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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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51 ◇New Discoveries◇

Outside, Wang Yun, and Yue'er had stopped to watch the one sided fight between Liu Zhuo and the newcomer, Wu Xinyi.

It seemed Wu Xinyi was upset that Liu Zhuo had caused the baby to cry...and Liu Zhuo was in his own foul mood because of Lu Xing.

'Damn idiots.' Grinding his teeth..dark circles under his eyes, Xiaolang walked to where Wu Xinyi was overwhelming Liu Zhuo having already marred his face with a punch and split his lip.

Liu Zhuo had been caught off guard and kicked out the front door earlier. He couldn't help but place a hand to his stomach..then got thrown away once more by a punch to the face. And so Wu Xinyi had practically won before Liu Zhuo could lift a finger.

'..this feels good.' Wu Xinyi was mentally thinking feeling good for the first time since getting to this dump.

He had followed Lu Xing thinking things would be interesting following that man...but now he felt restless having been left alone three days without anything amusing around.

"At least show me you can fight, and not just mope over getting dumped by the pretty boy." Wu Xinyi taunted, his smile becoming sadistic.

Liu Zhuo suddenly gritted his teeth and got to his feet.

"Yeah that's it-" Wu Xinyi was suddenly saying when a tap on his shoulder caught his attention.

Glancing back, he suddenly took a hit across the face.

This was no ordinary hit, it was powered by a thin veil of energy that only Wu Xinyi could see as he was thrown several fit away.

'What the hell...' Wu Xinyi thought as he sat up, his jaw throbbing but otherwise in tact.

He suddenly found himself staring at a rather confused looking Xiaolang.

"What did I just do..." Xiaolang murmured, his thoughts going through several theories.

"Kid..your an Evolutionary." Wu Xinyi spat out, his face turning into disgust.

Then he got up and walked away.

Xiaolang finally recalled Lu Xing's prior warning, and touch his hands to his eyes. He couldn't see it, but everyone nearby could see his eyes glowing. Liu Zhuo who wanted nothing more than to beat up Wu Xinyi, found himself also wondering about this kid's sudden change.

'I'm normally not a violent person...' Xiaolang thought to himself feeling startled by his earlier actions.

Everyone suddenly found themselves wanting to ask Xiaolang questions, but knew that just like Jian, Xiaolang wouldn't have any answers.

The only person with answers was Lu Xing.


Lu Xing called for Jian to come inside, Peng Xiong had fainted and was lying on the floor.

"Take him to his room." Lu Xing said, his eyes briefly resting on Jian's golden eyes, "Later I'm going to train you in a few exercises that'll help hide those golddn eyes temporarily when your powers dormant."

Jian who was bending over to lift Peng Xiong was suddenly reminded of the odd color his eyes had taken.

'Why do I need to hide it..' Jian suddenly wondered, but instantly figured it'd be better if he could hide it.

He had seen Wu Xinyi eyes once and knew how eerie and beastly like the golden eyes were.

Lu Xing had heard the commotion from outside, and sighed.

"After you've put him back..go and fetch Xiaolang." Lu Xing said as he walked to his closet, he was about to change out of his clothes.

Jian nodded then paused as his eyes widened at Lu Xing's actions.

'Is he finally going to leave the room?!' Jian thought.

"Hurry then." Lu Xing ordered.

Jian then quickened his pace and left with Peng Xiong being carried like a sack of potatoes.

"Ugh..." Lu Xing let out as he undressed after Jian left, then thought with his ears turning red, 'how did the others ever deal with this embarrassing feeling after bossing people.'

He shook his head, originally, he was just your average everyday civilian... Then he was nothing more than a follower..or worst, a sidekick. Now he had become a top dog in his small little base...

Inwardly he was feeling overwhelmed.

'If Mengmeng were here...what would she do next?' Lu Xing thought to himself, an old habit he had developed from his prior life.

A part of him wished he could've simply gone to join up with his family...

'I can't do that.' Lu Xing thought feeling unsettled as he recalled something important he'd soon have to come face to face with.

He finished changing into a new outfit and practiced his flame summons once more.

Satisfied, he left his room.

Soon after he left...the cellphone he had left on his nightstand vibrated for the first time since the Apocalypse began.

It lit up...

[New Message from Home]


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