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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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58 ◇Back to the Peng Farm◇

*Explicit Content In Chapter May Include Gory Details.*


After several hours of driving...they arrived at a place Lu Xing had known rather to well in his prior life... It had also only been several days ago that he had left the place as it was. They were back at the Peng family's farm.

"You haven't told me yet." Huan said glancing out at the farm, he frowned, "Why are we here?"

"Well I just felt like taking a detour." Lu Xing said, he half smiled.

'They should still be here...' Lu Xing thought, he got out of the car, the place seemed abandoned..but he knew better.

Going to the back of his car, he opened the trunk space, and pulled out the guns, amo, and small knives.

Huan had followed him, and watched his actions with knotted brows.

"What are-Hmpfh!" before Huan could even voice his question, Lu Xing had pushed a rifle into Huan chest.

Then held out a knife, hilt out, toward him. Huan weighed the gun, and then took the knife, placed it at his waist since it came in its own sleeve. Lu Xing handed him the amo, then nodded as he approved of how Huan held his gun, amo attched to his sides.

Lu Xing then went on to pick up two pistols...

Amo clipped to hip, he glanced up once more at Huan, "We'll be entering the houses in the area, and anyone that seems out of place..shoot them. Show no mercy."

Huan became even more confused.

Seeing the confusion, Lu Xing gave him a slight smile, "Think of it as shooting practice. You can shoot them however mamy times you want, just don't forget to kill them."
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Suddenly a swaggering man came out from the front door to the Peng family's house. The man's eyes seemingly widened at the sight of two young men holding guns. The one moment he took to see them was all Lu Xing needed take the safety switch off on a pistol.

The man had started turning when Lu Xing, with minimal aiming, raised the pistol one handed, and fired.

The man grunted and fell to the ground in pain, his left leg wounded.

Lu Xing turned back to the things in his trunk while off handedly saying, "Hmm...oh, I think this will do nicely."

He placed down his pistols, then he lifted a shuriken.

This time he took the time to aim it at the man.

The man was on the verge of reaching the door, he could practically hear his friends inside running towards him...

Without ever seeing it coming, the shuriken sliced through the air..and quickly found its way into the man's skull.

Uncomprehending, the man's eyes dulled and he slumped over..dead.

Lu Xing had picked his pistols up, and already started to head over.

Two men had reached the door, and had just caught sight of their dead friend.

Shooting multiple times at the screen door, blood splattered over the threshold, and two more corpses landed in a pile inside.

With his keen hearing, Lu Xing finally found that the place was dead silent.

He simply calmly went and pulled free his shuriken.

Then shot the man's skull, he went inside and did the same thing to the other two.

'I don't need them coming back...' Lu Xing thought, his mood uplifted, he was beginning to feel like his old self...

"What the hell?! Why did you do that!?!" Huan exclaimed, his gun raised up, pointing menacingly in Lu Xing's direction.

His eyes showed a mixture of confusion, disbelief, and fear.

Lu Xing frowned disapprovingly.

Then walked towards Huan..

Huan hesitated, but the moment Lu Xing arrived three feet in front of him..he pulled the trigger.

His eyes shut..the sound of the blast never came...

"Tsk." Lu Xing let out, "I'm surprised you were able to kill your uncle."

Huan opened his eyes.

Lu Xing was watching him with an unreadable expression.

"Safety switch is on." Lu Xing explained, a flash of anger swiftly passed through his eyes but seemed to be instantly replaced by amusement, "The gun won't work otherwise."

Then he walked pass Huan and he'd to his car.

Huan was frozen to the spot, a cold sweat had broken out throughout his body.

Even if it had just been for a moment...

As Lu Xing had passed by him, he had felt a killing intent.

"Come on." Lu Xing call as he shut the trunk and walked to the passenger side, "We have the next house to get to."

Something in Huan had broken...he suddenly felt deflated at those words.

Walking back to the car, shakened..all he kept on thinking was how he could've ever thought this man was harmless...

'He's a monster in sheep's clothes.' Huan thought, he fumbled to open the driver side, all the while, he could feel Lu Xing's gaze on him.

Sweating, he got in and started the car.

'You should be afraid.' Lu Xing thought with a cold smile.

A chill went down Huan's back as he started driving the car to the next house up the road.


After stopping at two houses...Lu Xing finally had Huan enter a house to scout it. Lu Xing didn't make a move to enter the house, but told Huan it was safe, they'd killed all the men that could've posed any risk. Huan at first unwillingly did as he was told..and found that there was blood on the walls inside the house.

He walked into the living and discovered from where the blood had come from, then fell to his knees.

There..a naked and bloodied elderly woman, and badly battered elderly man were tied together....

Their heads blown off.

Huan couldn't bring himself to go in any further as he got up and ran out.

He puked onto the porch unable to reach the yard. Lu Xing who had not once entered a house, preferring that the men come out to their own doom... Held only small amount of pity for Huan.

This small amount of pity was the only reason for why he even bothered to go up to the man, giving him a towel to clean up with.

Huan turned up to look blankly at the towel, a hand at his mouth harshly wiping away the vomit.

His eyes turned to the two dead men on the ground.

The he had held for them turning into horror and disgust...

"Come on. I've got more of these rats to kill." Lu Xing said as he threw the towel at Huan's head.

Tears suddenly slid down the man's cheeks, his face mostly covered by the towel.

'Their the real monsters...' Huan thought, inside he felt a deep shame as his eyes opened to the truth.

It took him a moment to compose himself, but Huan managed to get to the car, his face grim as he got the car revved up.

Thus they set off for the next house.


*Explicit Content In Next Chapter May Include ****, Torture, and Gory Violence.


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