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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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47 ◇What Just Happened?◇

Wang Yun was leaning against the wall, anxiously awaiting any sign of Lu Xing's well being. Liu Zhuo had long since given up prying open the metal door with the pry bar, and short of getting a sledge hammer... The look on both of them was one of the grim melancholy.

Huan, and his master Liu Zhuo were still freshly mourning Uncle Chang's death.

Even so, Huan alone wondered if the master's mysterious friend, Lu Xing, had a way to save his brother...if he did...

'I just need my brother to live...' Huan grimly continued to stare at the wall, his mind wandering through all their memories together at the Huizhong Clan.

Down the hall neared the sound of footfalls coming close.

Yue'er followed by her newfound friend, Yiran, coming with a tray of drinks. They both glanced at one another finding that the men were looking rather desolate. Yue'er quietly handed each man his drink, only Liu Zhuo turned away from it blatantly.

"That man can work miracles..." Yiran finally spoke up, her volume slowly getting louder, "he might save that other man just like he saved my father!" She huffed, then glared at them, "So stop acting like a bunch of grieving fools and go get some rest before Brother Xing comes out of there and whips your asses."

"You think we don't know that?" Wang Yun said, his voice solemn as he spoke, but gave them a half hearted smile, "We do...he's amazing. He's just so strong...he makes us feel weak in comparison. So yeah, we know, doesn't mean we can't worry here like idiots."

Liu Zhuo frowned, and hated agreeing, but inwardly knew that that was exactly it.

Huan could feel a smidge bit of hope blossom as he began to anxiously look forward to Lu Xing's appearance...cause only then would he know if the man had saved Jian.

All they could do now was to wait.


Lu Xing was seating down next to Jian, the process of reverting the man next to him back into a human...was more daunting a task than he had thought.

He was a level 5 now...but even that power wasn't strong enough...and he didn't know the requirements for his next breakthrough.

Sighing he took a look at Jian with his adjusted night vision...

"Your not looking to good..." Lu Xing mumbled out.

Jian could no longer react to his words...

'He's so very cold,' Lu Xing thought after feeling the man's forehead, then an idea popped into his head...

"If this fails.." Lu Xing said with a grim look as he took out the Ice Cat's mutant core.

He had considered Kuan Mo's core...but couldn't bring himself too do it.

Then he proceeded to seat down before Jian in meditation. Lu Xing had lifted the shirt and placed his warm hand over the cool flesh. Icy Core in his left hand while his right hand was placed directly over Jian's stomach, Lu Xing began absorbing the Icy Chi, and the filtered it into Jian's own core...

He was practically strengthening Jian's metaphysical core...something he had only ever heard rumors of during his prior life. People getting so desperate to cure an illness or save a person in the throes of turning... But of course these had been rumors, Lu Xing had never been more than the average Joe, with nothing more than the mediocre level 4 powers and strength.

He suddenly gritted his teeth as the Icy Core began to collide with his own Flame Core... The side effects were less than pleasant even as he expeled the Icy Cores trendils into Jian's body. Soon enough, Jian's own body began to be incased in frost, he's flesh turning a tinge of blue.

'He's still alive at least.' Lu Xing thought inwardly relieved as he saw Jian's breaths coming out like puffs of smoke.

The room was rapidly becoming an ice box, and Lu Xing could barely keep his flames in check as he expeled the last bit of Icy Chi into Jian.

The Icy Core, now hollow, crumbled into dust the moment Lu Xing closed his fist on it.

His body could feel the bit of Icy Chi residue attempt at becoming a divergent within...he quickly had his own inner Flame Chi purify it.

Lu Xing turned to the side and spat out blood, he felt his inner chi finally calm down. Having wiped his mouth of any blood, he turned to look at Jian, and the quickly moved away. With no time to unseal the door, he created a flame barrier, and knelt in a corner as a flurry of icy cold air burst through the room.

It sliced the shelves into pieces, and gave Lu Xing a few cuts where his flames couldn't guard against the windy blades.

'Does this mean success..?' Lu Xing wondered as he took down his barrier and found avery naked man standing in the middle of the room.

Facepalming, Lu Xing realized the clothes had been shredded by the slicing winds.

"What happened..?" Jian asked feeling distorted as he looked around the room, and finally noticed that the lights were off but he could clearly see another person in the room with him.

"That is a rather interesting story," Lu Xing said debating on finally turning the lights on or opening the door... "Ugh."

He got a headache just imagining the sort of impression they'll make coming out of the room...but he was to exhausted to return the clothes and the door..

Coming to a decision, Lu Xing took off his barely intact jacket, and handed it over for Jian to at least cover his waist.

Then he proceeded to revert the melded door into an intact one.


Outside the room, the others were attentively watching as the door became its normal state, unmelded.


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