Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
50 ◇Crying Baby=Angry Xiaolang◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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50 ◇Crying Baby=Angry Xiaolang◇

A few days later, Xiong was finally allowed into Lu Xing's room by Jian.

Lu Xing sat in the same position he had maintained throughout the three days of cultivation. He had become completely unresponsive to Jian's words...unless Jian himself was bringing over Lu Xing's meals. But Lu Xing only became active enough to scarf down his meal then promptly returned to his cultivation.

'He hasn't even needed to use the restroom...' Jian thought to himself warily as he allowed Xiong to enter the room with his help.

Xiong was barely getting a handle on maneuvering blindly.

Finally sensing Xiong's presence, Lu Xing opened his eyes and waved Jian away.

Jian hesitated but finally reluctantly left.

"So does it feel to be alive but blind?" Lu Xing asked, his eyes on the now awkward looking man, Xiong, who stood before him, attempting to face in Lu Xing's way...

His eyes were as glass that held nothing but endless fog.

He seemed to open his mouth, then closed it unable to say how foolhardy he'd been before when he had lied to Lu Xing.

"You're right liars have no right to say anything." Lu Xing said, "You should feel ashamed. If you had but told me back then...then you'd most certainly have your eyesight."

Xiong's ears turned red as he heard Lu Xing's harsh words. He hadn't been able to leave his own room due to the shame he felt at feeling so helplessly dependent upon Yiran's help everytimehe did so. Even in three days, the only person he had felt any need to actually speak to..was none other than Lu Xing.

Now he was left without words before this young man.

Lu Xing sighed and closed his eyes, then crossed his arms as though to ponder something.

After a full minute of uncomfortable silence, Lu Xing cracked an eye open.

"If I told you that's there's a chance to return your eyesight...what would you do for me in return?" Lu Xing asked.

Xiong was instantly thrown off by the question, quickly snapped out of his self pity, "Anything!"

Lu Xing opened his other eye and smiled, "Good, you'll owe me one day. Your word on this?"

"My word. I promise." Xiong said as he neared the bedside, he felt impatient to hear Lu Xing's plan.

Lu Xing simply got up off the bed and walked toward Xiong, his right hand falling upon the man's eyes.

Almost instantaneously, a thin layer of blue flame like webbing spread through the man's head. Lu Xing had mastered another level of control over his flames, and was now using it to revert just Xiong's own eyesight to what it once was... Before the bit of venom that Lu Xing had left behind purposely had gone and destroyed the nerves and blood vessels, thus leaving the man blind.

Slowly it seemed to mend, but was actually return a before state.


Yiran was pacing the bunker area worriedly as she wondered what Lu Xing could've wanted from her father after having ignored everyone else for three days.

"Sis stop it, you're making the baby nervous." Her brother, Xiaolang, was reprimanding her as he tried to calm the baby who was close to tears.

"Don't make that baby cry again." Wu Xinyi got up from a nearby bunk and gave Yiran a glare, "That baby cries again and I'll make you take him to your room for tonight."

"Ah...sorry." Yiran placed a hand at her neck before awkwardly apologizing, the man scared her, but not in a creepy manner...more like..'an old grumpy guy.'

If Wu Xinyi knew what she thought of him...

Xiaolang knew and couldn't help but sweat as he recalled what happened the first time he met the crazy man.

'I'll make a note to warn her next time.' Xiaolang thought hoping Lu Xing would leave his room soon.

Cai finally calmed down and began to nod off into sleep. After a moment of peace...the front door slammed open..thus startling the baby awake. Xiaolang sighed, and Yiran covered her ears...and Wu Xinyi was had already left his bed.

Soon a scuffle could be heard from the front door area...and Xiaolang could only imagine the worst as he rocked the baby.

He was tired and beginning to get a tad irked.

The scuffle seemed to exit the warehouse as the door closed behind the people fighting.

Then Yiran watched as the baby was finally soothed enough that he was just hiccuping only to be calmly handed over to her before her brother gave her strict instructions to hold and watch the baby till he got back.

"Wait where are you going?" Yiran asked him, her worries from earlier forgotten for the moment.

Xiaolang looked angry, and he just walked out of the bunker area seemingly grumbling under his breath before he quietly closed the door behind him and left the warehouse going after the people responsiblefor his dark mood.

Yiran was left behind with the baby feeling uncertain about what was happening.


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