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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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56 ◇Huan“s Predicament◇

After gathering his jumbled up thoughts, Lu Xing recalled the clothes he had flung onto the bed earlier when he had slapped Liu Zhuo's hand.

"Better hand this over to Huan...and then we should head out." Lu Xing muttered rather off handedly.

His mind nowhere near those mutterings.

'I can't regret...' A cruel smile formed on his lips, 'if in this lifetime my family did or did not survive...then its better to not know...'

'For now.'

He finally took note of the cellphone on his nightstand. Picking it up with his right hand...he began to burn it. Just as in the last lifetime, unless there was a wielder of magnetoreception...this cellphone would remain useless. But there was only a one in a thousand chances of that happening.

Therefore Lu Xing disposed of his one connection to his only possible surviving family.

'I didn't worry or think about them much in my last life...so why must I worry now.' Lu Xing thought frowning.

His mentor once told him that bloodties were nothing but inconvenient nuances of the new world. That mentor also warned him to be wary of those wanting to get close to him. The Lu Xing of then didn't listen well to his mentor, but the Lu Xing of now pondered it over and sighed.

His life would be very boring..and very lonely if he completely isolated himself from the surviving human's...

He had had a few ties already by the time his mentor had appeared before him...

A flash of purple eyes appeared in his mind, and his fist clenched.

Unsettled by his inner demons, Lu Xing couldn't help but wonder if him being here was a stroke of luck...or an unlucky coincidence. His mind turned to what his goals could only be and he felt his heart finally settle. Those who had hurt him, and others he had cherished...in this lifetime, they would be the first to pay. He would make their corpses into his stepping stones, only then would he be able to face the monster from his prior life.

Until that monster was killed...he, Lu Xing, would not find rest even in a hundred lifetimes.

The laugh he gave after renewing his thirst for vengeance was maniacal.

If anyone else heard it...they would instinctively find it rather bloodcurling and filled with killing intent.

His golden eyes slowly returned to their normal brown color, and he retrieved the clothes.

The cellphone having already ceased to exist.

From this point on, his eyes firmly set on vengeance.

He then left the room...


Huan was staring blankly at the wall in his makeshift room.

The warehouse had many rooms, it also had a large area that had become a bunker, that was were everyone else was staying.

Originally, this room was his Uncle's...but on the Night of the Red Moon...his Uncle had turned...

And the one to land the killing blow...

Had been himself.

Inwardly, he was grieving...and had such a heavy guilt.

Before him, a gun laid.

'I should just end it...' Huan blankly turned to look at the gun.

Suddenly a knock sounded on his door.

After 10 seconds, the door was melted down at the knob and thus forcefully pushed open. A second later, Lu Xing entered the room, his nose wrinkling from the stench. Huan barely noticed him.

'This guy's been here ever since...he reeks.' Lu Xing thought, then took note of the gun, 'Looks like he's actually going to finish the job for me..'

Lu Xing then considered turning around to walk out and leave the guy to it.

As he was pondering it, Huan's eyes flickered to Lu Xing, they were dull.

"I can't stay here...I can't bring myself to do it." Huan said, his voice hoarse, "I can't bring myself to end it with the knowledge that Jian would know...I can't..."

"Then would you like to leave?" Lu Xing said, his eyes contemplating the meaning behind Huan's words.

Huan nodded.

He wanted to leave..and end it all someplace far away.

This way, he wouldn't hurt Jian any further.

Lu Xing suddenly came to stand before Huan, startling the young man. Lu Xing's hand raised out towards the guy, Huan flinched. Fear evident in his eyes.

Amused, Lu Xing grinned, "I'm just going to clean you up. There's no way you're going in my car stinking like this."

Huan watched as Lu Xing's flames came all around him. They didn't burn him..rather they felt warm, as though he were in a warm bath. What he could not see..was how the flames ridded him of any speck of filth, and left his skin smooth and clean. Or how his hair was left shiny and vibrant without a speck of oily substance.

The one thing he did take note of was how his clothes began to crumble into ashes.

Horrified, he found himself partially naked with only his underwear.

Watching the man attempt to cover himself, Lu Xing turned to the side and laughed.

"Here." Lu Xing said throwing the clothes at Huan's chest.

Then turned to go over to the door and scrutinized the damage.

Thus giving Huan some privacy.

'As if I'd ravage the guy.' Lu Xing smiled quite amused.

Unbeknownst to Lu Xing, Huan had once overheard the gossiping girls, Wang Yue and Peng Yiran making bets on which men would 'hook up' together.

Peng Yiran, the seemingly more ladylike one, had then gone into a detailed description of how Lu Xing would definitely top the twins...only to have Wang Yue argue that the twins would be the ones topping.

Being unable to bear hearing any further, Huan had faced them and told them that they were all straight men, and that could never happen.

That had happened right after Lu Xing had saved his brother...

But even as he had spoken then..a small seed of doubt had trickled into his mind...

Thus his reaction to Lu Xing now.

'I am a straight man.' Huan thought, his eyes lost their dullness instantly, 'We are all straight men.'

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Back in the bunker area, Wu Xinyi who was laying on his bunk reading Lu Xing's notebook, suddenly sat up and sneezed.

'Someone's cursing me.' Wu Xinyi thought off handedly as he sneezed two more times.


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