Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
54 ◇Bargaining With Wu Xinyi◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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54 ◇Bargaining With Wu Xinyi◇

Lu Xing sat up on his bed, he instantly tested out his flames and found that they easily came to life in full power.

The flames seemed to be unwilling in becoming dormant as they tentatively felt around Lu Xing's arm, Lu Xing frowned recalling his earlier discovery...

'To many questions..and not one rational explanation.' He thought forcibly extinguishing the flames.

Getting up, he went through his nightstand, and found an empty notebook. Taking up a pen, he began to jolt down instructions and routines he wanted everyone on base to go through. Briefly pausing, his mind turned to Jian's twin brother...

'Should I kill him now..?' Lu Xing wrestled with his conscience, then he recalled Liu Zhuo, and Jian..neither one would understand his decision.

"Tsk." Lu Xing felt that saving these fellows was more of a pain than he'd bargained for.

He resumed writing, but once again paused, his mind turned to the Peng Farm...

And the pen broke.

Dumbfounded by his own actions, he realized his hands were clenched. Unclenching them, he took a minute to calm his boiling anger. The feeling that he had many loose ends to tie before he could head down to the southeastern part of China...

Remained heavily on his mind.

Sighing, he rummaged for another pen, and continued to list down every useful tidbit from his prior life.


Wu Xinyi left the medical bay, or rather the makeshift room they had open for the injured and sickly.

After Elder Wang had checked him and gotten him okayed, he headed to Lu Xing's room to check in on the guy...

Not too surprising, Jian was already there, Xiaolang stood behind him, this time baby Cai in his arms. Both were patiently waiting for Lu Xing to answer too Jian's knock. Jian who had a better sense of hearing now could hear the rustling of pages, and then the closing of a book.

"Come in, and let Mr. Wu in as well." Lu Xing answered.

Jian paused and turned rather startled to see Wu Xinyi approach so silently that even his inhuman hearing couldn't quite hear the falls of his footsteps.

Seeing his shocked expression, Wu Xinyi realized something was off with his body. He was about to take a closer look but his own super hearing heard Lu Xing's exasperated sigh from inside the room. Coughing awkwardly, Wu Xinyi gestured towards the door Jian was posed over.

Jian realized how odd he looked and instantly opened the door.

Xiaolang who was looking down at the baby, the tip of his ears red...

'This boy seems to have the wrong idea.' Wu Xinyi thought feeling uncomfortable with that mental image he knew the kid was more than likely conjuring.

They entered.

Lu Xing was seating on the side of the bed, a notebook on his lap, his gaze on the three entering the room.

It settled on Wu Xinyi.

"Come here." Lu Xing said, his tone leaving little room to question him.

Wu Xinyi this felt his eye twitch as he realized that this was more than likely painting a different scene within Xiaolang and Jian's minds.

He walked over very reluctantly.

Inwardly he cursed Lu Xing's clueless actions.

Coming before him, Lu Xing simply looked at him rather intently before speaking, "Test it out now."

Wu Xinyi face made an expression, 'Right now?! In front of these two?! You're kidding!'

He didn't say it, but Lu Xing gave him a slight smile, then lifted a hand causing Wu Xinyi to instantly step back.

"Fine." Wu Xinyi grumbled out, he feared that whatever happened earlier could happen again..but no way he wanted to do this with an audience present.

Holding up both his hands..he began to concentrate on drawing out his ability.
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Jian had an inkling of what the man's attempt was, but didn't interrupt. Meanwhile Xiaolang simply looked up to observe with a curious look. The baby seemed to ogle at the bit of light it saw flickering within Wu Xinyi's hands.

No one was paying attention, and thus didn't see that the baby seemingly noticed an invisible energy source known as chi.

For they couldn't see chi until it took on physical conductivity.

Finally a light formed in the space between the two hand. Wu Xinyi could barely believe it, his power was actually able to form properly. It looked like a miniature sun, the light warm toned, and about the size of a tennis ball.

Lu Xing nodded approvingly.

"Not bad." Lu Xing spoke, he placed a hand on Wu Xinyi's shoulder, "I'll be leaving their training in your hands now."

Suddenly hearing such heavy words come out from this guy's mouth, Wu Xinyi felt irked and instantly slapped the hand away.

The holy light held easily within one hand..

Lu Xing had a look of mock shock as he shook his hand pretending to cradle it in pain.

"First you foist off the baby to Xiaolang'er and now you plan on foisting these guy's on me?!" Wu Xinyi exclaimed angrily as he gestured at the baby in Xiaolang's arms.

Suddenly hearing the endearment come from Wu Xinyi's mouth had Xiaolang turning red.

Lu Xing side glanced, and took note of the reaction.

'Hmm..interesting.' Lu Xing thought then glanced at Wu Xinyi, "If you do'll get one on one time with your little Xiaolang."

Everyone in the room paused, then Jian coughed feeling awkward at Lu Xing's attempt at bargaining. Xiaolang would open his mouth then close it thinking he would speak up but finding he couldn't. As for Wu Xinyi...

His mind was running through the endless possibilities...

Lu Xing smiled as he felt bad for Xiaolang, it seems as though he had just thrown him at a hungry wolf.

"Deal." Wu Xinyi replied, his holy light disappearing, "But only Xiaolang."

Lu Xing sighed but seemed to contemplate it, "Alright..but in return you will test the others out once a weak and point out their flaws."

Wu Xinyi was taken aback by how easily Lu Xing relented to his demands.

"This notebook should explain enough on different training programs for the lot." Lu Xing picked up his notebook and handed it to Wu Xinyi, "If they can't understand from reading it..then there's no hope for them. And they'll need to learn it all on their own anyways."

Wu Xinyi glanced through the notebook and found quite alot written in...

'If they can't understand this...then aren't they idiots?' Wu Xinyi thought glancing to look at Lu Xing's face..

The smile on the guy's face said it all.

'How scary.' Wu Xinyi thought feeling like he'd been had.


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