Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
52 ◇Wu Xinyi, What“s His Power?◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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52 ◇Wu Xinyi, What“s His Power?◇

Wu Xinyi was about to go over the fence..when he was suddenly flung by the damn vines. The vines did that to anyone coming within a few feet of it. Cursing at it, Wu Xinyi walked a few feet back and reached for his box of cigarettes...

Then cursed some more when he realized it was empty.

"That's a foul mood you're in." Lu Xing remarked offhandedly as he walked over, hands in pockets.

"Bite me." Wu Xinyi spat out, his gaze turning sharply to glare at the unwelcomed guest.

"I doubt you taste good." Lu Xing said with a slight smile, "Is this what you want?"

Lu Xing held up a brand new pack of cigarettes.

Wu Xinyi's mood instantly cooled.

"Thanks.." He grumbled out as he snatched the pack and instantly took a smoke out.

"Here." Lu Xing offered to light it using his flame.

Wu Xinyi gave him a weary glance, but took up his offer...he figured if the guy wanted him dead...

He'd already be dead.

Wu Xinyi and Lu Xing simply stood there, both looked up at the sky.

After a moment of silence, Lu Xing finally spoke, "You haven't shown your powers that because their still weak, or..?"

"I'm nowhere as strong as you." Wu Xinyi said, his expression grim, "I didn't really survive long after the Apocalypse happened back then."

Lu Xing could make a few guess, and knew that however this man met his hadn't been pleasant.

"Level two, holy light." Wu Xinyi said, his body emitted a small amount of radiance.

Seeing the weak ability, Lu Xing frowned.

'So weak.' Lu Xing thought as his own flame felt compelled to show off as it burst to life.

Glaring at it, Lu Xing willed it back into its dormant state.

"Hellfire..right?" Instead of feeling offended by the reaction Lu Xing's flame gave off, Wu Xinyi was beginning to feel amused.

"Yeah...level 6." Lu Xing said feeling embarrassed that his flame could be so immature against a level two holy light ability.

Wu Xinyi bursted out laughing, "Boy you must've hit the lottery!"

Lu Xing also smiled, and then laughed. They were laughing at how odd and out of place their situations were... They were laughing because only a few days had passed since the Apocalypse had started..but here Lu Xing was, already powered up.

A part of Wu Xinyi couldn't help but envy that.

The moment they stopped laughing, a seriousness took over the atmosphere.

"Did your chi get damaged as well?" Lu Xing asked.

Wu Xinyi didn't give an answer, but instead took a long puff from his cigarette.

"I see." Lu Xing said, "Traveling here must damage some of us...or maybe it has to do with how much those Angel-like things sucked out from us..."

Lu Xing pondered on his theories, but could never fully come to terms with those possibilities.

"Probably the later." Wu Xinyi said with a heavy sigh, "Damn bastard sure was greedy. They were more like demons, not angels."

Lu Xing wanted to ask more, but also had much more presently important questions.

"Besides that...are you.." Lu Xing didn't know how best to word it so decided being blunt would be more efficient, "scared of zombie babies?"

Suddenly, Wu Xinyi turned pale.

'Well that answered that', Lu Xing turned to look at the sky as he changed the subject promptly, "You know..not all Evolutionary's were inhuman."

" want me to be nicer to the kid?" Wu Xinyi asked, his frown deepened.

"Not exactly..I just don't want you to kill him." Lu Xing said, "Or the others."

Wu Xinyi frowned further at Lu Xing's implications...

Then he sighed, "I've gotten attached to the I doubt I could kill him." Wu Xinyi grimaced, "Though I doubt I could even hurt him with this damaged chi of mine."

Lu Xing nodded, suddenly he sent out a very thin net of his chi to assess Wu Xinyi's condition. Though Wu Xinyi was a Mutant, he was only at a level high enough to have immunity, super hearing, and physical he wasn't to such a level he could reject Lu Xing's intrusion. Instead he flinched as the blue flames lightly entered his own core.

It was only a thin net that was barely touching the Holy Light within Wu Xinyi, but Lu Xing's brows netted together as he discovered something else...

'That's quite odd..' Lu Xing's last thoughts were before his inner consciousness seemed to get pulled into Wu Xinyi's own core.

Wu Xinyi was left startled when Lu Xing slumped forward, he caught him in time...

A few feet away..Jian was coming along with Xiaolang to look for Lu Xing. Both felt that they had come upon an odd sight then and there. Xiaolang seemed to turn red bedore he turned and walked away, leaving an awkward Jian behind who instantly seemed to quietly bow and turned to leave.

'Damn them.' Wu Xinyi thought feeling that somesort of misunderstanding had formed as he held up Lu Xing.

Lu Xing was breathing though, so Wu Xinyi figured his fainting spell had something to do with his little experiment.

'Just my luck.' Wu Xinyi dragged Lu Xing to a nearby wall.


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