Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
49 ◇Bonus Chapter! Questions?!◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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49 ◇Bonus Chapter! Questions?!◇

Jian quickly went to Lu Xing's room before Yue'er could even finish speaking.

He was at the door to Lu Xing's room after having walked over from the kitchen. Except he didn't instantly enter, cause inwardly he was rather confused as to how to treat this young master before him. Afterall Lu Xing was not a Liu, but he was someone that Jian now wished to serve...

Thus such confusing thoughts circulated inside him before he could bring himself to politely knock.

"Enter Jian." Lu Xing said having heard the man arrive at his door three minutes earlier.

Jian gave a slight cough as he entered, about to speak but was halted in his actions by the sight before him.

A large supplies of baby items.

Lu Xing was seating up in his bed in a lotus position as he circulated his chi. His eyes closed as he kept a barely visible trindle of blue flames spread out around his body. Like a makeshift cacoon that was slowly strengthening his physical body.

"I won't be allowing anyone else into this room for a while," Lu Xing explained, he didn't open his eyes but instead listened to Jian's breathing and heartbeat, "other than you, Jian that is."

Jian turned away from the sight on the floor, and looked at Lu Xing, his inner feelings not quite that of a Liu servant, but of an average person having received his wish.

Inwardly, he was elated at the news.

Outwardly, he managed to keep his butler like stance after shutting the door behind him.

"If that is your wish Young Master Lu." Jian bowed, "As it so happens...I would like to wholeheartedly serve you as my new Master."

Lu Xing frowned, "I thought that's never permitted in Households like yours?"

"As a Huizhong, I can never serve another master other than a Liu, but my family has had exceptions to that rule." Jian said though he seemed composed, his heartbeat had turned erratic.

Lu Xing cocked his head as he attempted to decipher the meaning behind such an odd was one he was unfamiliar with.

"I don't wish to cause any one anymore grief." Lu Xing said imagining Liu Zhuo's unhappy expression, "Plus not only Liu Zhuo, but your brother and you all lost Uncle Chang."

"Yes." Jian didn't deny it, even now an ache in his heart throbbed from his uncle's did the phantom wound his uncle had left on him...

A wound that had almost costed him dearly.

"Hmmm..tell me," Lu Xing finally got to his biggest questions, "how are your memories? Are some of them too hazy..or maybe almost nonexistent? Do you feel like a sense of nagging loss?"

The questions threw Jian off from his original purpose..but it also hit home.

Since fully waking up from his dark time in the room...he had felt a nagging sense of something missing from his memories...hazy images almost blurred from his mind...

He hadn't said a word of it to anyone though...

Not even his brother...

Lu Xing listened to the change in his breathing, and knew he was spot on.

'There was a case like this when the first successful halt to the turning occured back then...' Lu Xing thought, then had to shift gears, "Whatever memories are missing, you won't ever get them back."

Jian felt himself begin to freak out inwardly, he has just gotten a confirmation that he really was missing memories.

"They were all the important memories that flash through your mind when its on the brink of death...your most meaningful memories." Lu Xing explained, "In a way, you've lost part of who you are. An important part."

"I.." Jian had felt weird since...

"You should keep a distance from both Liu Zhuo and Huan Huizhong for their sakes." Lu Xing said realizing that those two would be the first to notice Jian's alteration, "Your bouts of confusion may cause both of them unnecessary worry. But I'll leave that choice to you."

Jian clenched his hand, "If I do that...can I serve you? Can this unworthy servant become this worthy masters own servant?"

Lu Xing cocked his head and thought it over...

"If I asked...could you one day go against your brother?" Lu Xing asked.

It took Jian a moment to comprehend the meaning behind Lu Xing's question..

"Why-" Jian started but was cut off.

"Think it over." Lu Xing waved a hand toward the things on the floor, "Take all of this to Xiaolang, and if anyone ends up asking where it came from," pointed to the storage room in his bedroom, untouched by anyone else, "simply tell them they overlooked a storage room that I had filled with baby supplies, and clothes."

The last part had Jian take note that in the mix there was indeed a pile of clothes...and not all of it for a baby.

"..Of course." Jian said realizing Lu Xing was done talking when he seemed to place his hand back to his meditation pose.

Jian started on it, but throughtout the process, his mind would wander back to Lu Xing's question...why would he need to go against his brother?


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