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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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62 ◇Lu Xing“s Decision◇

The girl laid weakly on the floor, fresh tears coming down her face.

More blood began to gather on the floor...

Lu Xing placed his flame over her and began to reverse her body to a point before all the pain.

A small net of flames allowed him to assess the girl's state. Slowly he felt himself pale...then he gritted his teeth, and spouted profanities. The girl was long past being of conscience mind...

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Inwardly he cursed the bastards who had done this...now that he was close to her, he could roughly see her age was between 10 yrs and 12 yrs.

'A mere child.' Lu Xing's thoughts turned to Yue'er, and Xiulan'er...his rage grew.

He wanted to save her...but even he knew his actions would be futile.

Biting down on his lip, he broke skin, and blood began to drip down his chin.

Then with the flaming thin net, he began to burn her...the flames causing only a swift and painless death.

After she became nothingness, his flames began to spread.

'Burn,' Lu Xing thought, a dull look in his eyes as he sat there looking at where little girl had been.

It was her final moments that was firmly imprinted into his mind.

"May your next life be a better one." Lu Xing finally spoke, his voice hoarse.

After a moment of deep turmoil..Lu Xing finally seemed to shake himself out of his muddled emotions.

'Fail to steal a chicken, which instead ate up your bait.' Lu Xing thought of the old proverb and felt rather dispirited, 'I came here to kill but instead became the one to nearly die.'

And thus after standing amdst a burning inferno did Lu Xing feel a part of him die.

'They all must pay.' a bloodthirsty look came into Lu Xing's golden eyes as he oversaw his flames turn everything it touched into nothingness...

"My powers are strong...but its not enough." Clenching his fist, Lu Xing uttered a sound filled with self hatred, 'This weakness..I'll overcome.'

Closing his eyes, his mind began to wander back to a time in which he had failed just as miserably..

<Kneeling down, covered in blood, in his arms laid a child. No tears fell down even as he pressed the cold corpse to his chest. Feeling numb..he blankly looked at the figure standing before him and said in a cold dull tone, "He is no more.">

'Back then...everyone kept dying before me.' Lu Xing breathed out, his emotions slowly stabilizing. 'My emotions keep twisting as though they are vipers within me. Now is no different, anger, sadness, disgust, helplessness..and a deep rage. All of it causing me to lose sight of my goals...'

Opening his eyes, a deep calmness had entered the golden eyes, seemingly old beyond their years. The flames around him began to grow wider, finally seeming to consume the neighboring area, and after a while all that laid around him was vast destruction. Even an unconscious man in the barn had not been spared.

His hair lengthened, and his body seemingly strengthened. The pupil in his eyes became more cat like, the gold in his eyes seeming purer. Those flames around him becoming ten times stronger in their destructive force...

Until finally neighboring houses were engulfed..and then the valley itself.

And at the end, when the time came and the flames had finally died down, not one piece of the village remained within the valley.

'Right..what I need is more cores.' Lu Xing thought staring at his right hand.

By expanding his flames, he had made a breakthrough..finally reaching Level 7.

'If this life must remain a tragedy...then so be it.' Lu Xing thought as his golden eyes reverted to their original color, "I will give you a show."

His thoughts turning towards the man he had brought along. Previously, he had felt torn deep within on whether to kill or not to kill..but now... He calmly decided that ridding himself of a future nuisance was his best option.

'I'll go search for him then.." Lu Xing thought, then felt a sense of danger...

Lu Xing quickly moved from his spot in a blink of an eye.


There where he had stood now remained nothing more than a large crater.

In the center stood a cloaked figure, their face obscured from sight.

"Tsk." The sound of disappointment slipped through the cloaked figure.

Lu Xing mind ran through the possible identities the one before him could be, no one could stand out..

"Are you the one?" A harsh masculine voice came from beneath the hood.

Looking around, Lu Xing couldn't hear, nor sense any other person within the vincinity.

"Are you the one responsible for destroying this Village?!" Finally the hood fell back, revealing a young man's rage filled glare.

"I am." Lu Xing answered, he found explaining pointless from similar situations in his past.

The young man gritted his teeth, black hair seemingly unkempt, he appeared to look like a vengeful demon.

Similar to a demon, his eyes glowed red.

"Though most everyone was already dead..." Lu Xing mumbled under his breath, as the wind seemed to come at him.

His defense up, a large gash had appeared on his left cheek.

'A level 3 Evolutionary...' Lu Xing thought as he wiped the blood off his cheek.

"Why?!" The young man exclaimed, his eyes maddened, "You monster!"

'Explaining is hopeless...and I've destroyed all evidence of those bastards...' Lu Xing's mind flashed back to the pitful girl he had laid to rest, 'This is probably for the best.'

Lu Xing took a deep breath, his eyes closed briefly, then opened to reveal his golden eyes, and even before the change could be registered by the man before him...

Lu Xing had moved to the man's side, a flame in hand...

"You won't die." Lu Xing reassured when the man tensed up, and a kin sense of fear entered the man's eyes.

The flame in Lu Xing's hand made contact with the man's forehead and the man seemingly froze.

In fact, he had been paused.

'I wonder how much the people of this Village must've meant to you...' Lu Xing thought feeling numbed.

Thus without explaining the situation to the newcomer, Lu Xing left.


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