Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
57 ◇Their Departure; The Groups Growth◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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57 ◇Their Departure; The Groups Growth◇

Around 15 minutes later, Lu Xing was out by his car waiting for Huan to arrive. He was giving a thin vine he had beckoned over, his instructions. They were simple...mostly same as before, this time though, he told them the on the the next earthquake, which would be exactly a month from then...

If he had not returned by then, the humans inside would be allowed to leave and come as they pleased.

He also gave it a threat, if upon his return, he discovered that they'd been harmed while under the vines protection...then the vines would become a pile of ashes.

Shaking the leaf on the vine seemed to nod and then tenderly headbutted Lu Xing's chest.

It reminded Lu Xing of a dog..or possibly a cat with these mannerisms.

Finally, Huan came.

Lu Xing had only informed Jian about the departure. And had ordered him to keep everyone busy while they took their leave. After the confrontation earlier with Liu Zhuo, Lu Xing didn't have the patience for his friend's tantrums.

Lu Xing thought of the core still in his possession..and took it out. It was Kuan Mo's core...the vine seemed to shake further, this time in excitement. Tentatively, it wrapped around Lu Xing's hand.

"You want this?" Lu Xing asked, a thoughtful look in his eyes.

The leaf on the vine nodded excitedly.

"Very well..I'll give it to you..." Lu Xing said, the vine was so excited it was about to grab the core, but the hand closed over it.

The vine suddenly looked confused as it tapped on the hand.

"Give me some seeds, and then you can have it." Lu Xing said.

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The vine trembled but after a second, nodded.

Three tangled vines that made up the thickness of that of a boa snake came before Lu Xing with a gooey sac of seeds.

It looked much like an alien egg if anything else.

After grabbing it, Lu Xing allowed the other vine to tale the core in his hand, then patted the tangled vines before placing the Seedlings into his earring and then summoning out the Pearl.

These vines also began to tremble..but not from excitement as from fear.

A Green Queen's Pearl was an existence that carried with it a profound aura that caused many mutant animals to turn away from the sheer vincity of such a thing cause they instinctively feel threatened.

Lu Xing had no idea what the leader of these vines would become...whether it would be a Green Queen...or some other Evolutionary Plant.

But with this Pearl, the vincinty would become 80% safer.

"Take it." Lu Xing ordered, as he placed it before the vines.

They seemed unwilling but reluctantly took it.

Huan who watched the entire thing, had more and more questions for this man that seemed younger but had the stance of an old uncle.

"Get in the car." Lu Xing said pulling Huan out from his thoughts, "Driver side." He snapped when he saw Huan going for the passenger side.

Seemingly confused, Huan went to the driver side of Lu Xing's car. Lu Xing then got into the passengers side, the vines pulled the gate open, allowing Huan to drive them out. Then the vines shut the gate firmly behind their vine seemingly drooping as it watched the man leave.

That vine was the vine that had first approached Lu Xing and had taken the core...

Slowly it withdrew as it returned to a hole in the ground to cultivate using the core it had been given..for as thin and inconspicuous as it seemed, this vine was the primary intellectual Evolutionary Plant.

It would be a long while before Lu Xing would learn of this and think of the irony.

And so, Lu Xing left not knowing that it would be many months later before he would return.


Day's later, Wu Xinyi was still fuming over the stunt Lu Xing had pulled.

Xiaolang was constantly being dragged out for sparring matches. His sister Yiran could only giggle with Yue and play with Little Cai everytime that happened. Liu Zhuo was constantly being dragged by Wang Yun out for sparring matches as well. Wang Yun was more than a little upset that Brother Lu hadn't taken them with him.

But found that Lu Xing notebook was worth a try, as Wang Yun had mentioned to Liu Zhuo, maybe if they got stronger, Lu Xing would take them out as well.

With that in mind they threw themselves into strengthening themselves physically and mentally. Only Wu Xinyi, Huizhong Jian, and Peng Xiaolang were able of Cultivating their Chi's. Later as a week passed by, Wang Yun, Peng Yiran, and Wen ZhenKang also joined in Cultivating their Chi's. Frustrated to death, Liu Zhuo continuously caused fights as he wanted rather badly to awaken whatever strength laid within him.

Sadly, even after a month, Liu Zhuo, Wang Yue, and Peng Xiong hadn't awakened as a Mutant or Evolutionary.

Only Elder Wang found that after almost taking a tumble from moving some boxes around, that he too was an Evolutionary much like his grandson.

After speaking to Wu Xinyi did Elder Wang discover that there was a very high inheritance chance for the Evolutionary gene from the very beginning.

Only that even after so many attempts, the remaining few who hadn't awoken, simply gave up. To Little Xiulan, Wu Xinyi told her that because of her age she wouldn't be able to know just yet. Thus the group was split into three for training by Wu Xinyi.

Group one would spar more often than Cultivate, Huizhong Jian, Peng Xiaolang, Wang Yun, and Peng Yiran belonged to this group. Elder Wang, Wen ZhenKang, and Wu Xinyi were mainly focused on Cultivating their Chi's, though Wu Xinyi made exceptions for Xiaolang who he had as his sparring partner from time to time. The third group was simply those who had not awoken, and were made to spar one another from time to time but also mainly focused on chores. Wu Xinyi would give each one pointers whenever he would come across someone needing it but otherwise left all of them to their own devices. After a was obvious which group had significantly progressed.


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