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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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65 ◇Tao Aiken◇

Suddenly the pressure around the building changed significantly as a figure stepped forward from the rooftop.

The figure's chuckling seemed to end just as a wide grin spread onto their face, and their gaze fell down onto Lu Xing.

'This one must be one of those reincarnies* that He mentioned...' The figure, Tao Aiken, thought rather excitedly, his eyes glowing green.

Down below, Lu Xing was undecidedly torn between making his escape or staying and confronting the monster above...

The group behind him were giving one another hand signs. Finally one of them lifted a hand causing a strong gust of wind to form..till it began to take the form of a two person sized tornado. The wind so strong that even Lu Xing felt astonished by its strength.

'So strong..could they've already have reached such a level?' Lu Xing thought as he knelt to one knee in an attempt to place all his weight to the ground as the tornado began to pick up debris and slowly built momentum as it became taller.
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The small street wasn't big enough, and the buildings were sturdy...

'What are they thinking..?' Lu Xing thought gritting his teeth as he bore the onslaught.

Suddenly a pure black fire was added to the tornado in an unnatural manner...the heat instantaneously becoming unbearable to the human flesh...as though ready to melt even bones...

"Death's Flames!" Lu Xing's eyes widened, then narrowed as he slowly covered his body in a protective netting of his own Hellfire flames.


The enemies above had two people walk forward to create a metal wall from nearby metal. The heat was to great and soon their leader was left frowning. A woman behind him suddenly giggled, unlike the others, she alone remained unaffected by the heat. A refreshing coolness pulsated off her skin..

"Lara.." The man narrowed his eyes unhappy at the women's unabashed glee.

"Tao Tao..its just so funny how you're so weak against these mutants." Her eyes practically hidden by her slitted eyes, her voice belittling him, "Their nothing but fodder to our cause." Her gaze flickered to look beyond the tornado and onto her prey, she licked her lips, "The General only desires that we capture that Sho fella...the rest are to be killed."

"I know." He answered coldly, everyone around them seemingly sweating buckets, the tension thick, "Never call me Tao Tao," His rage filled gaze fell on her, "I'll kill you."

Lara hid a smile behind a hand before glance once more down below.

'Tao Aiken...I'll surely kill you.' Lara thought darkly before turning to gaze on the newcomer below, her eyes seeing even with the heat distorting the air so...

"A reincarnie..." She muttered as though displeased, 'I'll kill you slowly.'

Tao Aiken felt her interest shift to the newcomer, and his displeasure became more evident as the pressure surrounding them intensified.

A swirl of wind and flames began to gather in the palm of his hand as he aimed...


Three minutes earlier.

Tugging on his friend's sleeve...

Sho pathetically shrank as Stella turned to glare at him. She had drawn up an ice wall to keep them safe from the tornado and its flames, as their members had slowly returned to the front door of their building. Li was at the door waving everyone in.

"We...we ca-can-can't le..leave him." Sho stuttered as he hopelessly gestured towards Lu Xing.

Stella frowned.

Gulping, he took a second before meeting Stella's sharp gaze.

"He mi..might know some-" Sho started but was suddenly stopped by Stella who raised a hand to quiet him down and shook her head with the other hand to her forehead.

She sighed, straightening as she left her hands in an odd wave of her fingers, the air instantly became colder, and ice began to form in spirals from her fingertips.

Taking shape like a earth shattering wave, the ice headed straight towards Lu Xing.

Feeling the unexpected attack, Lu Xing glance towards his only exit, and estimated his best chance was to melt the attack and run...straight through Stella and her ice wall.

Just as he was getting ready to take on the attack, he noticed Sho frantically waving for him to run forward.

The ice had begun to curve..creating a small walkway of sorts for Lu Xing while giving him a break from the Death's Flames heat.

Making his choice, Lu Xing ran forward without a second thought...

"Boom!" The spot he had been on a mere moment ago became rubble under the enemies attack.

Lu Xing didn't give one single glance back as he reached Sho. The the ice formed a wall behind him, Lu Xing was then quickly pulled by Sho into the building, Stella slowly back into the doorway, her ice forming several layers of walls continuously. Thus sealing their foes outside for as long as possible...

Inside the actual hideout, Stella was finally catching her breath after incasing the rest of the outer room in ice.

Glaring at Sho, she waved at Ly Xing and asked in a raspy voice, "Now why in the world did we help him?"

"I agree with Stella." Li said frowning as he walked into the room via the back door, the others already having left through it.

'An escape route..' Lu Xing wondered briefly before turning his gaze to Sho.

Sho warily glanced at Lu Xing before looking Li in the face and speaking, "He knows about my ability..he...he mig-might know how to con-control it."

Then looked down.

Li seemed thoughtful, but Stella instantly spat onto the floor.

"I don't trust the creep." Stella said glaring at Lu Xing who shruggged under her watchful eyes.

Li nodded after a moment, "I don't trust him either," his gaze on Lu Xing seemingly clear, "but right now we're all stuck in a hard place with little chance of survival, and with his help..we might escape this alive."

Lu Xing laughed.


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