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Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World
Author :WeiWei_Luosha
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67 ◇A Rift?! A Way?!◇

Sho was the one to drop his hands and move to Lu Xing's side.

"I never told you my name." Sho said, no stutters to be heard as he gave him a half smile, "Names Fu Sho, and if it'll gives us even the slimmest of chances to survive...then help us Xin."

Lu Xing stared at him, "You don't have a split personality disorder right?"

Sho and everyone seemed caught off guard by the ridiculous question.

Suddenly Long Zexi burst out laughing, then Kuan Bo joined as he attempted to muffle his giggles.

Sho looked perplexed while suddenly the other members gave up their defensive stances and relaxed.

"Sho's always brave at the weirdest moments." Li said with a smile, "We'll die even if we don't take up your offer stranger..so if we can afford it..why not."

"Very well." Stella went up to the frozen door, steam seemingly began to disperse from it, her hands on it, and ice bega to layer over it, sheet after sheet, "Hurry and do what needs to be done."

Long Zexi walked up to Lu Xing.

"Welp, I'm here, now what?" He said, his arms opened as though to say, 'Do your worst.'

Lu Xing chuckled, then raised his hand onto the youths head.

"This might tingle a bit." Lu Xing warned as his flames engulfed the youth in a warm netting.

Time around them seemed to slow down, but within the netting of blue flames, Long Zexi felt something coursing through him. Pulsating, growing...strengthening...like a glass cup being filled to the point of overflowing. Long Zexi clinched his teeth under the odd sensation, the flames covering him, neither burnt nor marked him...

"Imagine a future you.." Lu Xing said, sweat began to gather at his brow, "with such a power that teleporting is like magic. Something wonderous and something seemingly untouchable by others. Only you can do this."

'A power no one else but its wielder can use.' Lu Xing mused, 'That is the truth behind a Class 11 user.'

Combining his knowledge of gaming, and novels, Long Zexi imagined his abilities to be similar to those fantasy characters...he imagined himself wielding such abilities.

A different light of blue began to cloak Long Zexi beneath the netting of blue flames.

'Finally its taking shape...I've got to hurry this..' Lu Xing started gritting his teeth under the pressure of his control, 'this never gets easy..'

His mind suddenly drifted to Kuan Mo...

The small slip of his concentration made the burden of hastening Long Zexi growth begin to backlash..

'No.' Lu Xing gritted and shoved out more of his powers into the fastening.

Long Zexi flinched as he felt the recoil from the abrupt pace of his abilities converging within him...

Suddenly a feeling of immense energy welled up within him.

'Now!' Lu Xing forcibly broke his connection, his netting dispersing.

With a hoarse voice, "Everyone quickly grab onto Long Zexi! Long Zexi quickly imagine a safe place with enough space for the group of us! Picture it! Will it! Hold onto that image.."

As he spoke everyone had quickly grabbed hold onto Long Zexi, Lu Xing included even as he welled himself to remain on his feet despite the wave after wave of exhaustion hitting him.

Gritting his teeth, "now will us all there!"

Suddenly the room around them began to swirl with visible energy, surrounding them into a tightly bound orb, their feet began to lift off the floor...

Everyone held onto Long Zexi rather awkwardly even as the orb began to swirl faster around them, a rift of currents seemingly began to occur around them...

Finally, as though eaten by an invisible void, they faded out of reality...

Just as the ice barrier shattered into a million pieces.

Cold wind blasted into the room..and a few seconds later, a figure walked into the room.

Some of the shattered pieces of ice that had landed on the man, had instantly turned to steam.

The woman who entered behind him...

Was attempting to hold in her laughter.

"Enough." Tao Aiken bit out, his face void of expression, but the air around him seemed tense.

"Hee hee hee..." Lara gave up as she bent over, an arm clutching her stomach as she pointed at him with the other hand, "You lost them! You thought you could play with them a little longer...and lost them! Hee hee hee-I cannot wait to see what 'his' face will be like when 'he' hears about this! Oh man-hee-I am dying!"

Clenching his fist, Tao Aiken turned around, completely ignoring the woman.

'Disgraceful.' Tao Aiken inwardly thought disgusted as he walked out into the open..

His scouts were awaiting him, their faces hidden under thick black cotton scarves.

"Search for them! Once their coordinates are secured, inform me immediately without delay." Tao Aiken barked out, his rage seeping into his every word.

The scouts present, all practically flinched.

They all raised their hands to their chest before silently dispersing from sight.
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Lara walked out, her hands wiping away tears from her earlier outburst.

"Their so silent..it gives me chills." She hugged herself, her body shivered as her cheeks turned rosy pink, and her eyes filled a type of ecstasy, "To think...you tore out their tongues..mmm..."

Tao Aiken remained still, his appearanceicy despite being a Deathflame user.

Dark brown hair, his silver blue eyes, and youthful appearance would've made him seem younger than his actual age. Yet, with the cold persona he exuded, no one would dare disobey him, after all, he was a general under that 'man's' command..and just now he had lost a valuable resource. A blunder he was most regretting now.

'Next time I see that boy...I will personally pluck out his eyes.' Tao Aiken knew those people's escape could only be due to that reincarnie's meddling.

Within him, there was no doubt.


Elsewhere, a swirling orb of energy had suddenly appeared within an empty underground wine cellar.


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