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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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59 ◇Men..? Or Monsters?◇

*Explicit Content In Chapter May Include ****, Torture, and Gory Violence.*





A few houses away from the Peng Farm, a group of men were jeering on as one of their friend's was grunting. He was bent over a bloody mess of a girl, her battered body beaten and bruised, some cuts still freshly bleeding. She would give a weak pained moan every so often when the man forcefully entered her torn womanly bits.

To the man it felt like bliss.

She was wet from all the bleeding, and her ripe age of 12 made her bits quite tight despite the other men having already had a go at her.
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Suddenly shuddering, the man emptied out his seeds into the girl causing the little girl to tear up, her eyes dull as she continuedto lay on the floor like a rag doll.

"Damn! That was thirty minutes! You're still the loser Di Yang! Haha..!" One man laughed pointing at another man.

This man began to unbuckle his pants, then glared at the laughing bastard before him, "I'll show you Choi Ye! Yi Gou move it, I'm taking my second turn now!"

Another man standing to the side stepped in, "Di Yang! You can't simply call for your second turn yet! You lost the bet so now you gotta wait till the newcomer finishes his turn."

The one he gestured towards was more than likely the youngest out of all the men in the room, his eyes seemed darkened by his inner turmoil.

"Sorry Brother Gengxin...I'd rather vomit." He murmured, as he ignored Di Yang's glare, "Be my guest."

The young man gestured at the girl.

"Hah! Looks Little Shun can't stomach this!" Di Yang turned to make fun of the man.

Gengxin's face darkened.

"Let this big brother show you how it's done." Di Yang shoved the worn out Ye Gou, and pulled his pants down.

The little girl shuddered as she weakly tried to close her legs...all the man did was pry them painfully apart causing her to cry out faintly. Then he forced his rod into her already wet bits..causing more tearing and fresh blood. She wept, the pain making her wish she could curl up into a ball and disappear.

The one called Shun frowned, disgust plainly in his green eyes.

His older brother, Gengxin, saw this and shook his head in disappointment, 'This brother of mine is so disappointing.'

The others began to jeer wondering this time Di Yang would be able to top the others time records.

'Good lord...this girl feels better than those whores from District Xia.' Di Yang grunted feeling his rod grow even more excited, his hands greedily gropped at the girl's small breast, his fingers yanking on her nipples rather painfully...

She began to sob..this man was the one that had hurt her so much from the start...

Then he roughly moved his hands down to her plump tiny butt and lifted them to get even deeper into her.

Feeling aroused, he began to rock into her, each time piercing her deeper till she began to foam at the mouth, her eyes rolling back.

After twelve minutes in, he felt his seed pulse out unwillingly, he pretended that he hadn't cum, and then more in anger than in anything else fiercely began to pound into her.

Only after about twenty more minutes had pass did he pretend to grunt in satisfaction and withdraw.

The girl was shivering, she seemed to be having a seizure.

"See, I even got her shaking from pleasure." Di Yang gave himself a satisfied grin, "How's my time this time?"

Gengxin answered this time, an unhappy look on his face, "Thirty-four minutes."

"What do we do with her now?" Yi Gou asked frowning, their plaything looked like she was on her last breathes.

He didn't want to have sex with something that would become a zombie in the middle of it.

"Drag her to the bathroom, then tie her up to the curtain hanger." Gengxin answered, he pulled out a rope from his bag, "The boss said to slice her up even more and to just let her bleed out."

Choi Ye alone picked the girl up like a sac of potatoes, Yi Gou took the rope from Gengxin and both headed to the bathroom.

Di Yang followed behind them, a knife in his hand, his eyes seemingly thirsty for blood.

"The mom's still in the bathtub..." Shun said frowning as he watched the men walk away.

Gengxin barely glanced at him, "Who cares. She's probably on her last breathes too if she's not dead yet."

He then turned away and walked back to the kitchen where their boss sat happily eating and drinking the food he could find.

Shun seemed downcast as his thoughts turned to the girl's father who laid out in their barn all tied up and beaten.

Then he heard the gunshots.

'What could that be?!' Shun thought shaken.

Suddenly the kitchen area shook slightly as a big heavyweight man walked out from it. The door was somehow missing its doorframes..it almost looked as though someone had broken or chewed the doorframe up into pieces..widening it. The man's eyes were a golden hue...

"It looks like my surprise came rather later than expected.." The golden eyed man chuckled seemingly unperturbed.

Behind him came Gengxin holding a basket full of fruits, "Boss He? Is this the guest you were expecting?"

Reaching a fat hand over to grab a fistful of fruits, the man tossed them into his mouth like candy, "Mmhmmm..it would seem so."

"Check up on all our men within the area." Gengxin looked at his brother as he spoke.

Shun nodded his green eyes glowing.

His mind reached out to everyone nearby feeling for their men..he found that everyone was alive and well save for the four houses down to their left.

"Twenty-eight of the men are still alive...but the ones in the first four houses are dead." Shun said, his eyes briefly shut then opened, the glow gone from them.

"How many enemies?" Boss He seemed amused.

Shun showed his confusion..then answered in a small voice, "Two."


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