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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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66 ◇The List◇

"So then you guys have no escape route I'm guessing." Lu Xing asked in disbelief, his eyes flashing to look at Sho.

Sho seemed to shrink, Li sighed, and Stella started walking to the back door. She gave them all a withering look before opening and walking through. The door slamming behind her.

"Looks like your girlfriend isn't to happy." Lu Xing said looking at Li, only for Li to shake his head and hopelessly point at Sho.

'Didn't see that coming.' Lu Xing thought feeling slightly amused, but his sour feelings resurfaced instantly at the reminder of their impending demise.

Glancing at the two guys Lu Xing sighed.

"I'll help." He said reluctantly.

'Got myself into this might as well fall head deep.' Lu Xing felt aggrieved.

Li opened the door and Lu Xing walked thro with Sho behind followed by Li closing the door behind himself. The door melded into the sides of the doorway, as Li super heated it. Then Stella layered it all in ice, meanwhile the others stood by seemingly in despair.

"It might buy us twenty minutes at most..." Stella muttered under her breath as she bit her thumb.

Lu Xing looked around but only saw a heaping dump made practically for the homeless. A few bed mattresses layed around, emptied cans, and rags strewn over the floor. He couldn't but frown at the sight, so early into it and already he's faced with such a sight.

"If we'd gone out more often.." Li started to explain feeling ashamed of their hideout.
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Lu Xing placed a hand up, "Don't. I can understand."

'So then..' Lu Xing thought for a second before facing the rest, "Names, abilities, & levels?"

Li seemed taken aback before nodding at everyone who had turned to face him with doubt written clearly on their faces.

"I'll start then.." Li half smiled, "Mo Li, flames, and a level 4 last I knew..."

Lu Xing heard the uncertainty in the man's last words, but shrugged it off.

'A lie or true doubt, who cares right now.' Lu Xing thought inwardly frowning.

"I'm Huang Stella, ice, level 4." Stella said with a bland voice before glancing at Sho who seemed to shrink inwardly.

After her the first to speak from among the other five was the wind user.

"Names Yang Jin, wind, and a level 4." Yang Jin then pointed at the person behind him, "That's Yang Jun, my younger cousin, a level 2, Shadow Manipulation."

Yang Jun nodded, and from his hand came a darkness that blanketed the floor for a minute before retracting.

'How weak...not surprising.' Lu Xing sighed realizing it'll be a long time before this guy could be of any much help.

His attention then turned to the other two he had yet to hear a sound from.

Neither one seemed willing to speak up...

They were obviously the youngest of the seven in the group by far.

Lu Xing inwardly sighed as he gave them a sharp glance.

Both boys flinched.

"Tsk." The older one let out before he mumbled out, "I'm Long Zexi, and I don't know what my so called ability is."

His hand at the nape of his neck, his hair was pulled into a ponytail, seemingly in his early twenties, his eyes were a dull gold as compared to the others.

"He's Kuan Bo.." Long Zexi said thumb pointing towards the boy to his side, "No ability..yet."

Kuan Bo had deadened dark brown eyes as he looked from Long Zexi to the others.

"I see.." Lu Xing then became thoughtful, 'Anyone under 14 yrs normally won't have their abilities yet...but that's something most wouldn't have learned about till a few years into the Apocalypse...'

'Their obviously not related to anyone here,' Lu Xing continued his musings, 'Unless...'

"There's no reason why the two of you are with this group being hunted down..." Lu Xing started muttering out.

"There's a list." Long Zexi said in disgust, "That's why."

Kuan Bo's hands tightened into fist.

"The list...all Mutants, soon to be, or yet to be have their name placed on it." Stella said with a look of utter disgust, "There's those unlucky enough who even get wanted posters placed up."

"The within the City Walls...only death awaits us." Yang Jun finally spoke, the young man had a bitter expression as his eyes shut and his fist tightened...

Lu Xing felt all their fears, disgust, and rage practically engulfing the room.

"Soon they'll break through the ice walls..." Stella finally spoke up.

'I don't have time to digest this.' Lu Xing thought feeling numb, "We need a plan."

Lu Xing's gaze fell on Long Zexi.

"You do know your ability..or maybe the name of it?" Lu Xing phished.

A troubled look came across Long Zexi's face.

"The...li..st..." Sho's voice shook as he pointed at Long Zexi's pocket.

Everyone, with the exception of Lu Xing, suddenly held their breath and stared at Sho.

Lu Xing summoned a small flame and sent it to Long Zexi's pocket in a blink of an eye, the flame engulfed a paper then swiftly brought it to Lu Xing's hands.

Unfurled by the mischievous flame, Lu Xing glanced at it...

Names an all across the list, many crossed out with a red line, some circled in blue...

Briefly, Lu Xing's eyes fell upon...

'Kuan Mo.' Lu Xing shook his head and glanced at the number C6 next to it, 'Got it.'

His eyes fell onto Long Zexi's name-

"-C11!" Lu Xing exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Suddenly everyone aimed their weapons towards Lu Xing, ability or other..

Everyone eyes contained their own suspicions.

Only Sho seemed to hesitate.

'This man isn't all bad...but..' Sho pursed his lips as he raised his hands.

'Damn it.' Lu Xing thought feeling foolish, 'But this..'

"You have Teleportation capabilities." Lu Xing said holding out the list towards Long Zexi, "And only I," Lu Xing placed a hand against his chest rather dramatically, "can upgrade it to a point where you can save everyone here."

Inwardly, Lu Xing felt thoroughly embarrassed.

'I can definitely save myself, but everyone here...' Lu Xing thought, then he said, "Take up my offer or try and kill me..up to you. Either way we're all in a dilemma."


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