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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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48 ◇Damn! The Baby?!◇

The moment Lu Xing alone stepped out, Huan's heart seemed to break.

Liu Zhuo was instantly scolding him, and Wang Yun was being held by the scruff of his collar by that very same Liu Zhuo who refused to let him hug his idol.

Lu Xing gave them both a deadpan look, then turned to look back at the room.

"You should come out now before your brother starts making your gravestone." Lu Xing said just as noticed Yiran to the side with Yue'er.. "You two should probably turn around."

His hands had started to shake, just as Jian walked out of the room...then he found himself falling.

Before anyone else could catch him, Jian simply placed out his arms and caught him...or rather his newfound wind ability seemed to as it carry Lu Xing right into his arms.

Huan had just felt his world shift the moment he heard his brother speak...and it took all his resolve to keep from going up to him and hugging him. But the dark thunder clouds in the air had him looking at Master Liu, who along with Wang Yun seemed about as sour as lemons while looking at the disheveled Lu Xing in the half naked Jian's arms. The two looked downright murderous, while the girl's simply blushed...though Yue'er discreetly took out her cellphone and snapped a picture.

Meanwhile Lu Xing had fallen into a deep sleep, leaving Jian open to the two young masters murderous glares.


Three days later...Lu Xing finally opened his eyes.

This time he had had a dreamless sleep, and felt rather recuperated from his misadventures.

"Ack!" Yue'er said startled when she entered the room and saw Lu Xing awake.

Inadvertently dropping the tray of food in her hands.

Half smilingly, "A clutz like always." Lu Xing said as he got up and walked over to help her with the cleanup.

Except when he got to it, he found himself unable to do what he wanted to do...

"Can't you just zap it?" Yue'er asked remembering the incident from the kitchen.

Lu Xing frowned as he forced his flames out but felt his inner chi quake and stopped.

"No good...seems my cultivation has worsened." Lu Xing said feeling unhappy, 'What do I need? How can I fix it?'

Yue'er could feel Lu Xing's uneasiness, so she had Lu Xing return to bed before she finished up cleaning the mess.

"I'll let everyone know that your up.." Yue'er felt compelled to explain where everyone was after seeing Lu Xing unhappy expression over his cultivation, "there's several people who really wanted to be here when you woke up but Gramps couldn't take Liu Zhuo and Brother's stupidity after the first day...so he kicked everyone out, then gave them all chores as punishment."

Lu Xing finally came out of his thoughts, and couldn't help but laugh.

"Those two are doing chores?" Lu Xing asked after catching his breath, "I could see Wang Yun..but Liu Zhuo?"

Yue'er laughed too, "Yeah, Gramps had them both tilling the soil in the greenhouse, and taking turns caring for the chickens and quails."

"Old Wang is amazing." Lu Xing finished before his thoughts turned elsewhere, "How are the Huizhong twins?"

"Their doing better," Yue'er said, her face saddened, "We held a burial for Elder Chang the other day...ever since Brother Huan has been locked in his room, and Jian has been helping Gramps tend to Yiran's father."

"I see..how is Peng Xiong holding up?" Lu asked settling down into his pillows, he already knew the answer.

"He's doing much better...just that..." Yue'er seemed to hesitate.

"He's blind, right?" Lu Xing finished for her.

"How do you know..?" Yue'er felt bewildered, Peng Xiong had just opened his eyes the after Lu Xing collapsed...so how...

"In two days...have Peng Xiong come to my room." Lu Xing said, "I don't need anyone else coming into the room for the next three days."

Yue'er felt shaken, the appearance Lu Xing gave was that of a weakened young man...but the feeling behind his words were dripping with venom.

'He's like a dark lord...' Yue'er thought feeling stunned at the thought, "Then who will bring your food."

"Jian will do." Lu Xing said, "I have some things to talk to him about."

"Alright." Yue'er felt like she was being thrown under the bus, "Gramps and the others won't like this."

"I own this place Yue'er, they have no right to disagree with me." Lu Xing stated, "No one can leave or enter without my permission."

That comment made Yue'er turn pale...not but two days ago, the others had noticed the vines at the gate were holding them imprisoned...but now...

"The vines..?" Yue'er didn't want to believe what her gut was saying.

"They're just following my orders." Lu Xing said, "So as long as I am the proprietor of this establishment, no one can go against me."

Lu Xing felt odd acting like a villain, but in his weakened state..there was just no other way to keep everyone safe.

Then he realized something...

The baby.

"Ahem..so how are things with the other children?" Lu Xing asked casually.

"Everything is ok, but we're already out of diapers." Yue'er found it hard to speak after that sick and twisted conversation.

But she had to point out their need to go out and scavenge soon.

"And soon it'll be baby formula." Yue'er said.

"Leave," Lu Xing said feeling embarrassed, "And send for Jian."

Yue'er felt something was off but left anyways.

Lu Xing sighed after the door shut, and almost instantly pulled out a few packs of diapers and some other baby essentials along with baby formula from his earring.

Then left them on the floor beside his bed...


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