America...before I joined the army actually."

"Looks Asian?" Jessie muttered annoyed.

"Jealous beautiful?" Once again the subordinate in the back seat teased her only to get a glare from the rearview mirror.

Hao Guanyu couldn't help but take a look only to feel quite a shock, "Isn't she a retired military General of our Military unit DOGS? When did you meet her?"

"I met her during my teen years, she was just fresh out of the Military Academy then." Claudius said, then sighed as he placed the picture away, "She's actually my reason for being here in China as part of the DOGS."

'Damn all these people with Lu as their surename,' Claudius thought as his mind turned once more towards Lu Xing, 'I need to get away from the base...then I need to find her...'

'Lu Meng...'


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