Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
53 Bonus ◇The Space Within Xinyi◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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53 Bonus ◇The Space Within Xinyi◇

⏳Lu Xing opened his eyes only to find himself laying in a long spacious field of golden grass.

Almost instantly he knew that he had entered a space within Wu Xinyi's core. He glanced down at himself and found that he was seemingly physically in the space, but once he summoned his flames...he knew that he wasn't. The flames were to weak, and transparent looking, more so than normal flames.

Sighing, he stood up and promptly began observing the large space.

Before even laying eyes on the crystal clear lake several feet away, Lu Xing heard a low inarticulate murmuring sound, which seemed to be making a melody. His instantly flashed towards the person seating near the lake on top of a large rock. A wave of pale white hair cascaded down the person's back, seemingly giving the person a feminine body...the scene had Lu Xing frozen to the spot.

The humming ceased, and the person turned, their dark soulful eyes instantly meeting Lu Xing's unhidden golden eyes.

~Beautiful~ A light feathery voice sounded within Lu Xing's head.

"You're..?" Lu Xing began after the voice subsided, his mind instantly recalling his encounter with a similar situation to this.

~Angel~ the androgynous being gave him a slight smile, its delicate facial features colliding with that of a very homely woman, or a very youthful man.

Lu Xing felt bewildered, and couldn't help but glance at its chest area...

The area was uncovered like everything else save for the skirt like cloth wrapped around its waist, and the chest area turned out to be very much flat, no nipples in sight. Other than the missing nipples, and missing bellybutton, Lu Xing wouldn't even consider that this thing was what he thought it might be. It's body was shaped like a man's, chiseled well in every which way....but its mannerisms screamed women...

Yet its soulful eyes gave the feeling of an empty void.

~I am Guanyin~ the being stated through their mindlink.

It gracefully got up and climbed off the rock..its steps on the ground causing flowers to bloom. Making a trial behind it as it walked up to Lu Xing.

~Help~ the one named Guanyin said, its eyes looking up with an expressionless gaze, as its lips seemed to quiver.

Lu Xing stepped back, flinching from the delicate hand that lifted to lay on his own arm.

Instantly, Guanyin frowned, then half turned and pointed at the lake.

~Must fix~ it seemed agitated now.

Lu Xing decided to give it a wide berth, as he walked around it, towards the lake.

He looked into the lake and discovered that something was faintly glowing.

"What is that?" Lu Xing murmured under his breath in contemplation.

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In his prior life, never had he encountered nor heard of a personal inner space, so he'd never known of this weird glowing thing...

~The center of the core~ Guanyin began to walk towards the edge of the lake and then knelt on one knee before dipping a finger to point at it, ~must fix~

Lu Xing glanced at it, he had just realized that it was having a hard time speaking standard Mandarin.

Then he glanced back down at it, 'We're inside Wu Xinyi's core..and that down there is more than likely the cores center...'

He dipped a hand into the water experimentally, and found that it was exactly like regular water.

Hesitating, he attempted to call out his full flame, but only got a wisp of it.

~Can only use own power~ came into his mind, and he glanced up to see Guanyin looking at him, ~That one cannot leave body~

Lu Xing instantly thought to how it was possible that their powers could be self aware after reaching level 6 and above...

He suddenly felt uneasy thinking that just like this thing called Guanyin was inside Wu Xinyi's core...then he probably has something like this too.

~Yes~ Guanyin nodded, ~Only special ones~

Lu Xing wanted to block Guanyin from reading his mind but his mental walls were like paper to the thing.

Sighing, this time he didn't hesitate, and jumped in to check out the depths of the lake.

After entering, he only felt a warmth like that of when one has been seated in front of a nice warm hearth. To his surprise, the water didn't fight, instead it felt as though it was helping him move along. The small light ahead seemed to flicker as its light dimmed further.

It was a large yolk sac looking thing, warm toned, and seemed to be alive.

'It's hideously weird looking...' Lu Xing thought briefly as he not only felt perturbed by the image that entered his mind, but seemed to shudder at the mere idea...

~Beautiful~ Guanyin responded, Lu Xing could imagine it frowning at his thoughts, ~It is where this one sleeps~

Lu Xing would've pondered it further but he couldn't hold his breath much longer than a few he placed his hand on it, a tendril of his power seeping inside it with the intent to revert it to a healthier point.

Up above, Guanyin had begun to close its eyes, seemingly sleepy. It's body seemed to shimmer, shaking itself into alertness, it glanced down at the lake and frowned. Guanyin was troubled by something.

~Xinyi pain~ Lu Xing heard its voice full of anxiety, ~Guanyin hate Xinyi pain~

~Hurry fix~ Guanyin seemed to demand loudly, causing Lu Xing to flinch.

He was already feeling tired as his power simply flowed little by little causing the large yolk sac thing to radiate brighter.

Guanyin could no longer withstand the wave of tiredness that entered it, beckoning its return.

It yawned and its body shimmered once more before finally fading into a little faint orb of light.

Then it gently floated down into the lake.

Lu Xing finally felt that he had fixed its problem and was about to gasp for breath when he caught sight of small light entering the sac.⌛


Outside in the physical world, Wu Xinyi had been brought into his own room hours ago after Wang Yun came across him kneeling down in pain as he held his head. He had just finished placing Lu Xing in his room, somehow having managed to avoid further misunderstandings s he had avoided being sighted. But as he was leaving the room, his head had begun to throb so painfully that he could barely speak.

Unbeknownst to him, right as his headache subsided, Lu Xing was waking up with a sudden start in his own room.


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