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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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64 ◇Hidden Figure◇

"Drop him." Lu Xing ordered.

Huan let go of his hold, and the man instantly crawled away a bit before getting back to his two feet and running.

Lu Xing's gaze followed the man's back quite a ways before finally turning to Huan.

"Drive the car to an alley and stay put." Lu Xing ordered.

Huan opened his mouth to ask but snapped it close within the next second..because Lu Xing had already left.

Scratching his head, Huan looked at the tire for at least three seconds before doing exactly as he'd been told.

"Could've at least told me how long he'd be.." Huan grumbled under his breath.


Elsewhere, the man continued running, then hid, and once again would run. The zombies walking about were simply low leveled. Only these had remained within the outskirts of the city.

The man didn't fear the zombies as much as he feared the stranger with flame abilities...

So unafraid of those zombies that when one finally lumbered close to him, he simply closed his eyes and placed a hand towards it.

The zombie staggered, then fell.

'I see.' Lu Xing thought as he stood from a rooftop, his eyes on the running figure.

A look of understanding flashing through his eyes as he watched the figure head into a nearby building.

Inside the building, the man finally reached a metal door. Glancing quickly behind him, he then proceeded to knock in three different parts on the bottom half of the door. After a minute of silence went by, the noise of locks and chains being moved was heard, then the door began to open.

A new fellow peered out, and finally opened the door wide.

Unknowingly to the people within, someone other than Lu Xing had seen it all.

'This can't be good.' Lu Xing frowned as he hid in the shadows of a side building, and was peering in through a small window.

He had glanced away from the window, as the man had entered his hideout when Lu Xing caught sight of a shady figure moving away from their position near the building entrance.

Without another thought, Lu Xing shadowstepped to the figure's side.

"Having a nice evening stroll?" Lu Xing whispered as he came up close to the figure.

Now he could see that the odd fellow was covered from head to toe in black.

Flinching, the shady figure lifted their hand, and the ground suddenly shook.

Their dark brown eyes glowed.

"That figures." Lu Xing practically spat out.

Then Lu Xing brought out his flames just as a wall of dirt appeared before him.

The dirt became a wave that seemed to come crushing down towards him.

From the shady figures point of view, it seemed as though Lu Xing had been crushed.

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Satisfied, they turned...

"Sorry to disappoint." Lu Xing said as he threw his flame at the person's face.

"Ahhhhhhh!" The shriek came as the flame came into full contact with the person's flesh.

Lu Xing stood about to simply watch the person burn, but a new wave of dirt came from behind him, and he stepped away...

Just in time to see those rage filled eyes directed towards him.

"Tsk." Lu Xing let out as he jumped away.

The dirt hit the Evolutionary, and almost instantly the person was swallowed by the earth.

'Got away.' Lu Xing sighed.

He knew the person was more than likely a scout...

'Scouts...' remembering the meaning of that position, Lu Xing felt a deep disgust.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps came from the buildings entry way.

'That scout..will have to wait.' Lu Xing thought as he turned his attention toward the group now aiming their still weak powers in Lu Xing's direction.

"Alright..Who the hell are you?!" A man stepped up from the group of seven.

"Li wait." The frightened man from the prior store incident exclaimed, the fear still written over his face.

"You idiot." A woman scoffed as she held up a whip made of ice, her eyes gold, "Sho led him here."

Sho shivered, and cowered away from under the women's cold glare.

Several golden eyes turned onto Sho with clear disdain in them.

'Their turning on one another then...' Lu Xing thought, as he analyzed the people before him.

'That Li fellow is a flame user, the women uses ice,' he mused, 'one in the back is a wind user..the other two are holding onto actual weapons. Interesting...now Sho...'

His eyes landed on the cowardly fellow named Sho.

"What business do you have here?" The fellow named Li asked as he quickly moved before Sho to cover him from Lu Xing's gaze.

Suddenly Lu Xing understood.

"Collapse." Lu Xing said out loud before practically facepalming himself for the blunder.

Three elements came at Lu Xing.

Sighing, all Lu Xing did was lift his hand, and his flame destroyed his opponents attacks.

"Sorry..sorry." Lu Xing said with a smile, "I was simply taken by surprise. Collapse is such a rare ability..and rather unlucky."

The shocked looks on his opponents faces finally turned into looks of uncertainty.

"The names Xin." Lu Xing said half bowing, "I came to ask a few questions."

He straightened up, and gave an apologetic smile as he encircled them in flames.

"Seems my questions will have to wait." Lu Xing said looking up away from them.

The group was confused and bewildered as they moved away from the large flames.

"Who knew you'd get here so quickly." Lu Xing said smiling but the smile never reached his eyes, "Did your dog bring you."

A chuckle could be heard from the top of the building.

It was a chilling sound that Lu Xing could never forget...

'Not in a hundred years.' Lu Xing thought grimly as the figure stepped forward into sight...


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