Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
55 ◇An Upset Of This Reality◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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55 ◇An Upset Of This Reality◇

After Lu Xing explained it to Xiaolang how Wu Xinyi would be his instructor, he had them leave before Xiaolang could so much as protest. Then he instructed Jian to explain to everyone on base that he had placed Wu Xinyi in charge of combat training, and power up training. He figured that by then Wu Xinyi would just throw the notebook at someone's face...

Lu Xing would be long gone before Wu Xinyi would hear of this.
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"I'll be leaving you and Wu Xinyi in charge of protecting the base." Lu Xing said when he got up off the bed.

Caught off guard, Jian exclaimed, "Where are you going?!"

"I'm just making a simple scouting trip out, nothing to worry about." Lu Xing said off handedly as he picked out an all leather outfit that was a size bigger than his own, "I won't be going out alone."

Jian didn't feel any better hearing such a nonchalant reply.

"Of course not, I'll be going with you." Jian answered feeling put out by Lu Xing's talking.

Lu Xing glanced at him, and Jian instantly knew that no amount of talking would let him go with Lu Xing.

"Sorry but not this time." Lu Xing said, his head nodded as he glanced between the outfit in his hands and Jian's stature, "Huan will be coming along...some fresh air will probably do your brother some good."

Hearing that from his savior, Jian felt like he'd been punched in the gut. He cared for his brother, but since coming back from the brink of deaths claws..he had been less attached to anyone but this man standing before him. An alien feeling snaked through him and he felt like dragging his brother out for a proper fist fight.

Lu Xing saw the dark look on Jian's face and thought it was just the kid getting upset by the thought of his brother being placed in any danger.

Opening his mouth to reassure the kid, Lu Xing snapped it closed, and instead looked for another outfit.

Finding it, he threw it at Jian.

Jian was brought out of his inner turmoil as the clothes smacked him in the chest.

"Those are yours, I'm handing this one to your brother." Lu Xing explained waving up the first outfit.

Taking a look at it, Jian found that it was a nice flexible suit. Like the sort you see on men magazines. He found that it suited his taste quite well, then found Lu Xing before him with a thoughtful expression.

His heart skipped a beat.

"You know..if you simply tousled your hair a bit, it'd give you the suitable vibe of a bodyguard?" Lu Xing said with a smile as he then tousled the man's head, Jian blushed.

He was taller than Lu Xing and could feel the others closeness...

Just when Jian's mind was going in disarray..a harsh coughing occurred from behind him.

Jian instantly collected himself as he turned away reluctantly from Lu Xing to face the guy interrupting them..then he paled.

The fierce glare directed at them was from none other than Liu Zhuo. He had been waiting for a chance to finally see and speak to Lu Xing. Instead after arriving at the half open door, he was met with an unpleasant sight.

"Scram." Liu Zhuo ordered as he glared at Jian.

Jian who had served the Liu Clan since birth didn't even attempt to argue, but glanced at Lu Xing before making a move.

Looking amused, Lu Xing nodded for Jian to take his leave.

Reluctantly taking his leave, Jian walked out of the room only to have the door slammed shut behind him.

"Poor Jian." Lu Xing said, "You should treat the guy better."

Liu Zhuo remained leaning against the door, arms crossed. His hands clenched into fist..he was feeling very irked. Seeing that scene..anyone would think...

"How long have we known each other?" Liu Zhuo finally asked.

"One year." Lu Xing quickly responded as he recalled his college years.

'Feels like ages ago...' Lu Xing thought, then recalled how he had gone and treated Jian, and almost facepalmed, he was treating the young man like a 32 year old would a man twelve years his junior, 'How embarrassing..'

It seemed he was quite lacking in self awareness.

"One year?" Liu Zhuo suddenly gritted his teeth, "How could you forget?!"

Suddenly Lu Xing felt that his answer had been very wrong.

"It's been two years." Liu Zhou said.

Seeing the confused expression on Lu Xing's face, Liu Zhuo began to ponder out loud...

"Did you hit your head? You've acted weird since that day you made a call to your sister." Concern in his eyes, Liu Zhuo began to walk towards Lu Xing, "How could you expect your sister to move your poor mother out from their estate?"

"What are you getting at?!" Lu Xing exclaimed feeling confused even further by Liu Zhuo's words.

Even as Liu Zhou's action came across as simple concern, his eyes and words held a coldness to them.

"Could it don't remember?" Liu Zhuo said, his eyes cold as they stared at Lu Xing sudden changes, "Your mother's in a vegetative state, and can't be moved. You told me that yourself."

The news was like a splash of ice cold water to Lu Xing and he suddenly felt his plans crumble.

His sister had sounded so sincere...but now that he knew this...there's no way he could be certain.

He felt Liu Zhuo's hand come near his face, and reacted by slapping it away.

"Get out." Lu Xing said in a harsh tone, his glare at Liu Zhuo causing a pain in the other young man's chest, "I have no desire to listen to you now."

"Why did we stay here? You had the time, we could've gone to H City and helped them. Why did you stay and save all these strangers?" Liu Zhuo spoke loudly as he held the hand Lu Xing had slapped away, probably from the heat held within Lu Xing's right arm, but Liu Zhuo's hand had blistered.

Lu Xing didn't take notice or rather didn't care as he turned away, "Leave. What I've done, I don't need to explain to you."

Liu Zhuo was in pain from his hand, and took note of Lu Xing's stance.

"Fine but this won't be the last time I'll come here for answers." Liu Zhou gritted out, and left, once again slamming the door shut, this time, on his way out.


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