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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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61 ◇Unlucky..? Or Lucky?◇

*Explicit Content In Chapter May Include Gory Details.


Shun frowned.

"Do it." Gengxin snapped.

Shun shrugged and called his vines back.

Meanwhile Lu Xing had gotten up and spat out blood before placing his attention back on the big guy before him.

'Since he knows...I can't let myself get within his reach.' Lu Xing thought grimly.

He could tell that the man now had his sights set on his core.

Feeling hurt from the attack earlier, Lu Xing made his flames rise higher like a curtain between him and the man.

Boss He simply stood there..his eyes looking for Lu Xing's weakness.

'What is he...what type is he..?!' Lu Xing's mind raced to figure out what the man's powers were

...the pressure from the man was enough that Lu Xing felt caged.

Suddenly Boss He smiled, he seemed to suck in air until his stomach seemed to become bigger..then suddenly, the air seemed to escape through his skin...making a reverse vacuum effect.

The wind from the effect made Lu Xing's flames forcefully die down.

Taking the full force of it, Lu Xing realized exactly what the man's power was.

'He's a living vacuum.' Lu Xing thought in astonishment.

As rare Mutant abilities go...the living vacuum was very rare..and unusual. It was an ability even Evolutionary's held a tough time battling against. Thus Lu Xing had only a small amount of knowledge about it...

'Damn..should've paid more attention to Yun's gossip.' Lu Xing thought as he began to use shadowstep, his eyes constantly on Boss He who was still using his Reverse Vacuum.

Suddenly Boss He stopped...except now the man's appearance had changed. Instead of the big heavyweight man, a more fit and handsome looking man was there standing. His golden eyes piercing as he place a hand through his black silky hair, a smirk on his face.

"Shit." Lu Xing at least felt he had a small chance against that man's overweight form...but seeing this form...

He summoned the Hellfire and shadowstepped away as he hoped for a way to get out of this problematic situation...

Using his flames as though he were like a living flamethrower, he managed to catch Boss He's men off guard. Di Yang and Yi Gou both began to scream and thrash around as the blue flame consumed them.. Shun had raised up his vines at the last second, sacrificing them, but saving himself, his brother Gengxin, and Choi Ye.

"Hmph." Boss He let out as he flashstepped to his men's side.

Using his palm, he created a small vacuum and forcefully vacuumed away the flames.

"Boss He. The men are ready." Gengxin stated.

"Is that so?" The man somewhat smiled towards his other three men.

Shun simply nodded an affirmative.

"Well then...seems like my fun is over..." Boss He sighed ruefully, his gaze turned towards where Lu Xing stood another wall of flames spreading between them, "You let Xiaolang'er that I'll be seeing him around sometime."

Lu Xing paled at the mention of Yiran's twin brother.

A terrible flashback came to him, and Boss He who saw the expression that came over Lu Xing, instantly knew his earlier ideas were right on spot.

"We'll finish this some other time." Boss He smirked as Choi Ye stepped forward and placing his hand on the ground, he began to cause a vortex to open beneath their feet.

Lu Xing caught a glance of Choi Ye's eyes...

Golden eyes..he was also a Mutant.

They then disappeared from sight.

Sensing they'd left the vincinity, Lu Xing fell back, his flames instantly dissipated. His entire body ached..a rib was broken.. Gasping as he reached down to feel it....

'I'm getting to old for this.' Lu Xing thought grimacing, his bodies age forgotten as the throbbing pain made him wince.

Calling up a small flame, he began reversing time on his chest.

He could feel his abilities stretching themselves out thin...if that bastard had kept at it...

Lu Xing laid back staring at the red streaked sky...

'An endless nightmare...a bloodred sky...everything walking wants you dead.' Lu Xing thought of a song from his last lifetime, "Ugh." He got up pained by bruises but nothing else broken.

Thanks to his superhearing...he could hear someone's faint breath coming from the house...

He began walking towards the house...

'Someone's on their last breathes.' Lu Xing thought grimly, a part of him felt that going inside wasn't a good idea...but with how pathetic he was feeling...

He paused at the doorway.

The scent of blood assaulted his nose, placing a hand to his mouth and nose. He beared the aching of his mortal body and continued down a hall that would lead him to the barely living being inside. When he reached far enough to catch a glimpse of the room, he froze.

'The bathroom...' Lu Xing felt his inside begin to violently twist and turn..his heart felt a squeeze of heartache, 'I mustn't go.'

He stood there..torn by his bit of human conscious of what to do...

He knew exactly what scene laid in that bathroom.

His mind flashed back to a very similar scene...
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Gritting his teeth, he finally began to walk..towards the bathroom.

Once he entered, the scene made him feel such a gut wrenching sense of guilt.

'I can't save everyone...I can't stop any of this..' Lu Xing thought as he stared at the horror scene laying before him.

Blood dripped from from every corner of the room...the tub which was midway filled with bloody water held a naked woman inside of it, her face slash into fleshy pieces... Her throat slit...her hands were twitching from where they laid tied above her abdomen. And hanging above her..was what looked to be a young girl..not even a teen.

She hung by her tied hands to the rod above that had held a curtain at one point. Naked and shivering...she had blood dripping from every cut and tear on her tiny naked body. Her eyes which were closed..suddenly opened to reveal an empty deadened gaze.

Lu Xing shrugged off his jacket, it was battered and somewhat torn but still good enough for what he would use it.

Quietly, he walked forward and placed the jacket around the girl. One hand reaching around her waist and the other hand swiftly burning away the ropes. Then he placed her gently on the cold tile floor.


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