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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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63 ◇The Stranger◇

Huan had turned the car around after an hour, but when he returned to the edge of village, he didn't catch sight of the destruction first...

It was the smell of smoke.

A gun in hand as he drove on the graveled road, past burnt down homes.

"Young Master Lu?" Huan finally called out from the rolled down window.

Suddenly a figure jumped before the vehicle.

The screech from the wheels were heard as a startled Huan hit the brakes.

"F*ck!" Haun let out before taking a closer look at the figure, "Are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere?!" Huan exclaimed confused as he instantly came out of the car...

Lu Xing leaned against the car for a brief moment..

Tears silently falling down his face as he blankly stared up at the sky.

'Is he ok..?' Huan thought catching a good look of Lu Xing's face.

"Listen..ah...Young Master Lu." Huan said pointing at the car, "Perhaps we should get you into the car?"

Huan was confused by Lu Xing's next actions...

"Forgive me..." Lu Xing said as he raised his right hand up before him, a flame danced upon it as he turned to look at Huan..
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Huan's eyes widened, the Lu Xing before him had long hair, and his deep golden eyes added a startling combination.

"Lu..Xing..?" Huan asked takenaback.

Huan finally focused on the look in Lu Xing's eyes.

Seemingly in deep thought, Lu Xing continued to study Huan. The stare itself making Huan's heart erratic until he tasted blood from how his teeth bit down on his cheek. Unable to move from the spot, he froze awaiting for Lu Xing's next movement.

Sweat dripped down his body..like prey before a predator.

Lu Xing only pondered his initial intent for a moment before throwing his head back and laughing.

"Huan..let's get going." Lu Xing said gesturing for Huan to get back into the car as he wiped away his tears.

Snapped out of his daze, Huan took a moment before turning around..

"What happened to him.." Huan muttered under his breath, his hands trembled as he fumbled for the key.

Inwardly he was filled with an unknown fear, as though he had just managed to escape the clutches of death...

Shaking the thought away, Huan finally got inside just as Lu Xing had settled in.

Even as Huan started the car, and followed Lu Xing's instructions to turn the car around...

The sight of Lu Xing's earlier gaze stuck with him.


Lu Xing gave the guy directions, and then would randomly have him stop at different Districts along the way.

They were getting further away from the location of Qigong Warehouse..and much closer to Z City.

Sometimes they spent their nights sleeping in the car, other times they camped out...only after Lu Xing said it was fine. And rarely did they sleep in the buildings. So far from the four district's they had passed by, only once had Lu Xing had to fight and kill a higher leveled zombie before Huan.

Each time, he had them avoid any survivors, and had managed to kill all the weak zombies on their trip.

But sometimes it had become unavoidable...

Like now.

Lu Xing felt a headache coming.

Leaving Huan in a cold sweat, Lu Xing went to the bathroom and began to drag out the damn fool inside it.

The same fool that had shot one of their tires as they passed by that very department store.

Angry, Lu Xing dragged a whimpering man from out of the bathroom.

Shaggy hair, and a terrible beard along with deep dark circles under his eyes, the man seemed like he hadn't had a good day in a while as he squinted his eyes through tears.

His rifle had been melted the moment Lu Xing had practically ripped it away from him, and then thrown to the side.

"I'm sorry..." The man whimpered out, his sobs loud, a dark bruise slowly appearing on his face, over his left eye.

"Ugh.." Lu Xing finally let him go with disgust.

He had been pissed off, but now felt ridiculous.

The man was practically asking to be zombie chow.

Sighing, his hand at his head, his hair tied back..Lu Xing took a cig and lit a small flame as he got one knee before the man.

The cig was lit.

Huan gulped.

"So what are you doing out here?" Lu Xing asked after a puff of the cig, the small flame extinguished.

The smoke hit the man causing him to cough.

"Z City is close by after all..?" Lu Xing finally added his real question.

The man started whimpering.

"No..you can't take me back..please don't..." The man started sobbing louder.

Lu Xing looked at Huan, only for Huan to shake his head at a lost.

'Why is this man so afraid..?' Lu Xing pondered before an idea struck him.

"Golden eyes." Lu Xing said, and instantly the man cowered back, his hands covering his honey colored eyes from sight.

Huan remained confused.

"Your a Mutant." Lu Xing sighed.

"Please don't kill me.." The man whimpered out.

"As if I'd want to kill you." Lu Xing let out in disgust, then signaled for Huan to haul the man up.

Having been with Lu Xing for a week now, he could now understand most of Lu Xing's hand signals.

Lu Xing stood up and led them out of the store...

Right up to the car.

Then proceeded to use his flame on the tire.

The man peeked through his fingers, and became further terrified simply bacause of that flame.

He sobbed louder still not taking notice of how the damaged tire was being returned to normal.

Huan practically had a large sweatdrop as he stared at Lu Xing, his hand on the man tightened.

The Lu Xing before him seemed rather displeased with something...

Fearing the young man's irrational behavior, Huan hoped his displeasure would pass.

Finally Lu Xing spoke, "Are they hunting Golden Eyed people within Z City?"

The man nodded, his sobs still rather loud.

Lu Xing dropped the partly finished cig and crushed it under foot.

'It's as I feared.' Lu Xing thought gritting his teeth, 'We've become the hunted yet again.'


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