Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
60 ◇A Large Miscalculation◇
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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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60 ◇A Large Miscalculation◇

Lu Xing knew that the firing of their guns had most certainly alerted their next house's occupants. The last house wasn't far enough away for the gunfire to have been muffled down by its distance. Originally he had wanted to stay with his car in order to ensure Huan wouldn't accidentally land their weapons into someone else's lap...

In his prior life, such things had happened far to often to the incompetent.

But feeling suddenly on edge, he gave Huan an order to drive over while he went ahead using his shadowstep.

By the time he had arrived at the new house..there were already people standing outside waiting for him.

Lu Xing frowned as he caught sight of a rather big man...

Seeing as the golden eyes gave away the man's status.

'A Mutant...' Lu Xing thought somewhat concerned.

If the last zombie at the mall had been a lot of trouble, then this guy was most definitely just as troublesome.

Having yet to be spotted, he lifted both pistols and aimed at the men, then fired.

He didn't even try wasting his bullets on the big guy and went for all the smallfries around the guy.

But then stopped firing when he took note of the vines halting his bullets...

His eyes landed on a young man standing behind the big guy.

Lu Xing grinded his teeth as he realized the young man's green eyes were glowing.

"Fucking hell..." Lu Xing cursed.

He hadn't forseen this scenerio.

A Mutant Level ? and an Evolutionary that was at Level 4.

'I'm only at level six...the Evolutionary could be easy enough to deal with but the Mutant..unless his level is below six, I may be in some trouble here.' Lu Xing quickly thought things through.

He had no doubt that the big guy could move fast despite his obvious body mass...if Mutant's from his prior life hadn't been able to show such heaven defying feats..Lu Xing would've already underestimated his enemy.

The big guy moved his hand down into a basket of fruit held by his comrade, and nonchalantly fed himself. Yet his eyes remained locked on Lu Xing who stood about thirty feet away. Lu Xing instantly felt chilled to the core seeing the rage in those eyes.

"Mmmchhha...Never seen the like of you before.." Boss He said munching down his food, "But I'm going to make a're the one who took the 'boy'?"

Grim faced, Lu Xing simply stared at the man, his hands balling up into fist.

" many teenage boy's lived in this Village?" Boss He seemingly asked bored.

"There were none, only a handful of girls, and a bunch of adults and old folks." Gengxin answered with a pokerface, "A few children...but no teenage boys."

Suddenly Boss He spat to the side, then he glared at Lu Xing, "I love boys...especially the one's that can give a good enough fight..yet here I come and discover that that boy is no where to be seen."

Lu Xing suddenly felt a terrible premonition...

'It can't be..?' Lu Xing thought feeling unsettled.

"Since reincarnating, I've been happily awaiting to be reunited with the boy..but here I find someone's taken him from me!" Growled out the man, as he grabbed another fistful of food.

Lu Xing had heard Huan pulling up onto the gravel filled drive behind him earlier...but felt chilled listening to the man's speech.

"I don't know what your talking about." Lu Xing attempted to smile as though to say 'I'm innocent' but seeing the man glare at him further, he gave up and side glanced at Huan, then barked out, "Hurry! Get out of the Village!"

Huan was stumped by his outburst, but in that minute, vines seemed to have come towards the car like whips. Yet before they could reach him, they bursted into blue flames and crumbled into nothingness. Then Lu Xing stood before the car, a loud bang sounded out from where he hit his hands against the front of the car..causing a slight dent.

The action snapped Huan out of it, and he slammed the car into reverse.

Lu Xing turned quickly only to feel himself get slammed by what felt like huge boulder.

In actuality, it was simply the big guy finally making his move. The young man that had been controlling the vines was panicking as he tried putting out the flames on his vines. His brother finally told him to cut his losses.

Upset, Shun let go of his vines, and took out a seed, then dropped it onto the ground where it began to shift around coming to life with new vines.

Lu Xing got enough of glance to see the new vines going after the car...grunting from the pain of his dislocated right shoulder.

He rolled to the side barely avoiding Boss He's second attack.

'Like a damn bull.' Lu Xing thought clenching his teeth as he quickly snapped his shoulder back into place..then place his right hand on the ground.

Hellfire sprouted from the ground making the place into an inferno.

Lu Xing's own body became covered in his blue flames.

Boss He stopped to stare at the flames, then his eyes shifted to Lu Xing's own eyes.

"A Mutant! Hahaha..!" Boss He bellowed out, his face breaking out in a wolfish grin, greed filled his eyes, "I'm in luck!"

"What the hell is that guy?!" Yi Gou exclaimed frightened to his pals as they watched their boss bellow, Choi Ye knocked his palm against the guy's skull, smacking him, "Owww!"

"Shut up idiot." Choi Ye said glaring at the idiot, then turned to watch the show.

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"As if that can beat the boss." Di Yang said bored, he fiddled with a bloodied knife, "Are the others ready to head out?"

Shun looked, but his focus was on his vines catching up to the car, so he simply focused to the task on hand.

Gengxin, his eyes unreadable, stared at the flames, "They should be." His eyes flashed towards his brother, "Call the vines back..check up on our men's status."


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